Does Spirit Airlines Have TVs?

Spirit Airlines is a great option because of its affordable fares. But here’s the big question: Does Spirit Airlines have TVs or other fun stuff to keep you entertained during your flight?

Unfortunately, Spirit Airlines doesn’t have any TVs or seat back screens (It’s a desert out there). Therefore, you will need to bring your tablet, phone, or computer to watch movies and play games.

Here’s what you need to know about Spirit Airlines TVs and flight entertainment before booking your flight with them.

Let’s learn more.

So Is There Free Entertainment On Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airline seats
Spirit Airlines Seat back

Quick Short About Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is a well known U.S ultra-low-cost airline.

It operates more than 500 flights every day too various destinations within the U.S, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Spirit focuses on offering cheaper flights and let travelers choose the extras they want, like paying for WiFi, food, drinks and even carry-on bags.

Does Spirit Airlines Have TVs?

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Even though Spirit Airlines has one of the youngest fleets in the U.S., like the Airbus A321neo, they do not equip them with TVs or seat-back screens.

So to keep yourself entertained on a Spirit Airlines flight, you can bring your own fully charged device loaded with your favorite playlists, movies and shows.

You can either pay for WiFi or use a third party app to download content without need to the internet.

Consider bringing an airplane seat back tablet holder, you might get tired for holding your mobile or tablet for so long


Does Spirit Airlines Have WiFi On Planes?

Spirit Airlines provide only paid Wi-Fi on their flights.

The browsing plan starts at $3.99 and the streaming starts at $6.99 and goes up depending on how long your flight is.

Remember that WiFi prices may skyrocket if you have a long haul flight.

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The fastest WiFi of any U.S. based airline, based on publicly available data. 

Spirit Airlines

If you prefer not to pay extra fees, and you want to have your own dedicated seat-back screen, consider flying with other companies, like United Airlines, JetBlue or Delta Airlines.

But remember, the ticket might cost a little more than Spirit Airlines.

Tips For Enjoying a Flight With No Entertainment

Even without a seat back screen, you can still have fun and get the most out of your flight.

Maybe it is the opportunity to read your favorite book, chit chat and get to know other passengers, or look out the window and enjoy the view.

There are also many creative and fun things to do, like drawing, playing puzzles and even playing cards.

If you are flying with your young ones you can bring some toys or a device with some offline engaging games.

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Final Thoughts: Does Spirit Airlines Have TV Screens?

So, to answer the main question: No, Spirit Airlines doesn’t have TVs in the seats. But they make up for it with paid Wi-Fi, which lets you use your devices for entertainment.

While inflight amenities is important, Spirit Airlines cheap flights and destinations might make it a great choice if you are traveling on a budget, or you just want to experience a different airline.

So don’t forget to come prepared with your own tablet, phone or computer and make the most of your flight.

I hope this helps.

Have a safe and entertaining flight.

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