Travel Packing Calculator & Clothing Weight Calculator

This travel packing calculator allows you to generate a packing list for your next holiday while staying within your airline luggage weight and size limits.

Whether you want to pack a heavy jacket, children clothes or a peer of jeans, the calculator will give you an estimate on how much weight it will add to your suitcase. Choose from various types of clothes, calculate your needs, then go ahead and start your journey.

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    How It Works:

    1. Select Your Airline: Choose your airline from the list provided.
    2. Select Your Items: Use the dropdown menu to choose from a wide range of clothing, toiletries, accessories, electronics, and infant items.
    3. Add The Quantities: Input the quantity of each item you plan to pack.
    4. Click “Add”: Hit the “Add” button, and your selected items will be listed below, complete with their individual weights.
    5. Keep Up With The Total Weight: The calculator keeps a running total of the weight of your items, both in kilograms and pounds.
    6. Remove Items: Want to make a change to your packing list? No worries! Easily remove items with the “Remove” button beside each entry.
    7. If you cannot find a specific item or have any thoughts, please feel free to hit us with a message, and we’ll gladly add it to the list.

    And voila!

    You will need to weigh your empty suitcase separately and then add that weight to the total you get from this packing calculator.

    Download your free packing checklist

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    Understanding Baggage Weight Limits

    Baggage weight limits depend on the airline, travel class, and the flight itinerary.

    Some airlines are cocky about their luggage weight limits.

    And most of them do not want passengers to show up with heavy luggage that excessively exceed their weight limits.

    So to ensure a smooth transport for all passengers belongings, exceeding their limits may result in additional fees or even to remove some items in your suitcase at the airport.

    It is important to understand these limits and consider them in your pack strategy.

    you can use the packing list generator above or you can use this Airlines Luggage Calculator to get your airline exact weight and size limits.

    Airlines enforce baggage weight limits primarily for two reasons:

    Safety: a heavy airplane can affect the balance and stability, posing potential risks during takeoff, landing, and turbulence.

    Minimize charges: Managing baggage weight allows airlines to optimize fuel consumption and baggage handling processes.

    Tips For Packing The Right Way

    Packing wisely is important to maximize your suitcase space and ensure that you stay within your airline baggage weight limits. 

    Here are some tips to help you pack smartly and efficiently:

    Pack Lightweight items 

    Go for clothing items made of lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, or synthetic blends, these materials are not only comfortable to wear but also contribute to minimize the overall weight of your suitcase.

    Remember to use the clothes weight calculator and packing generator above to get the average weight of your clothes and ensure that you are within the baggage weight limits. 

    Layer Your Cloths

    Instead of packing bulky sweaters and jackets, consider taking lighter clothes.

    Layering provides more choice to what to wear in different climates and temperatures.

    Use Packing Cubes

    Packing cubes are a great tool for maximizing luggage space but they will not minimize the weight of your clothes or suitcase. 

    These small bags allow you to get rid of air, reducing the volume and overall size of your clothes, this can be particularly useful for items like heavy jackets, coats and bulky sweaters.

    Mix and Match clothes 

    Choose different clothing and coloring items that can be mixed and matched to create various outfits. 

    I am a fan of this tip, it helps me pack fewer clothes while still having a variety of options to wear and choose from.

    Roll Instead of Fold

    Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is an old school advice but it is still efficient, it can save space and reduce wrinkles. 

    It also helps distribute the weight more evenly throughout your suitcase. 

    Traveling Light Benefits

    Ease of movement 

    Traveling with a lighter suitcase will allow you to move flexibly during your trip.

    You can navigate through airports, train stations, and crowded streets more comfortably without the burden of heavy bags.

    Skip baggage fees and restrictions

    Understanding and managing clothing weight helps you stay within the baggage weight limits set by your airline and avoid additional fees for heavy bags.

    With a lighter suitcase, you may be able to choose budget airlines or travel with only a carry-on, saving money and time at the airport.

    Flexibility and outfit options

    Packing light allows you to have more outfit options with fewer items.

    You can mix and match pieces to create different looks without overpacking.

    It becomes easier to adapt to changing weather conditions if you have a range of different wardrobe inside your case.

    Avoid the stress and the hassle 

    Traveling light will also reduce the stress and the hassle of legging heavy suitcases and items at the airports or when moving between different accommodations or using public transportation.

    You can avoid the inconvenience of waiting for checked baggage at the luggage claim or worrying about lost or delayed luggage.

    Enjoy the journey 

    When you’re not weighed down by a heavy suitcase, you can focus more on the experience and the destination, making yourself fully enjoy the journey.

    How Much Can You Fit In A Medium Suitcase?

    A medium suitcase measures 24 inches or 24.0″ x 16.5″ x 11″ which is around 51.5 linear inches which is around 20kg ( 44lb ) with regular packing.

    I used the packing calculator above to see what I will fit in a medium suitcase.

    And here is what I get.

    Final Thoughts

    Fitting everything in your suitcase while staying within your airline luggage weight limits can be difficult, however with the help of our clothes weight calculator and some efficient packing techniques, you can make the process easy and stress free.

    We hope that this packing calculator helps you pack confidently for your next trip.

    Happy travels.

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