What Color luggage Should You Get?

When traveling, suitcases take care of our belongings in an organized manner. But what about the suitcase’s color? What is the best color to get? And why does it matter?

Choosing a suitcase’s color carefully is critical because the brighter a color you choose, the more likely you will be able to find it at the luggage claim area. With the right color, you can find your luggage effectively without as much fear that someone else will take your belongings.

The rest of this article will cover what color luggage you should get, if white luggage is a bad idea, if bright colored luggage is a good idea, and the most common luggage colors.

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What Color Bag Should You get?

Having a noticeable suitcase not only helps you find it in luggage claim, but it makes it easier to spot if you lose it. With this in mind, you should go for a bright color that you like, these colors consist of red, yellow, bright green, and bright blue.

Dark luggage will hide any wear and tear you put on your suitcase, but at the cost that they’ll be much harder to find. These dark colors are black, maroon, dark brown, and navy blue. Dark luggage is also a common choice, so it will blend in easily with the others.

Is White Luggage a Good Idea?

There are so many cons to having white luggage, but it’s also one of the easiest to see in a the crowd. It’s not a very common choice, so you’ll stand out a lot if it’s lost or stolen, or if you’re going to the luggage claim to grab it. Although, it is important to keep in mind that there are some cons.

The main con is that it’ll stain easily. White on items like clothing and luggage means the stains will be visible just as much as the bright color. You’ll have to clean it often to keep it presentable if cleanliness is what you’re going for.

Lastly, unlike dark luggage, the wear and tear from your travels will show. Any bumps, dents, or scratches you have on the white luggage can’t come off or be hidden. The best you can do is put stickers stickers over them to hide their visibility.

Is Bright Colored Luggage a Great Idea?

As mentioned before, bright color luggage such as white, red, yellow, bright green, and bright blue are great choices to make your bag vibrant and stand out from the crowd. If you lose your luggage, the bright color also makes it easier to find for both yourself and the security teams.

The cons to consider are that they do show their stains and dents. However, a solution to this is adding name tags and stickers or using a luggage cover. These stickers will also help your suitcase stand out. Just be sure to spread the stickers out so they don’t clutter too much. 

Most Common Luggage Colors

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Whether you want to choose a soft-sided or hard-sided suitcase, darker colors are the most popular type of luggage colors. More specifically, black or dark blue are the most common colors you’ll see everywhere. The reason why this is is because they are easy to find dark colors, and they don’t show any wear and tear even years after purchase.

In addition, another popular bright color is red because there’s so many different shades, making it a common choice among passengers. It’s also less likely to get stolen because of how bright it is.

Final Thoughts

For suitcases, sticking to bright colors is the best way to ensure you’ll easily be able to find your luggage and claim it. Or, if it gets lost, you and the security team can identify it effectively. The main con about bright luggage is that it shows how much wear and tear it has been through.

A way to combat the wear and tear is by putting stickers over it. White suitcases will need lots of stickers due to how much stains will stand out on their surface. However, white is still a good choice since it is bright and an uncommon color choice.

The most popular suitcase color is black, and darker colors in general are more common because of how they don’t show the wear and tear that travel has put on the items. Since these colors are so popular, they blend together easier, making bright colors the better choice.

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