Can You Put Stickers On Luggage? Are Suitcase Stickers Banned?

Stickers are a fun way to glam up your suitcase or even backpack.

You can use them to decorate your bag and make it easy to spot, but you may be concerned about the potential damage or unwanted attention that stickers may attract, and if it is okay to put stickers and decals on luggage?

Keep reading to know the pros and cons of putting stickers on luggage, the TSA rules, things to consider before doing so, and alternative ways to personalize your luggage.

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Can You Put Stickers On Luggage?

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TSA Sticker On Luggage

In the eyes of the TSA and most airlines, there are no rules against placing stickers on both inside or outside of the luggage.

You can even take a pack of large stickers inside your bag without any issues.

However, some types of stickers or decals that could be considered offensive or have inappropriate words will be banned or confiscated at the airport.

I have a Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside and an American Tourister Stratum XLT as my go carry-ons, and I decorated them with a variety of travel stickers, and never had any issues with the security officers or with the airline.

In fact the use of stickers can be a huge advantage to help airlines reduce luggage loss and assist travelers identifying their bags in case of mishandling.

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Is It Okay To Put Stickers On Luggage?

Years ago, I have a large checked bag that I decorated with some tropical travel and fragile stickers. ( I don’t travel with it anymore because it is damaged now). 

But I can say that the suitcase has stood the test overtime, and whenever I arrive at the baggage claim area, I am able to locate it within just a few seconds.

Colin ( in the screenshot below ) already witnessed it while volunteering in an international airport.

He stated that around 80% of suitcases are black, which makes it difficult for passengers to identify their own suitcase easily in the luggage belt. 

Even if a passenger’s suitcase is right in front of them, the number of black bags can cause confusion and make it hard to easily find it. 

He also recommends putting something on the bag that stick out to make it easy to find and less desirable to steal.

Why Do People Put Stickers On Suitcases? Pros And Cons

Before you start decorating your suitcase with stickers, here are some pros and cons of having stickers on your luggage.


  • Easy to spot and find: Placing stickers on a suitcase will make it easier to find between a sea of similar-looking suitcases, especially if you have a black or dark suitcase.
  • Adds personality to the suitcase: Stickers can add a personal touch and a beautiful look to your suitcase and make it stand out from the rest.
  • Can be a conversation starter: If you have unique or interesting stickers on your luggage, it can be a conversation starter with fellow travelers, they will compliment you, chat about the places you have been or just to ask you where did you get your stickers


  • Damage to the suitcase: Stickers can leave traces or even cause damage to the suitcase, especially if they are difficult to remove.
  • May attract unwanted attention: Stickers can also draw unwanted attention from thieves or at the security checkpoint, especially if they are political or controversial.
  • Can make luggage harder to clean: Over time, stickers can accumulate dirt and leave stains, making the luggage harder to clean.

How To Decorate a Suitcase Using Stickers?

Applying stickers on suitcases is not a rocket science, in fact it is better if you get creative and place them the way you want like Pam did in the Video .

Here are tips to help you decorate your luggage with stickers.

  • Clean your suitcase: start with cleaning your suitcase or at least the outer surface before applying any stickers.
  • Experiment with stickers : Try different sticker placements before committing to a final arrangement, play around with the designs and see what works best for your suitcase.
  • Apply large stickers first: Place larger stickers first and then add smaller ones around them.
  • Consider the shape of the suitcase: curved stickers can work well on rounded edges and corners, while square or rectangular stickers will suite flat surfaces.
  • Avoid placing stickers over zippers, handles, or other moving parts of the suitcase.
  • Don’t forget to place a fragile sticker or two on the top of your checked bag.

How Do You Keep Stickers From Peeling Off Luggage?

It is important to clean the suitcase or at least the surface before applying tickers.

Ensure that the surface is dry, and avoid placing stickers in areas that are empty or with dents.

Additionally, always use good quality stickers to avoid the stickers falling out during travel, and when in contact with other suitcases. You can score a deal on some premium stickers on Etsy, Redbubble or Amazon with only a few bucks.

If the sticker keeps peeling off, you can try using glue to keep it in place. However, it is important to consider the type of glue you use, as certain types of glue can become permanent and difficult to remove if you later decide to take the stickers off.

How To Remove Stickers From Luggage Bag?

There are many occasions when you are not satisfied anymore with the stickers on your suitcase or the airline puts a sticker on your suitcase and you want to remove them.

Either way, here are several methods to use.

If it is a fragile sticker, the best way to do it is to pull it off as soon as you get to your destination.

For old stickers you can use a hairdryer and warm up the sticker to make the glue softer, then pull up the sticker gently, this will make the sticker removed without elating any residue on the suitcase surface.

Another technique to use is a credit card or piece of plastic to lift the edges of the sticker, and pull it off from the surfaces of the suitcases.

When you finish you can clean the remaining stain using hot water and a lawn piece of soft cloth, and be careful not to apply too much water.

Alternatives To Stickers For Luggage

If you are not into stickers there are many other ways to label your luggage your suitcase, and here are some alternatives to stickers.

You can read more ways about making luggage stand out on this detailed post.

1. Luggage tags

Luggage tags are popular alternatives to stickers as you can easily attach and remove them.

They come in a variety of colors and designs, and can be customized with your name, contact information, or even a favorite quote.

2. Ribbons or straps

Another option is to tie colorful ribbons or straps around the handles or zippers of your luggage. This can make it easy to spot your bags on the luggage carousel and adds a brilliant color to your luggage.

3. Luggage covers

If you want to go all out, consider investing in a luggage cover, most covers are designed to fit over your suitcase and can be customized with your name or favorite design.

Final Thoughts 

To put stickers on your suitcase depends on your personal preferences and travel needs, and there is nothing to do with the TSA or the airlines.

Adding stickers to your suitcase can be a great way to make it look different, especially in the luggage carousel.

While stickers can make your luggage easier to identify and add a personal touch, they can also potentially mess up your suitcase or attract unwanted attention. 

If you decide that stickers are not for you, there are plenty of alternative ways to personalize your luggage, such as luggage tags, ribbons or straps, or luggage covers. 

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