Are Luggage Covers Worth It? (And Why)

Luggage covers are an effective way to protect your luggage against spills, scratches and damage, but are they worth the money?

Yes, when it comes to protecting your valuables, luggage covers can be a great investment.

Not only can they protect your luggage when you are on your journey, but they can also give chic and additional style to your suitcase. They also help make your luggage look unique and easy to identify amongst the load of black suitcases in the baggage claim.

In this post you will find out if you should invest in one to keep your valuables safe. Then, we’ll provide our top picks and what to look for to find the best one for your needs.

Let’s dive right in..

Suitcase with a colorful luggage cover and city symbols

Why Are Luggage Covers So Popular?

Luggage covers are popular as they are eye-catching and a way to protect your luggage when flying.

Another main reason luggage covers work is that they keep the suitcases clean, sleek, intact and make the belongings safe, even if the suitcase bursts open.

Luggage covers are also recommended for expensive suitcases, as they will keep them super shiny and handy to help identify them easily.

Types Of Luggage Covers

There are two popular types of luggage covers, one type that is made from PVC Waterproof material, it comes most of the time in a transparent way, like the Yotako Clear PVC Suitcase Cover, and the other type which is made from the polyester material.

Are Luggage Covers TSA Approved?

The TSA or any other airport security does not have a problem with luggage covers especially in checked luggage, but rather if they want to inspect your bag they will remove the cover and inspect the bag.

Just to know if you put some other kind of cover on your suitcase and the TSA finds it hard to remove it, they are most likely to tear it or remove it by force.

This passenger asked the TSA on Twitter if luggage covers are good to use with checked luggage.

The TSA customer service gave him the green light, and the luggage cover will be returned to its original state just after the officers finished inspecting the bag.

Should I Cover My Luggage?

It is not necessary to cover your luggage, but if you do, that will add more protection to it.

And if you feel that your suitcase is not that secured, like the zipper could break during your flight or handling process and let your suitcase open to the world, then a luggage cover will do the work.

Luggage cover can also prevent someone to break into your suitcase, maybe you heard few stories that items can be stolen

Also if you want to make your suitcase look sleek and stylish in the summer, so just go for it, a summer refreshment or a sunset glow luggage cover will make your journey more delightful and reflect good vibes.

Even tough luggage damage is rare but, whenever you receive your suitcases at the airport, make sure to inspect it if it is still intact and free from any dents, luggage covers will prevent only the suitcases for scratches and your items from being stolen, they won’t prevent it from being broken or destroyed.

That way you can make a claim before leaving the airport.

Smol Tip

I found this article on Claimcompass that stated out of the 28 million mishandled bags 18% of luggage are damaged and 77% are delayed, which means that 5,040,000 baggage get damaged during flights and 21,560,000 checked bags are not returned to their owners.

How Do You Keep a Suitcase From Scratching?

So many people recommend wrapping suitcases with plastic to keep it from scratching, but i think it is not a good idea at least for checked baggage, most of the time the airport security will suspect it and they will tend to open it and tear the plastic.

You will receive your suitcase not covered at all or with tape if the airport security has time to put it back together.

I recommend using a luggage cover, any type you use will protect your suitcase from crutches and make it easier for the airport security to inspect your bag.

In addition to the protection Luggage covers will give you a pretty good impression.

So it is better to choose a solid luggage cover rather than wrapping your suitcase using plastic.

Luggage covers are supper easy to use and if you just received your luggage cover, check out this video to apply it to your suitcase.

Our Recommendations

There’s a whole lot of luggage cover out there and we’re overwhelmed with so many options so it can be hard to determine which one to choose.

And whilst most of them are usually good, we have already covered some of the best in the market, make sure first that you know your luggage size; however most of the polyester luggage covers are elastic and can be stretched.

The PVC cover will need the exact suitcase size.

Final Thoughts

Honestly a good luggage cover is worth it, as they are designed to help you keep your valuables safe and maintain your luggage while protecting them from scratches.

Suitcase covers are not one of the expensive items you can buy for your suitcase. you can find them with just reasonable prices and most of the time they last for a long time.

Of course travelers prefer to invest in a stylish and durable luggage cover that they can use while they travel and then throw it in the wash when they get home. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

So go ahead, keep your suitcase look new, and make it stylish and easier to spot in any airport in the world.

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