Do Luggage Straps Really Work?

Luggage straps are super helpful travel accessories to have, they are widely used for different purposes and tasks, and mostly to secure a bag in case the zipper is broken or attach several suitcases together.

Luggage straps might seem unnecessary, but you really need them to avoid the dread of traveling with multiple bags and broken zippers.

So if you are traveling, you want to be prepared for any given situation. You want to ensure your suitcase is fastened, keep your essentials safe. And avoid any surprises that will come in the journey.

If you’re ready, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about luggage straps, how to use them and if they are worth the money.

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Do You Really Need Luggage Straps?

However, luggage straps are not a guarantee against theft, because they can be cut easily, but they will do the job when it comes to keeping your suitcase tightened and help keep the bag closed if it bursts open, especially check in bags.

If you use them for carry-on luggage they also help prevent your bag from flying open in the overhead compartment on a plane.

Another reason luggage straps are worth it is because they will make your luggage stand out and easy to spot in the luggage carousel.

There are some suitcases that are built with a strap and they will help attach a duffle bag or backpack easily, and mostly you will find them in soft-sided suitcases.

Luggage straps might seem like an unnecessary expense when you’re on a budget, but they can save your bag in a pinch. especially when traveling alone.

Types Of Luggage Straps

  1. Regular Luggage Strap: a simple luggage strap that can be used to surround your bag one time or connect multiple suitcases, and most of the time it comes with a plastic clip, if you don’t want to use the rectangle luggage strap you can use two of the regular straps, some passengers also call them multiple suitcase attachments as they are useful also to attach many suitcases together. (the one in the image above)
  2. Rectangle or X-Shaped Luggage Strap: this is the most popular one, it is widely used to protect and make the luggage look stylish, it goes around all the four sides of the suitcase, and mostly with a metal triangle to distribute the belt around the bag. (the one used in the video below)
  3. Add a Bag Suitcase belt or the bungee: the one that can be used to attach a backpack or a duffle bag on the top of the suitcase, mostly it is an elastic strap and it stretches to secure any bag you put above the suitcase, yes it’s almost the elastic cord of “Bungee jumping”, but little different.

Do Airlines Allow Luggage Straps?

Luggage straps can be used for both carry on and checked luggage with almost any airline in domestic or international flights.

Most airlines do not have any issues with luggage straps, however the airport security has.

But as long as the straps are easy to open or do not have a complicated lock especially for checked bags, the airport security will remove the strap and put it back when they finish inspecting the bag.

If you are traveling with a luggage strap that has a lock, make sure that it is a TSA approved lock, otherwise it will be broken to parts by the airport security officers.

Katies asked the TSA if they will open her checked luggage, and if they will need to remove the luggage strap, the TSA customer service replied that if they need to open the suitcase they will leave a notice.

However; the TSA or any other airport security will claim that if they open and inspect your suitcase they will put everything including the luggage strap back to its original state, but still you may find your strap inside your suitcase, as the case for the passenger below.

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How Do You Strap a Suitcase?

It is better and easier to strap a single suitcase with a triangle or X-shaped strap, and keep it safe. Here are the steps and you can also check the video.

  1. First adjust your strap according to the size of your bag.
  2. Insert one of the ends of the strap between the suitcase side handle.
  3. wrap the strap all the way around until you get to the metal triangle.
  4. Put the strap end through the triangle and go all the way around in the opposite direction until both clips at the end of the strap meet.
  5. Tighten the luggage strap and lock it and make sure it is not loose around the bag.

If you are using a regular strap, here are some tips on how to apply it to your suitcase.

  1. Wrap the luggage strap around the suitcase through the side handle.
  2. If your suitcase does not have a side handle you can use the top handle, if you don’t put the strap inside the handle it will be removed easily or fall while transporting your bag.
  3. Adjust the strap and lock it.
  4. Ensure that the strap is well tightened and more secured even if the bag is burst opened it can still persist and keep the items inside.

How To Strap Luggage Together?

If you want to attach a bag with a suitcase or to take three or four suitcases then obviously a luggage strap will be a handy tool to use.

If you have a suitcase that is already built with a luggage strap like some Samsonite suitcases, then you are already all set.

you can just pull out the strap and connect your bags.

Otherwise you can use the regular single strap and connect your suitcases together.

If you want to use a bungee or add a bag belt, you can easily attach the strap to the top handle, place the bag on top of the suitcase, then tighten the strap and adjust it using the retractable handle.

make sure the strap is well fastened so the bag on top will not fall during the transportation.

The TSA Approved Luggage Straps?

You can choose any luggage strap you want, but you really need to consider the airport security and the possibility of opening your luggage.

If you have a normal strap with a plastic clip you don’t have to worry about the TSA or the airport security as it is easy to open.

But if you want to use a strap with a lock, when traveling within the US make sure that you pick a luggage strap with a TSA recognized lock, that will ease the screening or inspection of your bag.

How To Choose a Good Luggage Strap?

You will find a wide range and good selections of luggage straps in the marker, but choosing the right one can be a bit hard the first time you want to get a good one.

Just make sure it is made from good quality material, a strong durable and super easy to use strap will really give extra security to your luggage.

We have already listed the best luggage straps to make your luggage protected and secured, you can check the full list here.

The luggage is made to be connected together with its Velcro system, you can attach two bags separately or three of them in one time.

But the thing about this system is it only connects the bags together without giving any security for the bag if it bursts so if you want to protect the suitcases you still need a good luggage strap.


Now as you know that luggage straps really work and they will help you during your journey, you can also use a normal belt to secure your suitcase in case you don’t have one or you don’t have time to buy it.

But, whether you will need a special luggage strap completely depends on you. You may not need a luggage strap if you are traveling with a colorful, sturdy carry-on suitcase with a good zipper. But, if you are serious about your luggage I would recommend using a strap.

The best choice always is to use a triangle strap or a normal strap, especially the regular one that can be useful and stylish with any suitcase.

If you use a strap for your suitcase you won’t be worried anymore about your checked bag if it gets burst open or if the zipper is broken.

The good thing is that these luggage straps also are affordable, and can be used for any suitcase .

We hope this helps.

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