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Travelclosely.com, is a small, independent, motivated team and travel enthusiasts dedicated to write for rushed and busy travelers to help them pack efficiently and lightly, we’re devoted to making travel fun and simplifying the logistics of travel, especially airline’s rules and regulations, good planning, traveling tips and gear review.

The Travelclosely.com team also loves to travel and to explore the world, the content is written by us, several freelance writers, experts and travel lovers, we believe that travel ensures peace of mind traveling forces us to temporarily disconnect from our normal routine and it helps us appreciate the people and things we have around. As per a famous saying “we never know what we have until we lose it.”

Our Mission

For busy travelers, by travel lovers: One of the best traits of our small team is that we are all about keeping it real, simple, fun and making sure you get accurate info, services and products. As traveling fanatics ourselves, we know how important it is to get the perfect amount of love and cuteness in our services. 

  • Content:  We keep updating the content and articles to stay relevant, we choose the topics ourselves and we don’t accept payments to cover or write about any topic. ( The information you find on this website is all about getting informed while having fun. There are lots of different ways to travel and pack, and we write about the things we know about and enjoy. We hope you also enjoying it).
  • Recommendations: We don’t recommend a place or a product unless we do a research about it, find it helpful and will help you either.
  • knowledge: Most of our writers are freelance writers who traveled and explored the world, they know what they write about, some of them missed their flights, checked in late and even lost their luggage.

How We Keep The Website Running

  • Affiliate links: Some of the links for products we recommend are affiliate links, meaning we get a commission from a purchase made through the link, please note that the original price of the product is not affected, the seller gives us a small commission on his own cut.

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Meet Our Team

Lee Ann ( Writer, Editor)
Meet Lee, a talented writer and editor who is passionate about traveling and exploring new cultures. She’s also a savvy traveler who prefers to pack light, testing various luggage brands and seeking out budget-friendly airline options. Lee enjoys creating unique recipes when she’s not on the go.
Virginia, US

Alyssa Chua ( Writer )
Alyssa Chua is a freelance writer, event planner, and traveler. She loves reading, watching TV series, and drinking coffee. When she’s not busy traveling, you’ll most likely find her with her nose stuck in a book or dreaming about future trips
Alyssa : Twitter , thewriterlyz.com
Manila- Philippines

Alysa Stowe ( Writer )
Alysa is an experienced writer who has adopted the digital nomad lifestyle. She is an over-packer, Alysa has explored over 25 countries around the world, particularly enjoying warm destinations. She firmly believes that traveling should be hassle-free and enjoyable. Currently, she lives in Bali, Indonesia, soaking up the culture and beauty of this amazing island.
Bali- Indonesia

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