Airlines Luggage Size And Weight Calculator ( Free Tool )

This Airline baggage size and weight calculator, will help you get all the information you need in one place, and how much luggage you can take on a plane for your specific airline to avoid any last minute charges.

Simply select your airline and get the details for carry-on and checked baggage size and weight.

The information shown are standard for economy class tickets, we are committed to continuously updating and expanding our database to include additional airline policies.

Carry-on Size Limit:

Carry-on Weight Limit:

Personal item size:

Checked Bag Size Limit:

Checked Bag Weight Limit:

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Whether you are traveling with a suitcase, duffle bag or backpack ensure that you always stay within your airlines size and weight limits.

Most airline do not really care about carry-on luggage weight as long as your bag is light enough that you can store it in the overhead bin without any help.

For checked baggage both size and the weight matters, and the majority of airlines calculate checked bags by combining the three dimensions of the suitcase Height + length + width ( calculate your suitcase linear dimensions here ) and use this travel packing calculator to get an estimated weight of your clothes and and suitcase before you travel.

Failure to meet some airline requirements can result in some whopping fees, gate check in your bags and some times even preventing the bag from carry-on and checked baggage if it excessively exceeds the airline weight or size limits.

The smaller the size of your bag the more chance that your suitcase will fit with any airline carry-on size and weight.

In addition to luggage rules, it is important to familiarize yourself with what is not allowed on a plane carry on, and checked luggage to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience at the airports.

We will keep updating this airline luggage calculator to have the specific size requirements for any airline in the world. ( what is missing in the calculator? please send email to ( info ( @ ) ) or use the contact from.

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