How To Calculate Linear Inches? ( Linear Inches Calculator )

What Is Linear Inches And How To Calculate Linear Inches?

Most U.S airlines stated that a checked bag must not exceed 62 linear inches, but what is linear inch? how to calculate linear inches ? and what a 62 linear inches bag look like?

Today, I will provide comprehensive insights about linear inches, and what airlines mean with it, so you can calculate it for any item, especially your suitcase, duffle bag or backpack ( using the linear inches calculator below), so you don’t need to worry about the exorbitant airlines baggage fees.

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In this post, you’ll learn:

  • What is linear inches and some real examples
  • How to calculate linear inches (using the linear inches calculator )
  • Examples of 62 linear inch suitcases
  • Frequently asked questions

This handy linear inches calculator allows you to figure out linear inches for your luggage by simply entering the height, width, and length of your bag.

If an airline stated that a checked bag must not exceed 62″ linear, which is the most common checked baggage size, they mean that the total of the three dimensions of the suitcase must not be more than 62 ” or 158 cm when added.

See It is simple.

If you want to calculate it using a pen and a paper.

Linear inch is the total of the three dimensions of a suitcase or a duffle bag height + the length + the width.

This doesn’t mean all the bag need to have the exact same dimensions, a 62 inches suitcase can have different measurements.

So it can be something like : 31 Height + 18 Length + 13 Width = 62 linear inches

Or 28 in Height + 20 in Length + 14 in Width = 62 linear inches

Easy peasy.

How To Measure Linear Inches For Luggage?

Here is an example to measure any 62 inches suitcases.

Most luggage companies provide sizes of the suitcase in the description, if you don’t have the exact dimensions you can use a measuring tape or a ruler and get the dimensions then you can add them together.

This suitcase is 61.3 inches linear

Always include wheels and the handles along with any side compartments when measuring, most airlines do count them in their maximum size, even though some airlines are not strict if a bag has some extra few inches.


The same thing applies for a 29″ or 52″ suitcase, a duffle bag or a backpack.

Here is a screenshot for United Airlines answered Francinne that their standard checked baggage allowance size is 62 inches linear, or 158 cm.


Jain wanted to take another 23 kg in addition of the free luggage allowance, but Delta customer service couldn’t help.

The allowed size and weight are already set by the airline and must not be exceeded.


62 Linear Inches Luggage Examples

Here are some suitcases with 62 linear inches / 158 cm.

★ The first suitcase is the beautiful Samsonite Omni PC hard-side expandable with spinner wheels, its dimensions are 28.5″ H + 20.5″ L +13.5″ W= 62.5″ linear.


This size is compatible with almost any US airline checked baggage dimensions, United Airlines, American airlines, JetBlue, Delta, and spirit Airlines.

★ The second suitcase is the Lightweight KENNETH COLE REACTION Out Of Bounds Luggage Collection, the size is 29.5” H + 20.5” L + 11.75” W = 61.75 inches linear.

This suitcase is also comatose with any airline that allows 62 inches linear, in both domestic and international flights.


★ The third and final example is the U.S. Traveler Aviron Bay Expandable Softside Luggage with Spinner Wheels, the size is 31” H + 18” L + ( 11” W + 2” if expanded ) = 62 inches linear.

What is special about this suitcase is the added two inches, you can check it with an airline that has 60″ linear and 62″ linear inches if expanded


How To Compute Linear Inches: The Final Thoughts

If this is your first time Computing the linear inches for your suitcase, I think that you get the idea on how to do it.

Most airlines use the linear rule for checked baggage, while only few of them apply it for carry-on baggage.

And the reason why airlines use it is because they have limited space on the airplane hold, and they wanted bags to fit in the compartment regardless of the type of the suitcase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big is a suitcase that is 80″ linear inches?

A. The capacity, or the volume for each 80″ linear bag is different, because the suitcase is not the same.
For instance, a 80″ linear golf bag will not have the same capacity as a 80″ suitcase or backpack.
Let’s do some math:
let’s assume you have a bag with these dimensions 75″+ 3″ + 2″ = 80 inches linear.
If you want to know how big the suitcase is, just multiply the dimensions and you will get the capacity in cubic inches, then convert it to litter.  
75″x 3″ x 2″ = 450 cubic inches which is about 7.40 litters.
Let’s apply this this for a 62 inches suitcase.
29.5” + 20.5” + 11.75” = 62 inches
29.5” x 20.5” x 11.75” = 7105.9 cubic inches, about 116.5 liters.

Q. Does the 62 linear inches include wheels?

A. Airlines rules in this case are different.
but most of them do include wheels in the size limits especially for carry on bags, but At times (not always ) for checked baggage even if an airline do counted wheels as part of the dimensions, it will depend on the agent at the check in counter to either consider your bag as oversized or not, but most of the time they won’t as checked baggage have less restrictions, but it is better to alias stay within the size limits of the

Q. How many linear inches is a 29 inch suitcase?

A. Just like 62 inches suitcases, there is no specific size that a 29 inches suitcase need to be, the main thing is that the total three dimensions need to be 29 inches when added together.

I hope this helps.

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