What Is Checked Baggage Mean?

So what is checked baggage? and what does 1st checked bag mean?

Checked baggage or hold baggage stands for any bags or items you take with you in your flight, but it is delivered to the airline at the check in counter, the baggage is stored in an accessible area ( in the cargo hold) during the flight and you will get it after the airplane lands.

The key difference between checked luggage and carry-on baggage (hand luggage ) is that checked baggage ” can not be carried on board the airplane, but it is stored in the aircraft hold”, while carry-on luggage is any item you take with you in the cabin.

In this post we will look into what is checked baggage or hold luggage, and some best practices for checked baggage.

Let’s dive right in.

What checked baggage means-1

Standard Checked Bag Meaning

What is the normal baggage allowance?

Usually most airlines set a standard checked baggage weight and size for passengers to adhere and to not exceed based on size and weight.

For instance this is what United Airlines checked baggage restrictions is:

A standard checked bag can measure (length + width + height) on the outside is 62 inches. This includes the handles and wheels. The most a checked bag can weigh depends on your cabin and Premier status at check-in. If the maximum size or weight differ based on your cabin and MileagePlus status, we’ll apply the larger limit.United Economy are allowed a 50 pounds (23 kilograms), United Business,United First,United Polaris business class are allowed 70 pounds (32 kilograms).

United Airlines

1St Checked Bag Meaning

Most airline airlines allow more than 5 bags of checked baggage, However only the first or the second ones are likely to be complementary ( included in the ticket).

Airlines refer to the free bag as 1st checked bag.

Som airlines may even make the second bag free of charge, or complementary for passengers , but travelers can purchase additional bags either online or at the airport; however some further restrictions may apply.

Distinctly, Flying with one checked bag will make your flight less stressed and hassle free, especially at the luggage carousel; while if you have bulky items or oversized bags, that will cause some additional charges.

Is There A Weight Limit For Checked Luggage?

Yes, most airlines have a weight limit for checked luggage, in some airlines a single bag must not weigh more than 45kg, with an exception for assistive devices, musical instruments and sport items.

You can bring musical instruments up to 130 pounds (60 kilograms) and all types of assistive devices.

please check with your airline prior if you want to travel with bulky items.

People also ask:

Is There A Size Limit For Checked Luggage?

Yes there are size limits for checked baggage, and the most popular luggage size is 62 inches linear, however most airlines will allow up to 112 inches linear.

just make sure that you bring a bag that will fit all your needs.

Can You Check A 28 Inch Suitcase?

Yes, you can check a 28 inches suitcase, if it is within the airline you are traveling with.

Some airlines can allow more than 115 inches while others can consider a 29″ bag oversized.

How Big Is A 62 Inch Suitcase?

To calculate a suitcase linear dimensions add the length, width, and height together.

A suitcase with 62 inches linear is 27″ width + 21″ height + 14″ length including the handle and the wheels added together.

Like the Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds 62 linear Check suitcase which has a size of , 29.5” Height x 20.5” Width x 11.75” length.

if you combine 29.5″ + 20.5″ + 11.75″ = 61.75″ inches.

What Happens If Your Suitcase Is Over The Weight Limit?

The space in airplanes is limited, that’s why airlines will make luggage weight limitations and will charge more if you decide to bring bags that are the weight limit.

Airlines can also add different charges, for example if your bag is over the weight limit and over the size limit you will pay for both overweight and oversized baggage.

Airlines may not accept some bags that are too heavy in some cases, make sure to read carefully your airlines checked baggage weight limits.

Why Is There A Weight Limit On Checked Bags?

Most airplanes have limited space, but most airlines are concerned about the amount of fuel they will consume especially in long distances.

More weight, more fuel and more fuel costs more expenses.

In addition, luggage must be loaded by hand for smaller planes. Imagine spending an 8 hour shift heaving 50 lb. (22.7 kg.) bags in and out of cargo holds.

Do Checked Bags Get Searched?

Yes, your checked baggage will get screened by an X-Ray machine at the security encounter,

Make sure you don’t include any suspicious item within your checked in suitcase, and if you have any item that you think the security agent will ask about make sure to tell him before he starts searching your bag.

What Size Luggage Can Be Checked?

Some airlines may let you check bags that are more than 126 in / 320 cm. however this size may be considered as oversized, and you will have to pay an oversized baggage fee.

Bags are weighed at the check in counter, and many airlines put luggage sizers at their gates, so your bag must b e compliant with the airline you are flying with.

Again, it is always best to check your airline checked baggage size first to get their exact size requirements, as sometimes checked baggage requirements are seasonal and can be changed often.