Are Garment Bags Allowed As Carry On?

Are garment bags allowed as carry on? and does a garment bag count as a carry-on?

If you have ironed your fancy dress or suit and want them to travel wrinkle and dust-free, you just come to the right page.

We’ve all been there: dragging around our garment bags in the airport, an extra laptop bag or a small backpack, because I can’t just fit all my outfits in a single carry-on bag. A garment bag, will keep your clothing protected, wrinkle-free and keep your suits neat, also, will make them safe and secure while you are in your mission.

But, Are these kind of garment bags allowed as carry on baggage on airlines?

Most airlines allow one piece of carry-on luggage or “ hand / cabin baggage” that can fit properly in the overhead bin, and a “personal item” (a smaller purse, computer bag, diaper bag, small backpack, a garment bag” that must fit under the seat in front of you.

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What size garment bag can you carry on?

can a garment bag be a carry on?

A garment bag should fit and be stored perfectly in the overhead bin during our flight; you may find an inch or two of difference on US major airlines carry on size, however the standard carry on size is is 22″ x 14″ x 9″, which includes the handle and the wheels.

For example if you Are asking Can a garment bag be a carry on on united Here is the dimensions that your bag should have in order to be carried as carry on:

The maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 centimeters x 35 centimeters x 56 centimeters). This includes handles and wheels.

What size garment bag do I need for my flight?

You can travel with any size under the allowed on airline carry-on regulations,.

a 20”-22” model, which will hold enough clothes for your trip.

And the size mentioned is allowed on carry on for most airlines, but make sure t always double check the airline carry on rules before taking your garment and getting to the airport.

People also ask:

How do you travel with a suit garment bag?

The first thing to do when traveling with a garment bag is to check the dimensions of it and make sure it fits the airline you are flying.

To know your airline carry-on size just search on your airline website or use this airlines luggage calculator.

For a better and accurate result search the airline luggage allowance like this ” your airline carry-on luggage size “


Second, consider your travel itinerary carefully and make a list of the different items you will need to attend so you can be certain you’ll have everything you need.

After you make a list of the items you will need on your trip, make sure to just pack the essentials in your garment bag.

For example, shirts, ties and other accessories do not need to be included in a garment bag.

Are garment bags allowed as carry on American airlines?

Yes you can bring your garment bag on American airlines as carry on if the size is  up to 51 inches / 130 cm (length + width + height).

if it is within the carry on size limit it will be considered as your carry on, but if it is too small it will be counted as your personal item.

Are garment bags allowed as carry on delta?

Just like AA, your main carry on bag must be the allowed carry on size, so it can be a garment bag or your normal carry on bag.

Delta carry on size is 45 inches linear; or 114 cm. make sure your garment bag do not exceed the dimensions of 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Therefore, you can carry your suit on board as long as it fits the dimensions permitted for carry-on luggage.

Are garment bags allowed as carry on southwest?

Southwest Airlines are known as the generous Airlines, and they allow also bring a garment bag as carry on and as long as it fits the dimensions of 10 x 16 x 24 inches.

Are garment bags allowed as carry on united Airlines?

 garment bags on United are allowed and they must adhere to the carry on size, up to 51 inches / 130 cm (length + width + height) .

United allow eachtravel to have one (1) carry-on (garment bag, backpack, suitcase, pet carrier, etc.) and one (1) personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop, etc.) onboard the Airplane.

What is the best carry on garment bag?

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