How Do I Check In With WestJet?

So how do I check in with WestJet flights? and how do check in online on WestJet?

Ready for your flight with WestJet, but there is only one remaining thing to do before heading to the airport, which is check in.

 The process of creating  your boarding pass allows you to check your bags at the airport. 

You can either check in online or at the airport for your WestJet flight, however checking in online is the best way to get your boarding pass quickly, save time and avoid lugging your suitcase at the airport.

Some destinations may not have the option to check in online and will require you Check in at the airport.

In this handy guide, I will show you how to check in on the WestJet website (online), and at the airport.

 Let’s dive deep into check in with WestJet.

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How do I check in with WestJet-/ courtesy of Westjet

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WestJet check In Online

How early can you check in for a WestJet flight?

According to WestJet check in times are available 24 hours before your flight.

You can check in for WestJet flights on the airline’s website.

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Or through the mobile app. The experience is very similar, though the benefit of the mobile app is that you can generate a digital boarding pass within your mobile wallet.

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After locating your reservation using your reservation code or ticket number, you’ll be prompted to check in at the top left corner of the reservation page. You’ll then be brought to the seat map to select or modify your seat for your flight(s).

After you select your seats, you’ll be checked in!

You then have the option of printing your boarding passes now, emailing a mobile boarding pass to your phone or saving a PDF of your boarding pass..

Easy peasy..

In the airline website if you click on check in the menu bar, you can check in also in Manage trips they give you access to several self-serve options by logging with your reservation code.

If you can’t check in online on the WestJet website, you may need to make sure that you are checking 24 hours before your flight.

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How To Check In At The Airport For WestJet Flights

You can check in:

  • at a WestJet kiosk 24 hours or fewer before your flight
  • with a friendly agent at Guest Assistance 3 hours or fewer before your flight

Every airport WestJet operates out of has a guest assistance counter. See which airports have self-serve baggage tag kiosks here.

Boarding passes

You need your:

  • reservation code;
  • passport, if you are traveling to the U.S. or internationally; and
  • hotel name, destination address, cruise or transit airline if you are traveling to the U.S. Your boarding passes will be issued once check in is complete.

You must have your electronic or paper boarding passes, baggage tags, and have dropped off your baggage before cut off times.

Rules For WestJet Flight Check-In

According to WestJet there’s some rules to take by consideration for a smooth check in:

  1. WestJet cut-off times may not represent the amount of time required to drop off baggage and to go through security. WestJet suggests that you check in 90 minutes prior to departure if you’re traveling within Canada and 120 minutes for international travel.
  2. How early to arrive : You should arrive at the boarding gate at least 40 minutes before flight departure. If you arrive less than 10 minutes before departure you will be denied boarding. WestJet is not responsible for missed flights, transfers, or any portion of onward travel due to late arrival at the gate.
  3. Baggage will be accepted up to 3 hours before departure at most locations. Checked baggage (excluding kennels) is accepted until the check in cut-off time of your flight. Requirements for checking in kennels may vary depending on your airport.
  4. Kennels arriving at check-in within 90 minutes of departure may not be accepted. So to ensure a successful trip, WestJet recommend checking in your pet and kennel 2 hours before departure. Find everything you need to know about travelling with a pet on Westjet.

Tips And Tricks To Checking In For WestJet Flights

There some tips to follow when check in with WestJet,

Make sure you have your confirmation number handy, especially if you’re going to check in at the airport.

The kiosks default to ask for that code, so this can save you time.

I usually use a boarding pass on my phone for almost all my flights, that way my boarding pass is always ready and i don’t need to open my bag or my personal item looking for my documents.

Make sure you have your phone’s battery charged for the entire trip, otherwise you’ll be forced to get a physical boarding pass.

Another tip about mobile boarding passes is to screenshot it after it gets created. I often find that retrieving the mobile boarding pass can be confusing when you’re under pressure, so be sure to screenshot it for easy access.

Takeaway: How Do I Check In With WestJet?

I hope this helped you during your adventure on check in with WestJet, and checking in your flight with WestJet is not something complicated anymore.

Checking in for your WestJet flight is thrilling. That means it’s almost time for you to take off and enjoy your adventure.

Happy travels