How To Prevent Luggage From Breaking

there is plethora of ways your suitcase can break.

and if you are planning to acquire a new bag don’t hesitate to go over this guide so you can prevent any possible crash or break for your suitcase before it even happen.

Otherwise; if you already have one, we still going to cover all the possible ways your suitcase will break and how to fix them.

In this simple guide will walk you through how to fix suitcase wheels,How to fix a suitcase handle and How to fix a suitcase zipper in addition of other parts of your suitcase.

and without further Here are some ways your suitcase might break, and some resources on how to fix them.

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How can I protect my luggage from damage?

protecting your suitcase start with a good one, however here is some tips to protect your suitcase from damage:

Wrap it up : covering your luggage in plastic or other cover will not only protect it from scratches but also from any attempt on breaking it or even taking your items.

Keep in mind, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has the right to cut through any wrapping if an agent needs to inspect the contents.

Travel light sometimes the best way to protect your luggage from loss or damage is by traveling light and less.

By traveling with a carry-on only, you can keep essentials close at hand, adapt to last-minute flight changes easily, and hop off the baggage carousel once and for all.

1. Handles

How do you replace a telescoping luggage handle?

Open your suitcase and find the screws holding your telescoping handle in place.

Detach the screws and remove the broken handle from your luggage.

Place the new handle on your suitcase in place of the old one. Attach the new handle with the same screws you removed earlier.


How do you fix a suitcase handle that won’t go up?

Before starting fix your suitcase handle, you will need to identify what issue it will be and take a look.

  • Can you press the tab down in the handle which releases the mechanism?
  • Does the tab spring back?
  • Does the handle look like it is stuck in the holder?
  • Open the case and expose the handle sliders running down the back of the suitcase. Are they bent in any kind of way or damaged? Are the pins which determine the height and lock into place stuck…are they still springy?

2. Wheels

How to fix your luggage wheels?

when your suitcase wheels stop performing, they’re definitely tired, but your suitcase still clean without scratches.

you can fix them easily,wheels are pretty easy to fix or replace. If your wheels are squeaky, try to inspect the wheel caster. Clean it of any debris and lubricate them.

if you have to fix them here is a quick way to do it:

  • Order your new part from the manufacturer (get a few while you’re at it).
  • Open your suitcase and unzip the liner to get to the nut bolts holding the wheel screws in place.
  • Remove the damaged wheel.
  • Pay attention to how the wheel is positioned and try to imitate where it’s placed with the new wheel before screwing it in.
  • Test it out to make sure it’s not wobbly or unbalanced. 

How do you lubricate luggage wheels?

The bearing is the most thing that needs lube in the suitcase wheel, after you remove the wheels with a screwdriver:

  • slide out the bearing and Clean it by wiping with a cloth or paper towel on each bearing to get out all the dirt and grime. Do not use water on your bearings it will make them go bad, just wipe the dirt off and make sure no dirt gets inside the bearings wipe gently.
  • After bearings dry and clean add some lubricant like this one or something like sewing machine oil would work as well. Then add the lubricant in the bearings and drop 3-4 drops just so it’s not so dry. WD-40 is not recommended since it just works for a short time then can dry the bearings out making them even worse than before you started. Then do a quick wipe if you have to much extra cream in there since if there’s too much that will make it collect more dirt again that you don’t want.

3. Zipper

No suitcase can be safe without a zipper is a the main part; and it may be open or broke when you are in rush and want to catch your flight.

How to fix a stuck zipper?

Before starting fixing your bag zipper, make sure that there is no a cloth or tread stuck on it, then, look at the individual teeth. If any of them are sticking out, grab a pair of pliers and move them back into place so they’re all straight.

If the slider comes out of one side or if you need to replace the slider because it’s not closing the teeth right, then you need to replace the slider. To get the slider off, use some pliers to cut it off. Once that’s done, attach the new zipper slider by sliding it back onto the teeth.