10 Best places to buy luggage online in 2024

So What are the best place to buy luggage out there?  top places to buy luggage

to buy luggage online and choosing a perfect suitcase is not easy as you think .

Although there are plenty of of places to buy luggage, some travelers prefer the popular ones such as Amazon to buy their luggage because they are trustworthy and with a wide range of efficient backpacks, suitcases or duffle bags to choose from.

Many website offer extra advantages such as deals, free shipping or used luggage with competitive rates, buth mostly shoppers are interested if their luggage is adhering the airlines baggage policy.

Most airlines allow carry-on bags to be around 22 x 14 x 9 inches, but make sure to check the airline luggage policy, and review TSA carry-on information before you choose your bag since the requirements can change frequently.

bellow will provide a list of the most popular places to find luggage online and detailed information about each place, in addition of how to get the best deals and get your bag with a competitive rate.

Read on to learn more about the best places to buy luggage online.

Let’s find out what is the best place to buy luggage online

1.Amazon : Best place to buy luggage Deals with affordable prices

best place to buy luggage

Shop on Amazon

The favourite and the top places to buy luggage is Amazon.

The first place to go if you are looking for an affordable or a luxury suitcase is Amazon, the store is by far one of the top places to find the exact what you are looking for.

Amazon offers a range and wide collections of luggage, if you are looking for carry on luggage make sure to search for carry on luggage in the search bar, so you can find a bag with a standard carry on size that works with major airlines.

2.Ebags : Best place to buy well designed and fashionable luggage

best place to buy luggage - ebags

Shop on eBags

eBags are known with its luggage and backpacks. it has more than 500,000 customers each month, You can shop your favourite brand such as Samsonite, Victorinox, and Travelpro or browse a range of eBags luggage exclusives that can only be purchased on the website.

Products are conveniently grouped by size and divided into categories such as designer, kids, checked, and lightweight.

eBags have more detailed information about its products before making your decision you can read more about each product features and which problems it solves.


best place to buy luggage - away

Away provides some perfect suitcases, with a range of travel standards and with features that solve real travel problems and premium materials chosen to be resilient and beautiful.

if you are an avid traveler Away is your best bit, all luggage that the brand sells comes with a lifetime warranty. and the truth is you won’t need the warranty because their luxury suitcases are sleek, sturdy, and genuinely fashion-forward, with thoughtful design features.

The hardshell suitcase are manufactured with durable polycarbonate shell known with its resilient and toughness.

And, with four sizes—two carry-on sizes and a medium and large for full-size suitcases—you have plenty of options. And, the millennial color palette was basically designed to look good on Instagram. If you travel a ton for work, play, or somewhere in between.

4.Target : Best place to buy luggage with some interested luggage deals

best place to buy luggage - target

Shop on Target

Target is the best place to go when looking for luggage , the store is the second discount store in America.

and it has a largest sections of luggage you can pick from from a wide range of brands like Skyline, American Tourister, and Swiss Gear.

Make sure to use the category section, and filter By Suitcases, Carry-on Luggage, Checked Luggage, Duffels & Gym Bags, Luggage Sets, Kids’ Luggage, Travel Accessories, Garment Bags or Backpacks.

Just right above in the menu make sure to check the deals, and brows the luggage deals.


best place to buy luggage - luggageonline

Shop on Luggageonline

Luggage Online is the leading online source for all luggage and travel accessory needs.

The online store has a plethora of luggage you can choose from and enjoy your journey.

also a wide variety of brands and thousands of products, you’re sure to find what you need – at the right price and ready for immediate delivery.

Try Luggage Online Business Finder to find the perfect case for carrying your computer or our Carry-On Finder to find luggage meeting your favorite airline size requirements.

Luggage Online offers a large variety of luggage at a discount price.

the online store are determined to offer you the best prices in the industry by offering its customers a 110% Low-Price Guarantee.


best place to buy luggage - walmart

Shop on walmart

You will find any kind luggage you are looking for on Walmart; The store has a wide range of Luggage & Travel department that specializes in affordable American brands such as Rockland, Olympia USA, and American Tourister.

the store website is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

browse the products categories, and search for your carry-on suitcase backpack or other travel accessories, which you can then filter according to customer rating, price range, and more.

head to Special Offers filter, which allows you to quickly view clearance, reduced price, and on sale items in order to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Walmart offers free two-day shipping on all orders of $35 or more.

7.Samsonite : Best place to buy luggage Quality & Durability products

best place to buy luggage - samsonite

Shop Samsonite

If you are looking for a quality and superior suitcase especially for business, samsonite offers the best luggage in the market.

Samsonite is the worldwide leader in high quality and durable travel bags, luggage, and accessories combining notable style with the latest design technology and the utmost attention to quality and durability.

Head to the Samsonite homepage and select the luggage section and look for your favourite suitcase or backpack.

Samsonite offers some one day deals where you can get you favourite backpack with an amazing price.


best place to buy luggage - Bloomingdale's

Shop on Bloomingdale’s

want to shop luxury?, do not miss Bloomingdale’s deals.

the retailer has almost all the iconic brands around the world, you can shop your favourite brand, Rimowa, Bric’s, Delsey, and Hartmann, along with designer brands like Coach, Gucci, or Marc Jacobs.

the store offers almost all th luggae types , from spinners, luggage sets, backpacks, and tote bags, among many other travel items.

do no miss to filter your luggage by type and size; colors, brands, price, and offers/sales. You can even filter through same-day delivery or pick-up in-store options.

9.L.L. Bean

best place to buy luggage - L L Bean

Shop L.L Bean

If you want to shop for you upcoming adventure, LL Bean is your best place to buy luggage, the store is specialized in outdoor clothing and recreation equipment, also with a luggage line that focuses on sturdy duffles, rugged pullmans, and ski bags.

You can filter according to style, pattern, fabric, and color, while a features filter lets you choose specifics such as a drop bottom or detachable shoulder strap.


best place to buy luggage - REI

shop on REI

Whether you’re looking for an expedition pack, a waterproof duffle, or a wheeled suitcase, you’ll find it at REI.

The store displays a numerous know luggage brands, such as Eagle Creek, The North Face, and Patagonia.

Products can be sorted by a variety of filters e.g. gear capacity, unique features, and price.

the store has an amazing feature which

One particularly clever feature is the “Best Use” filter, which assigns luggage to specific pastimes ranging from paddling to camping. Those on a budget should browse the used gear page for impressive discounts.

If you are looking for used Bags the store has also offered a range of used travel items. they are inspected carefully before listing.


Is all luggage compatible with airlines baggage policy?

Not all luggage are compatible with airlines carry on or check in baggage policy, but most of them are because luggage companies are working to meet their customer needs, most travelers want their bags to adhere to the airline luggage rules when they need it.

Where can I buy cheap good luggage?

Amazon and walmart are best known with their affordable and variants of cheap and good luggage.
you can filter by categories and price so you get the bag you are looking for.

Which brand of luggage is the most durable

Samsonite are that it is the most known with durable luggage, however there is many other brands that have good and durable luggage and sure this depends on the way the bag is used.

Which is better hard or soft luggage

both are good and both have a their drawbacks,hard luggage is good because it will protect your belonging from damage. however the exterior of the bags more prone to be broken overtime, because of the hits.
soft luggage it will help you take more and because it is malleable you can staff more items inside, so you can take all your needs with you. but they are not protected from damage.

What is the best place to buy luggage – takeaway

As you can see, choosing a perfect bag is not an easy thing.

but if you already did you homework, you will have an idea on what kind of luggage suits you meanwhile the airline you are flying with.

First and foremost, there are a lot of different good place to buy luggage. In this post , we’ve narrowed down our research to the places where you can get a good and durable bag for affordable rates.