Are Wallet Chains Allowed On Airplanes?

Wallet chains are a cool way to accessorize your outfit, show off your style and secure your wallet when you travel. But are wallet chains allowed on airplanes? and how to travel with a wallet chain without getting stopped by TSA?

Here is a quick answer, : Wallet chains are generally allowed on board the airplanes, but they must go through security screening. The TSA does not specifically prohibit wallet chains, though they may be subject to additional inspection. It’s recommended to place them in carry-on luggage to avoid delays.

In this post, I will go over everything you need to know about traveling with wallet chains, other similar accessories to make your airport experience easy and stress-free.

Can You Wear a Wallet Chain Through TSA Security?

The TSA, ( the Transportation Security Administration), are the guys responsible for screening passengers and luggage at airports on flights within and from the United States.

They have a list of items that you can and cannot bring through the security checkpoint.

These items include liquids, aerosols, food, sharp objects like scissors, and more.

But what about wallet chains?

The good news is according to the TSA website wallet chains are not classified as dangerous or prohibited items.

So you are good to bring any type of wallet chain (including a handbag or purse with chain).

But it is worth mentioning that there is a possibility that the TSA will ask you to remove your wallet chain and place it in a separate bin for additional screening. 

Some websites recommend wearing it as a necklace before going to security, but I don’t advise doing so.

To make it less likely to get a pat down, just remove it along with any other accessories and toss it in a separate bin to clear the security.

In What Situations Wallet Chains Can Be Prohibited On Planes?

As you can see in the TSA screenshot above, there’s a small red exclamation mark followed by a small note:

The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.


This means even if they advertise on the website that an item is generally permitted, the final decision whether the item will pass the security checkpoint depends on the agent you deal with at the airport.

But don’t worry the TSA officers will ban an item or conduct an additional verification only if they notice something unusual.

For instance the TSA will not let a heavy cast chain, or a skull wallet chain with a heavy clasp go through the security, as they can be sued as a self defense weapon.

In this case you need to place it in your checked bag.

If you don’t have a checked bag, there is a higher chance that your chain will be confiscated.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid packing your expensive items in checked baggage, read more about how often items are stolen from checked bags.

You know that you can always confirm with the TSA team in advance?

Message them on Facebook Messenger, or connect with them on X (Formerly Twitter).

Just snap a pic of your item or wallet chain type and tag the @AskTSA followed by your inquiry.

For example Amber wanted to bring this long wallet chain in her carry-on.

The @AskTSA team replied that wallet chains are good to go through the security checkpoint, however, she will need to remove her wallet for additional screening.

What’s The Best Way To Travel With a Wallet Chain?

It’s no brainer that the best way to travel with a wallet chain is to take it with you on board the airplane, either in your carry-on or personal item bag.

When traveling with a chain handbag or chain purse that has a non-removable chain, you can just keep them in your hand even though they may require some additional screening.

Placing an expensive wallet chain (or just chain) in a checked bag isn’t a best idea, as checked bags are not always safe or handled with care.

Bring Wallet Chain on a Plane: Frequently Asked Questions

Why are wallet chains banned on planes ?

Not all wallet or trouser chains are banned on planes, only chains that can be used to harm someone.

Does security check wallets?

Security protocols can vary depending on the airport, however; the TSA will only check your wallet if the screening machine cannot detect what is inside.

Can airport scanners see through wallets?

Airport scanners can see through most materials, including leather, fabric, plastic, and metal. However, they cannot see through very thick or dense materials, such as lead, gold, or steel.

Do wallets set off metal detectors?

If your wallet has any metal items, such as coins, keys, buttons, zippers, or snaps, it could set off the metal detector and cause an alarm.

Bottom Line

Whether you should or shouldn’t wear a wallet chain on a plane is a personal preference.

But generally wallet chains and purses with chains are allowed in carry-on and through the security checkpoint.

When wearing a wallet chain through security, ensure that it is not bulky or have any sharp-edged long-chained, or particularly heavy variations that can be seen as a potential weapon.

Security agents will have the final say on whether a wallet with a heavy chain will be permitted and may confiscate any items they deem potentially dangerous.

Remember that some wallet chains can also be noisy, as they can clink or swing around when you walk or move on board the airplane.