Can You Pack Food In Checked Luggage? 2024

The TSA and most airlines do allow all types of food in checked baggage.

But you will need to do some serious packing and take precautions.

Generally you can bring food in checked baggage in both domestic and international flights, but for international flights you will need to determine whether your destination country allow the entry of certain types of food.

This post will walk you through everything you need to know about traveling and packing food in your checked bag.

Let’s dive right in.

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The TSA Rules About Food In Checked Baggage

You can bring any type of food in a checked bag in domestic flights without any restrictions, solid and even liquid food as the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule does not apply for checked baggage.

The TSA and most airports security do recommend placing food items in checked bags, especially if it is liquid, creamy or spreadable, to speed up the process of screening at the security checkpoint and to avoid any inconvenience at the airport.

Regardless of where you place your food it will be inspected by the baggage security screeners, so do not place any flammable foods inside your bag ( like spray oil for example ) or it will end up confiscated by the security officer.

Here is a screenshot to the TSA giving the green light to Rafael to bring Freeze-dried foods in both checked and carry-on baggage.

Packing Food In Checked Luggage

Now as you know that most of types of food are allowed in checked baggage, there is also one thing to consider which is to pack safely your food.

Ensure that you keep it fresh and healthy while you’re on your journey, or there is more chance your food will be spoiled during your flight and make a mess inside your bag.

A variation on this method is to use a cooler or ice packs to protect your food items.

But if you are traveling with solid food and use vacuum packed bags like Ted you do not need to worry about anything; you can just toss them inside your bag and you are good to go.

Important: it is always preferable to avoid placing any expensive or valuable items in your checked bag. If you are traveling with some type of expensive food, consider taking it in carry on baggage as much as possible, checked bags can be mishandled, damaged or even stolen.

What Food To Not Pack In Checked Luggage?

We have already covered the types of food you can and cannot bring in both carry on and checked baggage, and if you are traveling with glass bottles you can check this post.

But as a general idea only food with flammable liquids that are mostly banned in checked baggage, like alcoholic beverages over 140 proof or 70% Alcohol by volume and cooking spray oil.

Food that can go bad , are better if you bring it in your carry-on bag or as your personal item if possible.

International Flights

If you have an international flight it is better to double check the country of your destination website or send an email to your airline.

The customs of the country you are flying will have different rules on the food items you can bring , even for personal use.

Most of the countries are afraid of disease and pests.

Even if some items are allowed on domestic flights you can ‘t bring them to some countries.

For instance, you may bot be able to bring meat to the US from other countries, and people outside the European Union are not allowed to bring meat products to the UK.

On the other hand, most dried food is permitted in any country (fro personal use), only be careful with raw meat, milk products, vegetables, and fruits, as most of the countries are afraid of diseases and pests.

Final Thoughts

Almost any type of food is allowed in checked baggage on domestic flights.

There are no limits or restrictions unless you are traveling with some types of food that have alcohol or flammable liquids.

For international destinations, there are restrictions mostly on meat, dairy products and eggs as most countries are afraid of pests or to bring disease to their territories.

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