Can You Bring Chips On a Plane 2024?

Whether you are planning to take a big bag of chips, or bring some of your delicacy discovered snack or Pringles for your siblings on your next flight, you might wonder if you can bring chips on a plane?.

Don’t worry this post has all the answers you need.

The short answer is yes, you can bring almost any kind of potato chips and snacks on a plane in both domestic and international flights; there is no limits to the amount of chips you can bring , however it is better if you let your chips unopened in the security checkpoint to avoid any unnecessary question by the airport security officers.

Nowadays with the current situation the restrictions can differ from airline to other whether they allow you to eat on the airplane or not, but you can still bring a bag of chips inside your carry -on baggage without any problem.

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Can You Bring Chips Through TSA ?

The TSA (Transportation security administration ) regulates what is allowed and what not on airplanes in the US airports; the website didn’t mention chips but generally they allow snacks and solid food items through the security checkpoint without any issue.

Please not that the TSA agent may ask you to remove your chips from your bag, or if you are taking it in your hand you will be required to place it in a separate bin so it can be screened.

Here is what the TSA displays on its website about traveling with snacks and solid food in general.

Take Chips In Carry On Baggage

You can take your bag of chips in carry-on baggage or onboard the airplane without any problem.

However, eating your chips on board the airplane these days when the COVID -19 restrictions still exist is up to the airline.

You will be required to know what the airline restrictions are , in addition to abiding by them to protect yourself and your fellow passengers.

But; over all most airlines allow eating snacks and chips on planes.

This Passenger asked the TSA on twitter if an opened bag of chips is allowed in carry-on baggage and the TSA replied that she is good to go with her opened bag of chips

Take Chips Inside Your Checked Baggage

If you are planning to take a certain amount of chips to your destination, the ideal place to travel is inside your checked baggage, however it is preferable to place them inside a solid box. because they will be turned to a powder, otherways if you bring PRINGLES you are just fine.

However most of the time your ships will pop in your checked baggage due to the changes in the air pressure.

Dani pictured his bag chips on the airplane, you can see that bag expanded and it’s ready to pop.

If you want to bring your chips in carry on baggage its is better to pop the bag or inflate it a bit to avoid any inconvenience at the airplane and you don’t get surprised when it get popped

Can You Bring Doritos And Cheetos On A Plane?

Yes Doritos and Cheetos are solid just as other chips so you are allowed to bring them in both carry on and checked baggage, if you are traveling with your opened Doritos it is preferable to place it in a sealed and closed bag or container.

What Are The Best Chips To Bring On Planes?

Potato chips are enjoyable snacks, especially when you are enjoying your favorite movie or rock out your playlist.

You can take a pair of Cheetos with you onboard, they have great flavor, not too spicy and you can also enjoy them with a sandwich or any meal the airline serves.

Another snack I love is PRINGLES. They are crunchy, salty, crisp and delicious, so you can enjoy your flight or movie while .

If you want to go for something different, Barnana Organic Plantain Chips are made with quality and healthy ingredients.

Traveling With Chips Internationally

You can bring Potato chips on international flights, in both carry on and checked baggage.

There are no restrictions on taking chips to eat in your flight to other countries, however if you are planning to take a large amount of chips to another country you must check the country rules about bringing food or such items.

Most countries set different rules for importing food and products. For example taking some kinds of snacks to US have some instructions and exceptions, they mentioned cookie and cracks but and processed products in general but they don’t mention chips, you can check US Customs And Border Protections for more info.

Will A Bag Of Chips Explode On Airplanes?

These guys did a funny experiment on YouTube to see which bag of ships will pop first in the airplane and in which altitude they will explode.

Here is what they’ve got.

  • Lay’s chips pop in an altitude of 6000 FT
  • Santitas and Funyuns chips pop in an altitude of 8500 FT
  • Sunchips chips pop in an altitude of 9500 FT
  • Cheetos chips pop in an altitude of 9800 FT
  • Doritos never explodes

Summary: Can You Bring Chips On A Plane?

Potato chips are allowed to bring on planes in both carry-on and checked bags.

There are no restrictions or limits on the amount of opened or unopened chips you can take with you.

However; when enjoying your chips it is better to consider the fellow passengers seated next to you.

We hope this helps.

Happy travels

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