Can You Take Aluminum Foil On A Plane? 2024

Generally any type of aluminum foil is permitted in both carry-on and checked baggage on most airlines.

So you can bring rolls of aluminum foil or items wrapped with foil and you won’t face any problem at the security checkpoint.

This post will cover everything you need to know about traveling with aluminum foil in both domestic and International flights.

Let’s dive right in.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll
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Take Aluminum Foil through The TSA checkpoint

Even though The TSA ( Transportation security administration ) do not have any specific info about aluminium foils on its website.

But all types of aluminum foils are safe and they don’t pose any safety threats for airplanes.

I checked Twitter to find some real unwires from The TSA and here is what I found.

Sass wanted to bring his breakfast burritos wrapped in aluminum foil in carry on.

The TSA customer service replied that you can bring breakfast burritos wrapped in aluminum foil in carry on bags without any issues.

Bring a burritos wrapped aluminum foil in carry on
Take aluminum foil on in carry on / Twitter Credit

Even this homemade mask of William Shakespeare ( aluminum foil, Papier-mâché, white glue, acrylic paint, doll hair ) is allowed through the checkpoint.

bring homemade mask from aluminum foil

It is better to avoid smuggling items ( including food) using aluminum foil, as some people think that the x-ray and metal detectors won’t be able to detect items wrapped inside aluminum foil.

But the TSA will detect aluminum foil easily, the x-ray machine are able to scan through the aluminum foil while metal detectors can detect any aluminum foil.

Metal detectors can identify all types of metal by their electromagnetic field, while x-ray inspection systems depend on density differentials. So, x-ray machines cannot detect aluminum, foil, or metalized film, while metal detectors can.

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Take Aluminum Foil In a Checked Bag

The TSA and most airport securities do not restrict aluminum foil in checked baggage.

It is better to pack any large items in a checked bag as the rules are more lenient for checked baggage.

Large items may add some weight and consume space inside your carry on bag.

Like this closed bow of aluminum foil Chris wanted to bring through the security checkpoint.

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Take Aluminum Foil On International Flights

You can take aluminum foil to any international destination, just ensure that they don’t contain any prohibited item, or what you pack inside have no restrictions on airline. like some type of liquids, pasts and creams.

A fully wrapped burrito with aluminum foil is totally fine.

For instance the regulations for bringing aluminum foil to the UK or  Canadian flights are almost the same as in for U.S flights.

Even though aluminum foil is not mentioned on most of their websites, generally you won’t face any issues.

Final Thoughts

Aluminum foil is allowed on airplanes in both domestic and international flights.

You can choose to pack your foil in either carry-on and check baggage. It is better to send large rolls of foil as checked luggage.

Ensure that any items you wrap with aluminum in carry-on are not in liquid form.

Happy travels.

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