Can You Bring Mushrooms In Checked Luggage? 2024

Mushrooms are packed with a ton of essential vitamins and minerals and they give a great taste to our meals, and will make an excellent addition to your diet even when you are traveling.

But can you bring mushrooms on a plane?

In general dried mushrooms are allowed on planes, in both carry-on and checked baggage, but canned mushrooms with liquids need to be less than 3.4 oz for each container when transported in carry-on baggage, on the other hand there are no restrictions in checked baggage.

Read on to discover more about traveling with mushrooms in domestic and international flights.

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Can You Bring Mushrooms Through The TSA Security Checkpoint?

The Transportation Security Administration didn’t specifically or mention mushrooms on its website, but generally mushrooms that are both dry and fresh are permitted through the security checkpoint without any restrictions.

Canned mushrooms with liquids inside need to follow the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule.

Containers larger than 3.4 oz / 100 ml need to be placed in checked baggage.

I checked Twitter to find more answers from the TSA customer service.

Kathryn wonders if frozen mushroom gravy is considered a liquid with the TSA.

They replied that mushroom gravy needs to be completely frozen when presented at the security checkpoint.


You don’t need to remove your mushroom out of your carry-on bag when going through the security checkpoint, unless you are traveling with canned mushrooms, or powdered mushrooms which are over 12 ounces / 350 milliliters.

Even though the TSA security officer has the right to ask you to remove an item from your bag for further screening.

Psychedelic or magic mushrooms are not allowed to be owned in the United states as they are considered prohibited items, so you can’t also bring them on planes.


Ca You Bring Mushrooms In Checked Luggage?

There are no restrictions on traveling with mushrooms in checked baggage, in fact most types of food are allowed in checked baggage and it is better to take any larger amounts of mushrooms in a checked bag.

I don’t say it is a bad idea to take it in your carry-on, but you will avoid any questions from the security officers.

Pochacco wanted to bring these fresh trumpet mushrooms in checked baggage.

And the TSA customer service replied that fresh mushrooms are good to go in both carry on and checked baggage.


Just ensure that you pack any mushrooms with its original packaging so the security officers will know their types.

Also you can use resealable plastic bags to add some extra  protection to your product. 

Can You Bring Mushrooms On International Flights?

Taking mushrooms on international flights will depend on the country you are traveling to.

To bring mushrooms to the United States you will need to adhere to the USA regulations, “ mushrooms are allowed  and they need to be clean from any insects or disease ” .

Here are some other rule for different countries:

Countries Rules
United KingdomMushrooms aren’t specifically  mentioned with the UK authorities but they have strict rules about taking food to their territories.
CanadaLike the US dried and processed mushrooms are ok to bring on planes.
AustraliaDried mushrooms are allowed on planes, but they need to be considered as green species.
Europe most EU countries have strict rules on carrying endangered animals or plants, so it is better check the rules for the country of your destination 

Final Thoughts 

You can bring unlimited dried mushrooms in both checked and carry-on baggage  and a maximum 3.4 oz / 100 ml for each container of canned  mushrooms with liquids  in carry-on baggage.

Even though mushrooms are not listed as prohibited products, it is better to ensure that your mushrooms are packed in their original packaging as the TSA agent will inspect your bag.

A proper packaging will help you pass the security checkpoint easily and avoid any inconvenience.

I hope this helps

Happy travels

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