Can You Bring Crampons On a Plane? 2024

Crampons and microspikes are necessary gear to enjoy a glacier hiking experience.

But if you want to head out to the hills but your itinerary includes traveling on a plane, you will need to properly secure your crampons and know what are the rules when traveling with them on flights.

Here is a short answer:

According to the TSA crampons, microspikes and metal cleats are permitted in both carry-on and checked baggage, but it is advised to pack crampons in checked baggage along with the rest of your hiking gear because they have sharp objects. The security officer at the airport may not permit them on board the airplane if they see them as a security threat.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with any type of crampons and the best way to pack them for your next flight.

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Take Crampons Through The Security Checkpoint

The Transportation Security Administration stated on its website that crampons are good to go through the security checkpoint.

But they also mentioned that the final decision whether an item is allowed rests to the security officer inspecting your bag at the airport.

Here is a screen shot from their website.


Nicholas wanted to bring his Yaktrax pro in his carry on bag.


The TSA customer service replied that even though an item is generally not listed a prohibited, they recommend placing traction cleats in a checked bag, the TSA officers may not allow them past the security if they present a security concern or cause an alarm during the screening process.

So if you are traveling with items like snow traction cleats, track spikes and ice shoe grips the security officer will have the final say. 

But crampons without spikes have no restrictions on them.


You don’t need to declare crampons when traveling on flights within the US, but if you bring them from an international destination, you will need to declare them to the customs whenever you enter to the US.

Take Crampons In Checked Baggage

Most types of crampons are allowed to bring in checked baggage within the United States.

And It is practical to pack crampons in checked baggage, in both domestic and  international flights.

You can place your crampons along with the rest of your gear in a checked bag.

Traveling with less gear in your carry-on bag will help you go from the security checkpoint easily, also it will give you more freedom and flexibility at the airport.


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How To Pack Crampons For Travel 

A proper packing will protect your items and prevent the security agent and baggage handlers getting injured during the process of inspecting and handling your luggage.

The easy way to do that is to strap together the bottom of the crampons facing toward each other and place them inside your bag, you can also use  a piece of cloth and surround them to provide some extra protection.

Another good option is to use a durable crampon case it will help protect and keep sharp points inside the case without damaging your other gear and personal items.

Final Thoughts 

Most airport securities and airlines are slightly strict about taking sharp objects on board the airplanes.

Even though an item is generally listed as permitted the security officers at the airport my have a different opinion.

That is why it is better to place any sharp objects including crampons inside a checked baggage.

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