Can You Bring Trekking Poles On a Plane 2024?

So can you bring trekking poles on a plane? and how do you travel with hiking poles?

Ready for an exciting tour and got your hiking gear ready? But still wonder if your hiking sticks can fly with you and what are TSA and Airlines regulation about traveling with Trekking Poles?

According to TSA, hiking poles or trekking poles are not allowed in your carry on baggage, but you can take them in your checked baggage without any issues or limits.

Keep reading to know what are TSA and airlines regulations when Bringing trekking poles On A Plane and some Tricks to take your poles on board.

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Can I Take Walking / Trekking Poles On a Flight? TSA Regulations

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According to TSA Just like Golf clubs, hiking poles are not allowed on planes as carry on baggage.

And any item that can be potentially used as a weapon or has sharp edges will not be allowed on board the plane.

Just to know hiking poles that are used for mobility aids as walking sticks will be allowed through the security checkpoint and on board the airplane on most airlines.

So How do you fly with trekking poles if they are not allowed in carry on ?

Hiking sticks are allowed only in checked baggage,Some airlines may charge for checked baggage and the cost of transporting gear maybe a bit excessive and the option of shipping your gear may be an ideal choice.

If you are traveling with only Retractable sticks you may consider placing them inside your checked bag and protect them with your items, that may help avoid any overweight or additional baggage fees.

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Exceptions for Taking trekking poles as Carry on

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Trekking poles On A Plane for mobility aids / Twitter

According to TSA Trekking poles used as mobility aids are allowed through the checkpoint and on board the plane , Just make sure to place you trekking poles on the X-ray belt for screening.

let TSA officers do the the inspection and let them know if you need help through the screening process and if you need to be immediately reunited with your trekking poles.

Tricks when traveling with Trekking poles

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Collapsible trekking Poles for Hiking and Walking / Courtesy of Amazon

If you are traveling with trekking poles like this one on Amazon you can take apart all the pieces so they look like small tubes rather than a long and pointy stick.

If the TSA agent notice that it is a hiking poles you may need to act politely and talk with him kindly, they may make some exceptions especially in small airports.

TSA are worried only about the sharp point that the stick have and what inside the tubes.

However sometimes it’s preferable just to check in your Hiking poles rather than taking the risk so they will be subject for gate check in and possibly additional fees.

TSA have the right to ban any items that are considered as danger or may threaten the safety of the airplane and passengers.

Traveling with Sticks in Different Airlines

Most Airlines do not specify hiking poles or trekking poles on its sport equipment regulations, but they include other similar sticks.

Can You Bring trekking poles on Delta?
According to Delta Hiking or trekking poles are are allowed when packaged properly, in accordance with TSA regulations and subject to standard checked bag allowance.
Can You Bring trekking poles on United Airlines?
United airlines do not specify hiking poles or trekking poles on its website.
We’ll treat a duffel bag containing sport equipment as a normal checked bag
Can You Bring trekking poles on American Airlines?
American Airlines do not specify Hiking sticks on its website.
Any sports item not specifically mentioned and not prohibited will be charged standard checked bag fees up to 50 lbs / 23kgs and 126 in / 320 cm (oversize fees don’t apply).
Can You Bring trekking poles on Spirit Airlines?
Spirit Airlines do not specify Hiking sticks on its website, but all Sport Equipment will be checked in substitution of one piece of the free Checked Baggage allowance for each Passenger at no charge on a one-item-for-one-bag basis. If the item of sporting equipment exceeds 50 pounds in weight or 62 inches in size (outside length plus height plus width), excess weight and size charges may apply.
Can You Bring trekking poles on British Airways?
According to British Airways You can take umbrellas and walking sticks (excluding. hiking poles) in either your hand or checked baggage.

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