Can I Bring a Tripod On a Plane 2024? TSA Rules

If you are an avid photographer who can’t leave your trusty tripod behind while traveling, you may wonder “can i bring a tripod on a plane?”.

The short answer is YES, within the United States you can bring tripods and monopods on planes if they fit in the carry-on dimensions, if your tripod is heavy or contains any sharp objects such as spikes or sharp edges, it may be subject to additional screening or may not be allowed as carry-on, on international flights some airlines may only accept tripods in checked baggage.

Keep reading to know more about taking tripods on planes, I have also listed some airline rules.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can You Take a Tripod Through TSA Security Checkpoint?

The TSA ( Transportation Security Administration ) regulates what you can and can’t bring through the security checkpoint and in carry-on bags.

And as you can see in the screenshot below, they stated that tripods are good to go in both carry on and checked bags without any issues.

However, some types of tripods can be used as a bludgeon to knock someone in the head, which makes them a weapon in the eyes of the security agents.

This means heavy and bulky tripod will be subject for additional screening, and The TSA agent have the final say wether an item will be allowed on board or not.

I checked The TSA social media to find some answers.

Mary asked the TSA if she can carry her tripod on board the airplane; the TSA answered “yes, tripods and selfie sticks are allowed in carry-on bags”.

The TSA added, even if an item is generally allowed , it may be subject to additional screening at the airport, or even not allowed if it triggers an alarm during the screening process”

Can You Bring A Tripod In Carry-On Bags?

Does A Tripod Count As A Personal Item?

If the tripod is small and can be stowed perfectly under the seat, it can be considered a personal item.

If it is larger, it will be considered as carry-on ; and if it is more than the maximum carry-on size allowed by the airline you’re traveling with, in which case it will be subject to check in baggage rules.

This rule applies only for airlines that permit passengers to take tripods on board the airplane.

Can You Bring a Tripod In Checked Luggage?

While there are no restriction on taking tripods, monopods in checked baggage, there are always some drawback on packing expensive camera gear in checked baggage.

it is important to note that such gear may be at risk of damage, loss, or even theft during transit.

It is best to pack any valuable camera equipment in a carry-on bag or leave them at home to ensure its safety.

Traveling With Tripod On Airlines

I also searched Twitter to find some answers from US major airlines, and see if there answers are aligned with the TSA rules.

American Airlines

American airlines Allows one carry-on bag and one personal item (Briefcase, a purse, laptop bag) free of charge, You can bring your tripod if it fits in your carry on bag (as stated below).

This passenger asked the American Airline about flying with a Tripod as shown below.

United Airlines

Yes, you can bring a tripod on United Airlines as carry on if it is within the airline carry on size and weight.


Tze wants to know the police on bringing tripods on JetBlue flights, and if a trip will be counted as carry on.

JetBlue customer service replied that as long as the tripod fits in the overhead bin, he will be able to take it on board.

Cebu pacific

Cebu Pacific do not allow Tripods on board the airplane as carry on, According to Cebu Pacific Tripods are only allowed only in your checked bag.

How Do You Travel With A Tripod?

Carry-on luggage is the safer option for tripods and other delicate electronics, as checked bags are not handled carefully especially on busy airports.

Make sure that you pack your tripod wisely and do some added protection; if you are traveling with a tripod with spike feet, make sure to remove them and put them in a separate place.

Best Travel Tripods

When you are shopping for a tripod to take with you on your journey The best travel tripod is a small tripod so it can be easy to pack, light enough to carry and sturdy enough to withstand the hit of the road.

But overall to choose your own tripod the essential is to figure out which features will work for you in addition if the price resonates with you.

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Can I Bring a Tripod On a Plane: the Final Thoughts

You can bring a tripod on a plane in both hand luggage and checked luggage, However; it is perforable to always pack your tripod in your carry-on bag or backpack.

If you are afraid that the tripod will be oversized, It should remain in your carry-on or personal item throughout all your flight .

I hope this helps

Happy travels.

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