Can I Take a Selfie Stick on a Plane? TSA Rules

Selfie sticks are popular among travelers, as they will allow you to capture more of the scenery and the atmosphere without having to ask strangers to take you a photo. But  the question is can you take a selfie stick on a plane? And will the TSA clerks let you bring it on board, or will they confiscate it at the security checkpoint?  

In this post, I’ll cover the rules for taking selfie sticks on planes.

Are Selfie Sticks Allowed on Planes? TSA Rules

The short answer is: yes, you can take a selfie stick on a plane. The TSA does not consider selfie sticks as prohibited or dangerous items, so you can pack them in your carry-on or checked bag. 

However, you will need to remove your selfie stick from your bag along with any other electronics larger than a cell phone (Camera, cell phone, headphones etc …) and place them in a separated bin for additional screening.

Note that the TSA always claims that the officer checking your items at the airport has the final say whether an item will be allowed or not.

 Selfie Sticks with Bluetooth or Battery 

Some selfie sticks have Bluetooth or battery-powered features, such as remote controls, LED lights, or speakers.

These can pose a potential fire hazard, especially if placed in a checked bag. 

Therefore, the TSA requires that you remove uninstalled batteries from these devices and pack them separately in your carry-on bag, where they can be easily accessed in case of an emergency. 

You can also use a protective case or a plastic bag to prevent the batteries from accidentally short-circuiting or overheating.

Alternatively, you can opt for a selfie stick that doesn’t have any Bluetooth or battery-powered features, such as a simple wired or manual one. 

These are safer and more convenient to travel with, as you don’t have to worry about charging them or pairing them with your device.

 Selfie Sticks with Sharp or Pointed Edges

Some metal selfie sticks have sharp or pointed edges, such as metal spikes or hooks, that can be used to secure them on the ground or to hang them on a wall. 

But the TSA and most airport securities are more strict with sharp or pointed objects in carry-on baggage, as they can be used as weapons to hit someone or threaten the safety of the aircraft.

In this case you need to use your common sense; If your selfie stick has any sharp or pointy edges, pack it in your checked bag, where it will be screened and inspected by the TSA agents.

You can also cover the sharp or pointy edges with a protective cap or a tape, to prevent them from injuring luggage inspectors and handlers.

To avoid any inconvenience it is always better to avoid using any selfie stick on board the airplane, it should be kept inside your personal item during your flight.

If you have other items that are not mentioned in this website, you can always reach out to the TSA on Facebook messenger or on X (Formerly Twitter).

Tag the @AskTSA team followed with your questions and they will promptly reply as soon as they can.

RichMan wanted to bring his homemade selfie stick made of thin PVC conduit.

The TSA customer service replied that, selfies sticks are allowed in carry-on bags, however even if an item is generally allowed, it may be subject to additional screening or even not allowed if it triggers an alarm.

Airlines Size Regulations 

When packing selfies in carry-on baggage, the selfie must fit inside your suitcase or backpack while staying within the airline’s carry-on size limits.

To give you a general rule, the carry-on size for the majority of U.S airlines like United; American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta etc… is 22*14*9, if the selfie stick is foldable or retractable then it will meet these dimensions.

If you decide to take your selfie separately in your hand, be aware that some airlines might consider it as a piece of luggage.

Use this airline luggage calculator to get the exact dimensions of your airline carry-on and checked baggage.

Can You take selfie sticks in checked baggage?

If you want to avoid the TSA intimidating rules, you can always consider packing your selfie stick in your checked bag.

However, you will need to do some hard work to keep it safe during the journey.

Here is how to pack your selfie stick in your checked bag.

  • Use a solid bag or backpack, to ensure that the selfie stick is protected to avoid any damage 
  • Remove any batteries and accessories and pack them separately in your carry-on or personal item 
  • If possible take your selfie stick with you on board

Can you bring Selfie Sticks In International Flights?

Taking a selfie stick on a plane internationally is almost the same as on domestic flights.

When traveling from a U.S airport to a foreign country you need to abide by the TSA rules, and most countries follow similar rules as in the U.S.

Also as long as they fit within your airline allowance then you are good to go.

But it is always wise to do a quick research and follow the security guidelines of your exact country.

Final Thoughts

Taking a selfie stick on a plane is permitted and a great way to capture your travel memories, but you need to follow some rules and restrictions to avoid any trouble. 

Just ensure that you follow the TSA instructions, and adhere to your airline size limits.

The majority of US airline have the same size for carry-on which is 22*14*9 but you can use this airline luggage calculator to get  your airline luggage allowance.

I hope this helps 

Happy travels