How To Protect Golf Clubs When Flying? (The right way)

So how to protect golf clubs when flying? and can you take golf clubs on a plane?

flying with golf clubs should be uncomplicated when planning to take you Golf equipment with you.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you exactly How do you protect your golf clubs when flying.

In fact:

These are the same strategies that you can use when traveling with any fragile item, TVs or Laptops, but little different.

Let’s dive right in.

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Do airlines allow Traveling with Golf clubs onboard?

If this is your first time flying with your golf clubs, This is for sure a major question you will have in mind.

And the short answer is.

Golf clubs are only allowed in checked baggage; Airlines will not allow any sport equipment that can be used as a weapon or a defense item on board the airplanes.

There’s also another issue:

Some airline may transport your golf gear in cargo, if it is too large, or there is not enough space in the airplane.

So you make sure you read this tips on how to protect your golf clubs when flying.

Can golf clubs go through airport security?

Taking golf clubs on the security checkpoint are prohibited by the TSA , you golf clubs be go on your checked baggage.

According to TSA all kind of Golf clubs are not allowed on board, so make sure that your golf club is well protected during the flight.

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TAke golf club on Carry on / TSA

Is It Safe To Fly With Your Golf Clubs?

Yes, it is safe to fly with your golf clubs on airlines, but as checked baggage, if they are protected well.

In fact, Some passengers suggest that only hard case golf travel bags are most safe for them.

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Can you lock golf bag when flying?

Yes, you can lock your golf bag when flying; however, your golf bag may need to be checked at the security checkpoint with the TSA agent.

TSA may inspect your checked baggage during the screening process makes ure to use a TSA approved lock..

How Do You Check Golf Clubs On A Plane?

1.The Right Travel Golf Bag

There is a huge argue about the efficiency of soft travel golf bags and hard travel golf bags in the durability and protection.

As detailed here in Hard cases are usually much bigger and heavier but provide more protection for your golf clubs.

In other hand, Soft sided golf travel bags are easy to transport and maneuver, cheaper and my not protect well your golf clubs


2.Choose the right Airlines

Flying with a high rated airline, which known with its high class services will help your golf clubs make it to the final destination.

you can call the airline, read some reviews about it, or brows TripAdvisor to know more about it.

here is how to know if an airline will protect and take care of your golf clubs when flying.

  • Product rating
  • Safety rating
  • Passenger reviews
  • Fleet age
  • Is the airline an innovator

3.Wrapp your Clubs

Start from the head of your clubs and wrap them with a blanket or a piece of cloth, that may seem a bit silly but it really helps, any added protective layer will help avoid any harm for your golf clubs during your flight.

Secure with packing tape. Spread a moving blanket out, and place the  clubs in the center with the head side facing up.

You can head down to your local home improvement store and purchase an 8″ sonotube. A sonotube is a
thick cardboard tube used for pouring footings, round columns, and piers. With a sharp utility knife it can be cut to fit around your clubs and held in place by the rain cover. Wrap this in your favorite soft sided bag and you are in business. This has worked for me for over 30 years. Inexpensive (<$8), sturdy, simple, and effective.


4.Use A Golf club stiff arm

one of the best ways to pack golf clubs for travel is to use a stiff arm ,it will Protect your golf clubs during air travel and any Airline caused damage.

another essential tip to learn addition to how to protect your golf clubs when flying. is that A stiff arm can be placed in your golf bag like a normal golf club but will act as the tallest and golf club protector in your bag.

5.Avoid transit or connecting flights

Connecting flight will give the chance to your golf club to get more hits, and will give more opportunity to the your golf gear to be damaged.

flying a direct way is a n ideal way to protect your golf clubs when flying.

Sometimes it may not be easy to find a direct flight, that way the first step is the best option which is to find a durable and sturdy travel golf club.