Can You Take Eggs On a Plane? 2024

Traveling with fresh eggs is not just about taking them from one place to another, it’s about keeping them intact especially when traveling with those beautiful colored eggs.

But can you bring eggs on a plane?

Here I a quick answer: Fresh eggs are permitted in both carry-on and checked luggage without any restrictions, powdered eggs are also good to go on planes, but it is better to place powdered eggs above 12 oz / 34O grams in a checked bag to avoid any inconvenience at the airport.

If you want to take some eggs to consume on your flight, there is no issue with that.

Let’s dive right in to see how you pack eggs for travel and other tips on taking eggs in both carry-on and check in suitcases.

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Are Eggs Allowed Through Airport Security?

According to the TSA you can bring fresh eggs through the security checkpoint without any problem.

Although fresh eggs have liquids inside (albumen and yolk), the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule doesn’t apply.

So you can bring any type of eggs, boiled eggs, raw eggs and Easter eggs through the security checkpoint at most airports.

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As always I checked twitter to see what are some TSA responses on traveling with eggs and here is what I’ve found.

This passenger wanted to bring 2 cartons of raw eggs through the security checkpoint on a domestic flight, the TSA customer service replied “Yes, you can! Fresh eggs are allowed in both carry-on and checked bag”.

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The airport security or the TSA officer may ask you to separate your eggs from other items and place them in a separate bin for further inspection.

So to avoid any inconvenience and to save time at the airport security checkpoint, you can take out the eggs and place them in a separate bin to speed up the process of screening.

Can I Take Eggs In Hand Luggage?

The best way to bring your eggs is in your personal item. it is not recommended to place your eggs inside the suitcase that will go in the overhead bin.

@Vivian asked the TSA if eggs are okay to bring in carry-on luggage. the TSA answered, ” Yes, fresh eggs are good to go in carry-on bags.”

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Traveling with powdered eggs like in the image below are allowed in both carry on and checked luggage, but it may require additional screening if it’s more than 12 ounces / 340 gr .

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Dried Egg Whites By Unpretentious Baker / Amazon Courtesy

The TSA recommends placing any type of powders more than 12 ounces in a separate bin for X-ray screening; otherwise, It is better to place non-essential powders greater than 12 ounces in checked bags, the TSA added.

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On the other hand, you are fine to take raw eggs, soft-boiled eggs, or hard-boiled eggs, if the egg is still solid and not cracked the TSA will consider it a solid item and the amount doesn’t matter.

Even decorated eggs with thumbtacks are allowed on board the airplane.

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Can I Take Eggs In Checked Luggage?

Just like any other fragile item, It is not recommended to pack fresh eggs inside your checked bag; However, the TSA and most airlines permit you in checked baggage with no limits.

If you are traveling with other types of egg products, like liquid eggs that come in a carton or powder eggs it is preferable to pack them in your check in suitcase, meanwhile make sure that they are well protected and packed neatly to avoid them being spoiled and turn out your suitcase into a mess.

How Do You Pack Eggs For Travel?

As stated above the ideal place to take your eggs is in your personal item, so you can easily place them under the seat in front of you and keep them safe all the time.

There is more chance your bag will be squashed in the overhead bin if there is not enough space, also if your carry-on bag is oversized or the airline cabin is small your suitcase will be gate checked.

You will need to protect the eggs by keeping them in their original carton, to add some extra protection, use small pieces and wrap each egg itself before placing it in the carton and make sure they don’t move around.

You can also use these egg containers ( Amazon link), when taking a dozen or more, the containers will assure the eggs stay fresh and keep them secure.

Do Eggs Will Explode On Planes?

No, eggs will not explode on planes due to air pressure changes.

You can see that many travelers are taking them on board.

@Cheryl already took a dozen on her flight and you can see that they are still intact and yummy.

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Is It Okay To Eat Eggs On An Airplane?

There are different opinions about having eggs on flights, but overall there is nothing wrong with enjoying a delicious boiled egg on your flight.

Final Thoughts

You can take eggs on a plane in carry-on and checked luggage without any problem, and as long as the eggs are not cracked you can bring them on board without any restrictions.

Boiled eggs, or any other type of eggs are allowed on planes; although, it is not recommended to place fresh eggs in checked luggage.

Traveling with liquid eggs the TSA liquid rules will apply, you are allowed to take only 3.4 oz / 100 ml for each container.

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