Can You Take Cereal On a Plane? TSA Rules 2024

Cereal is a tasty and satisfying meal that you may want to bring with you on a plane, whether to enjoy during your flight or just take it for your trip.

However, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has specific policies on what food items you can bring on a plane.

So can you bring a box of cereals or cereal bars on a plane?

The simple answer is yes, most cereal types are in solid form so they are good to go in both carry-on and checked luggage. 

In this post we will cover everything you need to know about traveling with cereal on a plane, what type of cereal is allowed and tips for packing food items for air travel.

Let’s delve in.


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Can You Bring Cereal Through The TSA Security Checkpoint?

Before we delve in it is important to remind you that the TSA does apply strict limits for any type of liquid foods passengers wanted to take on board, like soup, melted Chocolate and Yogurt for example.

These guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of all passengers and the airplanes.

But for cereal in general, most types are crispy and considered solid food items so they are allowed through the security checkpoint without any limits.


If you don’t like your cereal crunchy and want to bring milk along with it then you will need to consider the TSA liquid rules, you can only bring containers of 3.4 oz / 100 ml or less of milk in carry-on baggage.

Otherwise you can place a large container of milk in checked baggage, even though it is risky to place large amounts of liquids in checked baggage.

There are exceptions when traveling with infants.

You can bring infants food on board the airplane, even in liquids forms without any limits.

Just ensure that you only take what you will need during your flight.


Can You Take a Cereal Box on an Airplane In Checked Baggage?

Cereal is considered a solid food which is safer to transport anywhere, and even there are no restrictions on taking solid food items in carry-on baggage, if you are not planning to enjoy a bowl of cereal on your flight it is better to pack it inside your checked bag.

That way you will save some space for other essential items, and to avoid any other issues ensure that you pack your cereal in its original packaging, this can help the TSA and security officers identify the content of the box easily and quickly.

The TSA or other airports security agents may need to open a box or bag that is not labeled to know what is inside.

Didi was not happy because she doesn’t know who opened her bag of Corn Pops, and the TSA replied that “If they open a checked bag for any reason, they must place a notice inside the bag”.

Didi obviously didn’t mention that she found a TSA notice inside, which is confusing.


Tips For Packing Cereals And Food Items In General For Air Travel

Now that you know the rules for taking cereals on planes, lets go over some tips for packing your Crunchies and food items for your next flight:

  • Use the right container: when packing your cereal ensure to add an extra layer of protection, like a plastic wrap or a resealable bag to keep it separated from other items.
  • Label it: If you do not have its an original packaging ensure that you label the container or the box you are using, this will make the security screening process easier and when placed in checked baggage the TSA will easily identify what is inside the bag.
  • Do not put any liquids along with your cereal: it is better to not pack any liquids with your cereal, like milk or other liquid foods, they will make a mess inside your bag, ensure that you also separate any food you bring along with your cereals, this can help prevent any contamination or damage to your other items. 

Final Thoughts 

You can bring cereals on a plane in both carry-on and checked baggage.

Most types of cereals are considered solid food items, so you wont find any problems taking them through the security checkpoint.

The TSA and most airport securities do not enforce certain packaging requirements, but it is better to travel with your cereals in its original packaging.

We hope this helps 

Happy travels 

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