How To Carry Fragile Items In a Flight? ( Complete Guide)

If you have an approaching flight i’m sure you want your personal belongings to be safe until you get to your destinations, especially if you are taking some fragile items like glass, a mug, or a precious music instrument like a guitar or violin.

You want to make sure that they don’t take the hit and get destroyed before you get to your final destination.

But now you have nothing to worry about because today I’m going to give you some tips and dips on how you can pack and carry any fragile item on your flight without worrying to sacrifice it.

Let’s kick things off.

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How to Carry Fragile Items On a Flight?

If you decide to check your fragile item, you have to make sure that it is properly wrapped and it is wrapped with a bubble or clothes around it to avoid the item being broken.

How To Pack Fragile Items In Luggage To Avoid Breaking?

  • Wrap the item in a bubble – Using a bubble wrapper protects the item from getting bashed because it contains an air pocket in each bubble. Wrap the item properly to cover it completely to avoid damage.
  • Use light materials in packing– Aside from using bubble wrap, using light materials such as paper or clothes will add safety to your item.
  • Put the item in a box – Make sure that the box has enough space for your item. Choose a box size that the fragile item is fit enough.
  • Label the item– You can use fragile stickers to label your item. Labeling your item would help the luggage handlers in the airline to determine if your item needs more caution. You could also write or print “Handle with Care”.
  • Use original packaging in packing crockery and glassware – By using original packaging you can ensure that the item is placed in the best condition because the size of the box is fit enough for the item.
  • Take more care of glass or items that are fragile- There are fragile items that need more safety like a wine glass. Items like this need to be handle with double care. In packing this item, you have to use a hard suitcase or box such as a wooden box, cardboard, plastic or hard container, or other hard cases that can protect the object.
  • Do Not Use Packing Cubes – Take note that packing cubes is not advisable to use if you have a fragile item, you can just use a suitcase instead. There are a plenty of good suitcases available in the market.
  • Do not put liquor together with other items– If you want to bring liquor on your flight, it should be separated to avoid the bottle shattering or breaking. Along with this alcoholic beverages that are more than 70% are not allowed either in checked or hand luggage.
  • Choose the best suitcase for your flight – To ensure the safety of your things, especially fragile items, it is better to get a hard suitcase.

Is There Any Extra Charge For Fragile Items?

If your item needed an additional service to make sure safety in transport, it will also have an additional cost.

In addition to this, the cost also depends on the dimensions and weight of your item. But if you want to avoid any additional cost, you can put the item in your bag. You just have to make sure that it is fit
enough to avoid damages.

Does a Fragile Sticker Available At The Airport?

Yes, just as luggage tags, airlines check in counters provide fragile stickers.

Fragile stickers are available in the airport and it is free of charge. If you fail to remember putting a fragile sticker on your item you can ask the airline agent for it.

Is It Possible To Carry Fragile Items In Hand Luggage?

Yes, carry-on fragile items that would be allowable in the airport are valuable, fragile items with the carry-on size limit, small delicate things, small musical instruments, or mini liquor bottles.

You could carry on all of such items as long as the object is packed properly and it is fit enough on your carry-on bag.

Is It Useful To Use Fragile Stickers On The Item?

If you decide to bring fragile items on your flight, it is better to put fragile stickers on them.

It will help the airline agents to recognize your item. Most of the time it is useful however it’s not a hundred percent guarantee of the safety of your property.

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What Are The Fragile Items That Can Be Checked In Luggage?

There are fragile items that you have to avoid to check in such as small valuable fragile items, but large musical instruments, large quantity of ceramics, dishes, wine glasses, mugs, glassware, wine, beer, champagne, and other alcoholic beverage bottles are the items that you can check-in.

You just have to make sure that they are packed properly and place fragile stickers if possible.

Final Thoughts On Carrying Fragile Items In Flights.

All your items are precious and you need top keep them safe and secure.

Some of these items are fragile, like a guitar, violin, or other personal items.

We found out that choosing a good box or suitcase is very important. Along with this we also learned that it is important to put fragile stickers on our fragile items to make them more noticeable and to help the airline agents recognize the object easily.

We have learned as well that using light materials aside from bubble wraps such as clothes and papers can help us to make our fragile items more secure and safe.

Now we can make sure that your fragile items will be safe during our flight. You can now enjoy your flight, overlooking the views at your window without worrying about your fragile item.

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