Can You Bring a Mug On a Plane? 2024

So can you bring a Mug on a plane? and can you bring a coffee mug in my carry-on?

I like taking my favorite mug whenever I’m going for a trip. It helps me enjoy my insanely cup of coffee while waiting for my flight and when I reach my hotel room. If you’re going to bring your mug on a trip or just bought a Yeti or cup as a souvenir, here is a quick answer.

You can bring a mug through the security checkpoint as along as the mug or the tumbler is empty from any liquids or drinks.

In this article, we will explain the rules and regulations about bringing a mug on a plane, as well as some tips and tricks for making the process as smooth as possible.

Let’s diver right in.

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Can You Bring a Mug On a Plane?

The short and simple answer is: Yes, mugs are allowed on airplanes, in both carry-on and checked baggage without any problem.

If you take an empty mug there is no worries however if you are traveling with a full coffee you may need to empty it.

According to the TSA you can empty your mug or thermos when going through the security checkpoint and refill after that, because liquids are limited in the cabin, no more than 3.4 oz and should be carried in a sealed plastic bag.

Typically coffee cups are around 12 oz / 350 ml which is more than the allowed quantity of liquids.

Here is what the TSA says about coffee thermos and mugs on a plane.

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Can You Bring a Mug In a Carry-on?

You can bring your mug on a plane in your carry-on bag. You can pack a glass mug or any kind of mugs and you don’t need to remove it from your carry-on bag or personal item and place it in a bin for additional screening when you go through airport security.

All this kind of mugs are allowed on planes but they should be empty until you pass the security checkpoint:

  • Ceramic mug
  • Crockery mug
  • Plastic coffee mugs
  • Glass mug
  • Empty coffee mug
  • A yeti mug
  • Travel mug

This passenger asked the TSA on twitter if he could bring his 20 ounce Yeti mug on the plane.

The TSA customer service replied “Empty insulated water bottles of all sizes are allowed in carry-on bags.”

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Can You Bring a Mug In Checked Baggage?

You can pack mugs or coffee thermos in your checked baggage but it’s not advisable if it is easy to break or one of your favorite souvenir mugs.

It is better to bring your mug inside your personal item, or carry-on bag, generally any bag that you can take with you on board.

There is also the chance that your checked baggage could be lost or delayed.

If you put your mug in your checked bag there is more chance that your mug will break or your luggage can be lost or delayed.

So if you don’t want to carry your mug in your hand, your carry-on bag or personal item bag is the best place to pack your mug.

Can You Bring A Coffee Mug On a Plane?

It may takes you a little effort to find your favorite coffee mug, that’s why you are asking if you are allowed to take a coffee mug with you on your flight, and here is the good news, if you are traveling on a domestic flight you are permitted to pack a coffee mug in your hand luggage or just bring it on board in your hand with you as you board the airplane.

Just ensure that you finish your coffee or drink or empty your mug before the security checkpoint, then you can refill your mug again.

Because liquids have some restrictions, the amount of liquids is limited in the cabin as stated above, so a filled coffee mug can’t go through the security checkpoint.

Can You Bring a Travel Mug On a Plane?

Whether you want to bring a traditional travel mug you can just place it in your bag without any problem, just make sure it is secured and protected all the time, and easy to reach in case the airport security asks you to remove it.

If you take an insulated Travel Mug (Amazon link) which is more popular that is designed for on the go activities, there is more chance that the airport security will ask you to take it out from your bag for a simple inspection.

Good Travel Mugs

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Final Thoughts

Almost all types of mugs are allowed in your carry on, as well as in your checked baggage, provided they are empty before you go through the security checkpoint, and then you can just refill your mug with coffee or any drink at the airport.

However, insulated mugs may be harder to scan ;so , they may require a physical inspection, so make sure that your mugs are organized in your bag and easy to reach.

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