Can You Bring Ground Coffee On a Plane ? 2024

So can you bring ground coffee on a plane?

Coffee has been always described as a gift from heaven, and a cup of coffee is a symbol of contentment and alertness.

If you are a coffee enthusiast and you want to bring your favorite coffee brand on your next flight, in this post I will answer all your questions about traveling with both coffee grounds and coffee beans on planes.

Let’s dive right in.

In this post you’ll learn:

  • If you can bring ground coffee on carry on luggage and the TSA rules
  • If you can bring ground coffee in checked luggage
  • How to pack your coffee in both carry-on and checked luggage
  • If you can take ground coffee on international flights
  • Some awesome coffee bags and brands for travel

Can You Take Ground Coffee In Carry-on Luggage?

The short and simple answer: Yes, Ground coffee is allowed through the security checkpoint and in carry-on luggage.

You can see on the TSA website that they permitted ground coffee and coffee beans through the security checkpoint without any problem.

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Mandy asked on twitter if coffee powder can be taken in hand luggage.

The customer service replied that ground coffee is good to go on a plane.

Though, there is always an exception to the rules about taking powders including ground coffee when traveling with more than 12 oz / 340 gram you will need to remove it from your bag and place it in a separate bin for X-ray screening.

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Can I Take Ground Coffee In Checked Luggage?

As I mentioned, the TSA and most airlines prefer to place powders more than 12 oz / 340 gram inside your checked luggage to avoid any inconvenience at the screening checkpoint.

But I always recommend that you pack your products in hand luggage instead of checked luggage and there’s a good reason why we suggest this.

Some items are pretty expensive so they tend to get ” lost or even stolen ” from checked luggage.

Especially on some international flights.

So if you are traveling with your expensive coffee it is preferable to take it inside your personal item or carry-on bag.

Most passengers that reported their checked baggage was opened, manually inspected and found a notice inside, it contains powdered coffee inside.


How Much Ground Coffee Can You Take on a Plane?

There are no limits to the amount of ground coffee you can take in both carry-on and checked luggage.

That’s what Laura asked the TSA customer service on Twitter.

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Ground coffee or brewed coffee is allowed in checked bags with no quantity limits or packing requirements the customer service replied.

How To Pack Ground Coffee For Your Flight?

Small ground coffee bag are easy to carry and take on vacations, but if you have a large bag of coffee at home and still want to bring some of it, it is a good idea to fill one of these refillable travel bags , they are useful when you want to bring only what you need for your journey.

But if you’re bringing coffee in its original bag, it’s critical to pack your coffee properly, both in checked luggage and carry-on.

If you don’t do that, you might find that it spills and messes with your clothes and items.

Here is some extra tips to pack ground coffee for your next flight:

  • Make sure that your coffee bag are sealed and secured properly
  • You can use a Ziploc bag and pack each bag separately if you are traveling with several bags
  • If packed in your carry-on to take in the aircraft cabin, make sure that you don’t place it close to liquids, especially perfumes or colognes, even in checked luggage.
  • keep it handy and easy to reach in case you need to remove it from your bag, airports are a bit picky about powders, or maybe you want to have an instant coffee cup at the airport or in the sky.

Can You Bring Coffee On An International Flight?

Traveling with ground coffee or any other product on international flights, depends on the country of your destination, and their customs at the airport, even if the country allows certain product the agent or the inspector at the border have the final decision and the authority to decide if an item can enter the country, but most of the time you are good to go if there is nothing wrong with your product and if you bring a reasonable quantity.

For example taking ground coffee to the U.S .

Roasted Coffee: Travelers are permitted to bring unlimited quantities of roasted coffee and coffee beans in their luggage without restriction through any U.S. port of entry.  However, as with all agricultural products, they must declare the product at entry.

Source: USDA

If you want to bring Coffee from the U.S to Canada you are allowed to bring only 20 kg for your personal use without any restrictions.

Having said that, if you are traveling internationally make sure that you respect the rules and to not exceed the allowed quantity of coffee in both carry on and checked luggage because you will have to go through the costumes and if you do exceed the allowed quantity you will have to pay additional charges (taxes) or your product will be seized.

Best Coffee Bags For Travel

Whether you prefer medium roast or dark roast ground coffee here are our top picks to consider, for yourself or to bring as a gift.

So what’s your favorite coffee from this list?

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Key Takeaway

Ground coffee is allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage without any problem.

And because ground coffee is considered a powder.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to remove your coffee from your bag at the airport security checkpoint if it is more than 12 oz / 340 grams.

For your convenience the airport security and the TSA recommended placing any powders that are more than 12 oz / 340 grams in your checked luggage.

So just pack your coffee and you are good togo.

Happy travels.

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