Can You Take a Cake On a Plane? 2024

So can you take a cake on a plane?

Cakes are a sensible delicious sweet that can get messed up easily when transporting.

And before you start transporting your cake to a wedding, a birthday party or just a frosting to satisfy your sweet tooth during your flight, you should have a plan in mind and if they are allowed on planes to ensure that your cake can make it to your destination without worrying and in one piece.

Here is a quick answer: In general, you’re allowed to bring cakes in both carry-on and checked luggage. However, the TSA or the airport security may tend to conduct additional inspections for your cake or pie. You are good if you are traveling with your cake on a plane as long as they are in solid form.

This post will provide you with everything you need to know about taking cakes on planes, and how to protect your cake while traveling, in addition to some of the expert tips on traveling with different kinds of cakes.

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Can You Bring a Cake Through The TSA?

Yes, according to the TSA (Transportation security Administration) you are allowed to bring cakes and pies through security checkpoints without any restriction.

If you are taking your cake in your hands, just inform the security agent that you are taking a delicious cake and it should be handled carefully.

Also ensure that you pack your items wisely in your carry on baggage, the TSA may ask you to take out some items to better scan your bag.

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The good news is that he TSA has confirmed that cakes are good to go in this tweet.

Though, cake toppers may have different rules like size and weight, and if they have sharp edges or a weapon shape.

If you want to take a cake topper and you are not sure if it will go through the security checkpoint, you can ask the TSA on twitter.

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Can I take a Cake In My Hand Luggage?

Yes, you can take a cake in your carry-on luggage on most airlines. You can bring a wedding cake, a Christmas, a birthday cake or just parts of cake in your hand luggage ,also frozen, store-bought and homemade cakes are allowed.

However; it depends on the airline you are flying with and your fare; it may be the only carry-on you can bring if they allow only one carry-on item.

For example this passenger asked the AA if he can bring his cake in hand luggage and the AA customer service replied that cakes are allowed in carry on AA as carry-on, however; the cake may be counted as his carry on item.

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Take a Cake In Checked Luggage

Cakes need to reach their destination in good shape, though I don’t see that it will happen if it goes in checked baggage.

There is more risk on transporting cakes, that it will never survive, so just make sure to take your cake in the cabin.

Otherwise, you can take cakes like this TORTUGA Caribbean Chocolate Rum Cake (Amazon link) inside your checked baggage, but it will need to be placed in the middle of your suitcase to ensure that it is more secured and protected.

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How Do You Transport a Cake On a Plane?

  • Use a Solid Carrier

Cakes need some care even when transporting in short distances, and whether you are traveling with a homemade cake, though I see that a solid carrier will just do the work, you can use a carrier with a handle (Amazon link) or just a simple one to secure your cake.

But generally you need to take your cake in a flat and well secured container, if you put your cake under the seat in front of you, you can use some cushioning around it to prevent any sliding when the airplane takes off or lands

  • Take A Freezing Cake

If you are more afraid that your cake will fall apart, maybe the best way to keep it intact in a short flight is to freeze it.

Freezing your cake will help if the cake has layers so they don’t slip and slide around if the temperature is not regulated.

  • Ask The Flight Attendant

It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Especially if you are a frequent traveler.

Ask the airline staff if they can keep your cake somewhere safe, they may have separated storage or a cart where the flight attendant can keep your cake to stay in place especially on long flights.

Can I Take a Cake On An International Flight?

Yes, Cakes are allowed on international flights on most airlines, however it is advised to hit your airline first and ensure that they don’t have any restrictions, but overall cakes are good to go on international flights.

Here is what Delta answered Evelyn on taking her cake from Singapore to Tokyo.

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Can I Take a Cake On a Plane in the UK?

You can get to an airplane with your cake without any problem, just make sure what are your airline rules about carry-on, how many items they allow in hand luggage and as long as you are within the airline regulations you are good to go.

Here is what BA has to say about taking cakes as hand luggage.

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Final Thoughts

That being said, cakes are allowed on planes in both carry on and checked luggage without any problem.

Even So it is recommended to transport your cake only in carry-on luggage.

Lastly make sure to keep in mind to take your cake in a solid box or carrier to ensure that your cakes are packed and secured neatly.

That way, you’ll be able to reduce the chance that your cake will break.

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