Can You Bring Donuts On A Plane? 2024

Doughnuts are yummy and everyone loves them, especially when you’re watching your favorite movie on board the airplane.

But can you bring just any type of donuts on planes in both domestic and international flights?.

Here is the quick answer:  You can bring doughnuts in both carry-on and checked baggage, the TSA does not have any restrictions on them, but it is recommended to pack them neatly and separately, to avoid any inconvenience at the airport.

In this post, we will answer the question “Can you bring donuts on a plane?” and provide you with tips on how to travel with donuts. 

We’ll also discuss whether you can bring donuts on international flights and the rules and regulations that apply. 

Let’s dive right in.


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Can You Take Donuts Through The TSA Security Checkpoint?

The TSA stated that Donuts are considered solid food, so you are permitted to bring as much as you want through the security checkpoint and in carry-on baggage.

Typically, any type of item that has liquids inside it needs to follow the the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule in order to take it on board the airplane, but surprisingly the TSA do not have any restrictions on Jelly filled Donuts.

Here is an answer from the TSA customer service.

This passenger wants to bring a box of 6 Jelly filled Donuts in carry-on bags.

They replied that Jelly Donuts are good to go in carry-on bags.


Even though the TSA didn’t mention that, but If you want to bring a large number of donuts on board the airplane the TSA will ask you to remove them from your bag, and you may need to put them in a separate bin for further screening.

So always be ready.

Also when taking large amounts of donuts watch out for your airline carry-on limits.

Can You Bring Donuts On an Airplane In Your Checked Baggage?

You can place any amount you like of donuts in a checked bag on domestic flights.

The TSA and most airlines are lenient about taking food and solid items in checked baggage.

Just ensure that you properly pack your donuts in a sturdy, leak proof container to prevent them from getting squished or crushed during the flight.

Can I Bring Donuts On a Plane International Flight?

Yes you can bring donuts on international flights.

If you are leaving the US to another country you can bring donuts to enjoy them during your flight.

However; if you are planning to take them to another country, you will need to make sure that the country of your destination does allow homemade food in their territories.

I would recommend eating the donuts during your flight if you are not sure about the rules of your destination country.

Many countries have local bakeries and donut shops where you can try new and delicious flavors.

How To Travel With Donuts?

Traveling with donuts is easy, even though they can easily get squished or crushed during the flight in both carry-on or checked baggage:

Here is some simple tips if this is your first time traveling with donuts:

  • Choose a good box or container: it is important to choose a sturdy box or container that can protect your donuts especially when placed in checked baggage.
  • Pack your donuts tightly: ensure that the donuts are tightly packed to prevent them from moving around inside the box or the container, aside that a large box will also take a significant space inside your bag.
  • Freeze your donuts: if you are traveling on a long flight, it is a good idea if you freeze your Donuts, this will keep them fresh, just ensure that you pack them in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Bring some napkins: Donuts can be messy sometimes, and if you are planning to enjoy some donuts during your flight do not forget to bring some napkins to clean your hands.
  • Buy donuts at your destination: As I mentioned above you can always get fresh donuts at your destination city or country, this will help you save space inside your bag ,and avoid messing your items, additionally you will have a chance to try something different at your destination.

Final Thoughts 

There are no restricted rules for taking Doughnuts on planes in both carry-on and checked baggage.

Just ensure that you properly pack your donuts in a solid box or container to avoid them getting squashed or messing up your belongings.

If you want to bring donuts on an international flight, it’s important to check the customs and regulations of your destination country and declare them if necessary.

However; it is better to eat them during your flight and get fresh ones at your next destination.

We hopes this helps 

Happy travels

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