Can You Take Bike Co2 Cartridges On A Plane? 2024

Whether you are a cycling fanatic or new to the world of cycling, if you are traveling there are times when you need to bring a couple of bike CO2 cartridges with you on a plane.

Unfortunately bike CO2 cartridges are banned from airplanes in carry-on and checked baggage and in both domestic and international flights, CO2 cartridges are dangerous items that can cause a fire or even blow up on high altitudes.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with bike CO2 cartridges and why they are banned from airlines, also if there are some alternatives if you really wanted to take your bike CO2 cartridge.

Let’s dive right in.

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Carry on baggage Not Allowed
Checked baggage Not Allowed

Take Bike CO2 Cartridges Through The Security Checkpoint

The Transportation Security Administration has a straightforward answer on its  website: filled bike CO2 cartridges are not permitted to take with through the security checkpoint.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website:


However, personal medical oxygen cylinders, or empty compressed gas cylinders are allowed onboard the airplane. 

These cylinders need to be fully empty, the security officer will verify that they are empty and clean from any remaining residue.

I looked over X (formerly Twitter) to find if there is some leniency from the TSA and airlines side.

Nick wanted to bring this tiny bike tube CO2 canister on a plane.


The TSA customer service replied that CO2 cartridges are not allowed in either carry-on and checked bags.

So If you show up to a US airport with a bike CO2 cartridge inside your bag there are more chances that it will be confiscated, as you can’t transfer it to a checked bag, even if it is a non flammable cartridge.


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Take Bike CO2 Cartridges In Checked Baggage

Similar to carry-on baggage the TSA and most airlines do not allow CO2 cartridges in checked baggage unless they are empty or for personal medical use.

Compressed gas cylinders are not safe to be transported in a checked bag, as most of the are filled with pressurized carbon dioxide gas that can cause an explosion in the airplane cargo.

Take Bike CO2 Cartridges on international flights

For international flights you need to check your airline prohibited items rules and if there are any customs rules for your destination country.

DestinationsCO2 Cartridges rules
Canada In Canada bike  CO2 cartridges aren’t specifically mentioned on their website, but compressed gas cylinders are allowed only in checked baggage, but you will need first to confirm with your airline. 
United KingdomNon-flammable small gas cartridges are allowed in checked baggage but they are limited to 4 cartridges for one person and each cartridge must not exceed 50 ml.
Europe CountriesThere is no specific information  about bike CO2 cartridges, but non-flammable small gas cartridges are permitted  in checked baggage, you will need to contact your airline and confirm with them before heading to the airport.

So Are There Any Alternatives?

The TSA and most Airlines do permit  bike pumps in both carry on and checked baggage, so I find a small bike pump a good alternative if you are sure you won’t find CO2 cartridges at your destination.

If you are traveling domestically there will be no difficulties to find bike CO2 cartridges in any state.

For international travel, it is also easy to find bike shops with a quick google search and they will be happy to deliver it at your residence or hotel room.

Before traveling internationally just do a quick research about the country you are flying to , so you can have an idea where you can find them.

Bike CO2 cartridges are expensive, because they are exposable, you will need to pay $5-$10 for a single piece. The hack is to go to Walmart or Amazon and get a pack of 10 CO2 cartridges for less than $15, the only thing that you will need to get from the bike shop is a CO2 inflator head because most of the canisters are non-threaded cartridges.

Pro Tip

Final Thoughts

While bike CO2 cartridges are handy items as they save time and physical effort associated with a manual pump, they can spontaneously cause security threats.

Fires that start at an airplane cargo are more dangerous than on board the airplane, as there is no one that can extinguish the fire.

So it is better to follow the airport authorities’ guidelines concerning the transport of this type of dangerous items.

Hope this helps 

Happy travels

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