Can You Take a Blowtorch or a Gas Torch On a Plane?

Blowtorches, gas torches or blow lamps can be used for variety of tasks, but if you are planning to bring them with you on a flight, they are considered dangerous items, so there are some tough restrictions applied to them.

According to the TSA you won’t be able to bring gas torches in both carry-on and checked (hold ) baggage on any airline. Separated torch heads free from any fuel or liquid trace are allowed in checked baggage.

This post will walk you through everything you need to know about traveling with gas and blow torches.

Let’s dive right in.

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Take Gas Or Blowtorch Through The Security Checkpoint

I checked the TSA website and found that gas torches are not allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage, so there is no need to bring them through the security checkpoint even if they are empty from any gas or liquid, because they will be confiscated.

Here is what they stated on the website.

The TSA do not allowed gas torches in carry on and checked bags

Even though the TSA didn’t specify anything about blowtorches; but they are also banned from both carry-on and checked baggage because they are not considered lighters.

I checked Twitter if I could find an answer.

Erin asked the TSA customer service if she could bring this small empty kitchen blowtorch, but AskTSA replied that empty Micro torches, chef torches, utility torches, etc., are forbidden in carry-on and checked bags.

( a mouth-watering Meringue though )

A torch head attachment without the fuel canister is allowed in checked baggage as long as it is free from any fuel traces.

Normally you won’t have any problem taking a brand new torch head that is inside its original package.

Small Compressed Gas Cartridges are allowed only for medical purposes and with certain conditions.

Here is what the TSA stated about them on its website.

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Take Gas And Blowtorches On Different Countries

Even though blowtorches are banned on flights within the US, you can still travel with them in some other countries.

For example you can’t take them in hand luggage on flights within Canada but you can pack them in checked baggage if you have the airline approval.

Other countries like the UK or European Union countries do not allow gas torches in both carry-on and checked baggage but there is no mention of blow torches.

That doesn’t mean they allow them, so it is better to contact your airline before heading to the airport.

What About Empty Gas Blow Torches?

The FAA and the TSA do not permit full or empty gas and blow torches because they are classified as hazardous items.

When gas torches are empty they may still have fuel or gas leftovers inside them and that will potentially cause a safety concern.

Will A Blowtorch Explode On A Plane?

Generally a blowtorch or a gas torch won’t explode on its own unless in a direct contact with a heated object.

A gas torch may blow up when using it and it has a leaking point, but it won’t explode on itself if it is not near a fire source.

But to avoid any possible concerns the aviation authorities tend to prohibit them permanently on the aircraft.

Final Thoughts

Generally any type of items that contain fuel or gas will not be allowed on planes as it is a hazardous item and may provoke a fire incident.

Also travelers can not bring mostly anything explosive, weapon replicates, or items that could be used as a self defense item on flights.

So it is better to chip your item ahead or you can just easily find another one at your destination.

We hope this helps

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