Can You Bring Laser Pointers On Planes 2023?

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Laser pointers can be used on presentations and have fun with your cat, and when traveling hikers love to use them to signal and be seen from miles away.

But can you bring laser pointers and measures on planes?

Here is the quick answer:

In the United States laser pointers are permitted on planes in both carry-on and checked baggage without any limitation, the TSA didn’t have any restrictions about class 3B and class 4 which generate powerful light, but any type of laser that is built in a weapon shape needs to be transported in checked baggage.

In this post we’ll share all that you need to know about traveling with laser pointers on both domestic and international flights.

Let’s dive right in.


Bring Laser Pointers Through The TSA Security Checkpoint 

The Transportation Security Administration stated that travelers are permitted to bring laser pointers through the security checkpoint without any problems.

Here is a screenshot for their website.


This means any small type of laser pointers are ok to bring in your carry-on bag or personal item without being worried about the security at the airport.

Laser pointers are small devices and you don’t need to take them out from your bag before going through the security checkpoint, however sometimes the security officer will ask you to do so in order to perform an additional screening.

On the other hand if you have a laser point that has a weapon shape ( like a tactical green laser sight ), you won’t be able to take it on board, so ensure that you place it inside your checked bag before heading to the airport. 

I checked the social media if there are any other responses from the TSA.

Edgardo wonders if he can place laser pointers in his carry-on bag.

The TSA customer service replied that laser pointers are allowed in carry-on bags.


Even pens with laser pointers are permitted according to the AskTSA customer service.


Small home improvement tools that use lasers are also good to go in carry-on.


Note: The most important thing to know is that the TSA always claims that the final decision whether an items is allowed or not rest for the security officer at the airport, so even if an item is generally classified as a safe item, the security agent has the right to not allow it onboard the airplane if they sees it as a safety threat.

Bring Laser Pointers In Checked Baggage

Travelers can bring laser pointers in checked baggage without any restrictions.

But even though it is recommended to place any electronics in carry-on baggage.

The best way to travel with laser pointers is in checked baggage, since some types of laser pointers are powerful, the security officer may prevent them from going on board the airplanes.

Here is a passenger who replied to Jon that laser range pointers are confiscated at the security checkpoint, even though the TSA listed them as allowed devices


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Pack Laser Pointers When Traveling

Whether you are traveling with a laser pointer or a laser measuring tool it is better to remove the batteries and separate them, to avoid any activation inside your bag.

Also as we previously mentioned, it is preferable to place them inside your checked bag, even if the TSA didn’t list any items as prohibited, the security officer may have a different opinion if he sees the item as a security threat.

If you can travel with your device in its original box it will help your device as your checked bag will most likely get x-rayed or even inspected manually.

Take Laser Pointers On International Flights

For international flights you need to check any rules for your destination country, If you are bringing a lot of brand new laser devices it will look like you are importing products, the customs will ask you the reason why you are traveling with a large quantity, and if they allow they will need to pay some TAX.

CountriesLaser Pointers Rules
Canada The Canadian air travel authorities didn’t specifically refer to laser pointers on their prohibited items, so class 1 and class 2 laser pointers are okay to bring, but lasers over 1 milliwatt (mW) are illegal to have in some  public areas, and apparently they will not be allowed on planes.
United KingdomThe UK authorities didn’t specify pointers as dangerous items but they said that they are not toys, so class 1 and 2 are safe to bring on board the airplane, on the other hand powerful laser pointers will not be permitted on board the airplane.
AustraliaSafe personal laser pointers are allowed on planes in Australia, but laser pointers above 1 mW will not be allowed, in addition you will need to provide a real reason why you wanted to take these items on board.
EuropeThere are no restrictions on small personal laser pointers when transported in carry on or checked baggage but, powerful laser pointers will not be allowed on planes and even to own..

Final Thoughts 

You can pack laser pointers in your carry-on and checked bag with any restrictions.

However; if possible It is better to pack these devices in your checked bag especially if you are traveling with a class 3 or 4 which will cause some serious eye injuries.

If you take high density laser pointers in carry-on baggage might not be permitted with the security officer and you may end up leaving them at the airport.

We hope this helps 

Happy travels

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