Can You Bring Metal On a Plane ? 2024 TSA Rules

The TSA and most of the air travel authorities have strengthened their rules for traveling with certain items, especially liquids and any items that can beside as a weapon like metal objects.

But can you even take metal parts on planes? And what are the rules on traveling with large metal items?

Generally you can bring metal on a plane in both carry-on and checked bags, However; it is better to place any sharp or any metal item with a weapon shape in checked luggage to avoid any inconvenience at the airport.

Any small metal item that triggered the alarm, the security agent will ask you to remove it from your bag or your pockets for further screening.

In this post we will cover everything about traveling with metal items in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can You Bring Metal Objects Through The TSA Security Checkpoint?

The TSA and most other airport securities do not have any issues with metal objects whether it is for machines, car parts or small tools, but they have issues with any type of object that can be used as a weapon or have a weapon shape.

So besides obvious weapons like a sword or a knife you can’t bring a large piece of scissors through the security checkpoint, even All purpose scissors.

Other small metals you want face any issues unless they have blades and they are more than 4 inches long.

For example screws are good to go in carry-on luggage, but screw drivers longer than 7 inches need to be placed in checked luggage.

There are always some exceptions on taking certain items, for example metal canes are allowed when used for medical aids, people with necessary needs like elderly passengers or any traveler with a disability.

The security officer may ask you to take out your object from your bag in case the x-ray scanner cannot identify it during the screening process.

Please note that the final decision whether to bring some types of metal objects on board the airplane rests with the suit officer at the airport. 

Can You Bring Metals In Carry-on Luggage?

So now as you know that you can take and even wear metal objects through the security checkpoint as long as they are not considered a weapon or have a weapon shape, ensure that you know what type of items you place inside your bag before heading to the airport.

Except keys and any other expensive items, if you have the option, it is better to send any metal or sharp object in your checked bag, to avoid any inconvenience at the airport, although the rules do not prohibit them in carry-on luggage.

We have checked Twitter to see some answers from the TSA.

Kerry asked about bringing metal screw and bolts in carry-on luggage:

Metal screws and bolts are allowed in carry-on bags.

The TSA customer service didn’t add any more info about the size or how sharp the object shouldn’t be.

Vaxxman showed the TSA this beautiful metal gift.

The TSA replied that the metal gift is allowed but it may need some additional screening if it triggers an alarm during the screening process or poses other security concerns based on size or weight.

Can You Bring Metal Items In Checked Luggage?

Almost any type of metal item will be permitted in checked luggage, as long it is not flammable or it is considered a safety hazard.

Taking objects in a checked bag are more lenient than a carry-on bag, and most airline and security authorities advise to transport unnecessary items or any object that can be used as a weapon the aircraft hold as a checked bag.

Metal objects or sharp objects in general need to be protected and sheeted neatly to avoid any possible injury for the security agents or the luggage handles.

@Angies wanted to bring his Freddie Mercury half mic even though the pipe is not metal.

But the TSA advises them to transport the pipe in his checked bag, because that can be used as a bludgeon to hit someone in the head.

Traveling With Metal On International Flights

When traveling internationally most airlines and airport securities may not mention all the metal items on their website, but obviously just like the TSA they do not allow any items that can be used as weapons on board the airplane.

For example the CATSA regulates the flights within and to Canada airport and they stated that metal fire starter and metal household items like forks and spoons are allowed through the security checkpoint,

Most airlines do recommend placing sharp metal objects in checked luggage if it is possible, to avoid any inconvenience at the airport.

Please note that traveling with certain sharp objects may not be accepted in certain countries in both carry-on and checked baggage.

So it is better to check the rules of your destination country.

Final Thoughts

Small metal items are allowed on planes in carry-on bags.

Sharp and larger metal items that can be used as a weapon need to be transported in checked luggage.

Metal items that have blades are considered dangerous items, you may be surprised that even metal pans are not allowed on board the airplane.

Make sure that metal objects are securely wrapped to avoid any possible harm for the security agents inspecting your baggage or anyone handling your baggage.

We hope this helps.

Happy travels.

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