Can I Bring a Screwdriver On a Plane?

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So can I bring a screwdriver on a plane?

Screwdrivers are useful tools to take with you all the time, and even when traveling.

but are they allowed on flights and what are the regulations on traveling with such items.

Here is a short answer before you start packing your luggage.

According to the TSA you are allowed to take screwdrivers on a plane in carry-on baggage,but they must be shorter than 7 inches, screwdrivers longer than 7 inches 17.78 cm should go in checked baggage.

Let’s dive in more about taking screwdrivers on planes and what are other regulations for other tools and similar items on airplanes.

Let’s dive right in.

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Take Screwdriver Through The Security Checkpoint

The TSA (Transportation Security administration) allows only screwdrivers less than 7 inches in carry-on baggage, screwdrivers more than 7 inches must b e packed in checked baggage.

If you are traveling with a screwdriver more than 7 inches 17.78 cm inside your carry-on baggage, the TSA agent will ask you to place it inside your checked bag.Here is what the TSA says on its website.

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Keep in mind that the TSA agent always makes the final decision to allow or to not allow any item in carry-on baggage.

@Flavio asked the TSA if he could travel with his mini screwdriver set in carry on baggage, and the TSA confirmed that screwdrivers are allowed on airplanes; less than 7 inches 17.78 cm are allowed in carry on baggage, tools or screwdrivers more than 7 inches must go in checked baggage.

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Can You Take A Screwdriver In Hand Luggage?

You can bring screwdrivers, wrenches or any similar tools on a plane in your carry on bag if they are shorter than 7 inches, you can’t bring tools longer than 7 inches 17.78 cm on board.

The reason why long screwdrivers are not allowed on board is that they can be used as weapons, screwdrivers are sharp objects so they may get used by some bad guys.

@Rabbi asked the TSA if he can bring his 4 inches screwdriver in carry-on, and obviously the screwdriver is allowed in his carry-on bag.

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If you are not using such items in your job,there will be some additional questions by the TSA agent or the airport security.

Can You Bring A Screwdriver In A Checked Bag?

Tools like screwdrivers are allowed in checked baggage on most airlines and obviously most airlines prefer to transport such items in checked baggage, unless you are traveling with carry-on baggage only.

If you are traveling with a checked bag it’s preferable to place your tools inside your suitcase, that way you can avoid the stress and the hassle of the airport security.

I always make sure to put any sharp object or any similar items in my checked baggage. I one witnessed a dude that takes a hammer and a bunch of large pliers that are not allowed in the cabin, though the passenger has to pay for checked baggage in order to transport his tools.

So to avoid wasting time in the security line or maybe paying some unnecessary fees , just go ahead, prepare and transport your tools in checked baggage.

Although there are some chances that your tools will be spoiled or damaged somehow, or stolen, it is rare when someone will steal your screwdriver, most luggage handlers are looking for some expensive items, but stealing is really rare on most airlines.

Also another reason I prefer to take my tools in checked baggage is that I can travel with my Home Repair Tool set, which consists of some of the following.

  • multiple screwdrivers
  • hammers
  • tape measure
  • pliers
  • wrench sleeve
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How To Travel With Your Screwdriver Or Tools?

Every passenger should take care of his tools when traveling, and make sure that his toolbox is well protected and packed neatly.

This where having a strong and durable toolbox is useful, having a strong bag will keep your tools not only grouped and ensures you are less likely to find your tools damaged or scattered.

Keep it simple

It’s really beneficial to travel with tools you will only need, if you don’t want to take your toolkit, just include inside your bag what you see is necessary.

Doing this helps you to organize your items, so that when you put them on your bag it seems logical to the TSA officer or the airport security, rather than traveling with a bunch of items you don’t need.

Use a tool Roll-Up Pouch

This roll up pocket is  made to protect your tools including screwdrivers, and wrenches, you can put all your tools in this pouch and roll it up then place it inside your checked bag.

There are so many brands that you can choose from, and the best one known for its durability is Ergodyne roll which offers the best quality for a very fair price .

You can also check the Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll. It will just function as you need when transporting your tools inside your bag, it is also durable water repellent for protecting and organizing your tools.

Carhartt is a worldwide workwear brand that is known with its rugged and solid products.

Conclusion: Can I Bring a Screwdriver On a Plane?

There is a serious reason why all these strict rules about traveling with screwdrivers on planes, or sharp items in general, a small screwdriver is totally okay on most airplanes, but any large item (more than 7 inches )should be placed in checked baggage.

If you still don’t get it, you can just hit the TSA on twitter, like just the fellow traveler did above, you can also snap a picture and upload it so the TSA agent will have any idea about the type of tool you are traveling with and if he has any additional information.

You can either ask them on Facebook or Twitter but; they are super active on Twitter.

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