Can You Bring a Drill On a Plane? 2023

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So can you bring a drill on a plane? and how to travel with your drill toolkit?

If you are doing a job out of state and need to take your drills. or just found a good deal and want to bring it home, taking power tools requires plenty of forethought.

You can’t just toss your drill into your carry-on bag; If you do, you might find yourself stuck at the airport, because the airport security rules are more strict on taking such items onboard the airplane.

Air travel is a bit sensitive, because drills can do much more than just drilling holes into wood, you need to think about items like drill bits and other similar items because taking them on board the airplanes are now more strict than ever.

Here is a short answer before going deep into the topic.

Drills and Drill Bits are not allowed through the security checkpoint and inside your carry on baggage says the TSA , Drills and Drill Bits are allowed only inside your checked baggage, They or drill bits are considered as dangerous items or sharp items that are not permitted to be brought on board.

Let’s dive right in

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Can you take a drill through the TSA security checkpoint?

As stated above the TSA do not allow any type of drills, cordless drills and drill Bits in the security checkpoint and inside your carry on baggage, because drills can be a dangerous item if used inappropriately by some bad guys, though the TSA ban them in the cabin.

Here’s what are the rules about taking drills and drill bits through the security checkpoint and on airplanes:

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Nick is not sure if he can bring this Mini drill inside his carry on baggage.

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And the TSA replied that “Drills with installed batteries or cordless drills must be packed in checked baggage, chargers and spare, uninstalled lithium batteries must be packed in carry-on bags”.

Can you bring a drill in your carry-on?

No, all kinds of drills are not allowed in carry-on baggage, regardless of the type of drill you are willing to bring inside your checked baggage most airlines and the airport security will not accept it on board the airplanes.

Spare uninstalled lithium ion batteries must be removed and placed in carry-on baggage, while the drill should be transported in checked baggage.

Other smaller tools, such as your screwdriver or other small tools , are welcomed in carry-on baggage as long as they are less than 7 inches in length, measured from end to end when assembled.

It is always wise to know the rules before you take any items to the airport, to avoid any inconvenience.

Like this guy who didn’t know that drills are not allowed in carry-on baggage and the airline charged him 150 bucks for checking his drill case.

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Bring a drill on a plane/ twitter courtesy

Can I bring my cordless drill on a plane?

Cordless drills are allowed on planes, but in checked baggage only, drill batteries, Ryobi batteries or any other type if they are detachable must be packed in carry-on baggage.

If you want to take other types of drills that you are not sure about, the AskTsa are more responsive on twitter you can just hit them with your question and they will respond immediately.

Traveling with lightweight cordless drills

Cordless drills are much more convenient in terms of speed and handling, also they are lightweight and you can adjust them to fit any project you are working on.

Cordless drills are becoming more versatile, powerful and budget friendly especially Bosch cordless drills that are in the top tier for reliability and owner satisfaction.

When preparing your drill inside your checked baggage make sure they are securely wrapped to avoid injury to baggage handlers.

If you are traveling with your complete tool kit, you already have your tool bag seated otherwise a durable tool bag will help put all your tools together.

How do you pack a sewing machine for a flight?

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Before traveling with your drill , it is critical to prepare it for your flight.

Packing your items properly will enhance and make your flight more easy and comfortable.

here is some tips on how do you pack your drill kit for a flight:

  • If you own many drills it is preferable to take the lightest one. A portable and cordless drill that is lightweight, user-friendly and with its accessories is great when traveling, unless you bring a new drill from your destination.
  • Your drill original box, or toolkit case will help to be more secure when traveling, but if you are not willing to pay extra fees you can place our drill in another bag that can be placed inside your checked bag.
  • You can secure your drill with a soft fabric that will help also secure it more.

Conclusion: Can you bring a drill on a plane?

There are no limits to the number of drills you can bring. Also you can take almost all types of tools including drills inside your checked baggage, any tool that can be used as a weapon or will threaten the safety of the airplane will never be accepted in carry on baggage.

Most airlines will not accept anything with a blade or anything heavy that you can swing won’t be allowed to be brought onboard the airplane, so make sure to know what is included in your drill kit.

Also be sure to not put any separated batteries for your drill in checked bags because of the fire hazard.

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