Can You Bring Sewing Needles On a Plane? ( 2024 )

If you want to bring sewing needles or sharp objects in general on a plane you should consider the TSA regulations before packing them in either your carry-on or checked bag.

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And here is a quick answer.

All sorts of needles are permitted with the TSA on US Airlines, you can place them in either your carry on and checked baggage without any restrictions, However; it is preferable to place your sewing needles and needlepoint tools in your checked baggage.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with sewing needles in both carry-on and checked baggage

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Can You Bring Knitting Needles On a Plane? TSA regulations

TSA allows all kinds of needles including knitting Needles in the security checkpoint,so you can carry them in either your carry-on and checked baggage.

But as the TSA stated the final decision is for the TSA officer if an item is allowed or not.


Other sharp objects like cutters with sharp edges, are permitted only in checked baggage; and must be securely wrapped and protected to prevent possible injury to baggage handlers and security inspectors.

Can You Bring Sewing Needles On a Plane?

Knitting and sewing needles are also allowed on the TSA security checkpoint -as the screen shot shows – and in both carry on and checked baggage without any restrictions.


I went further and searched similar sharp items for Sewing and knitting needles, and found that crochet hooks are also allowed in both carry on and checked baggage, but with the same caution that it must be packed perfectly and secured carefully.


Can You Take Needles In Your Checked Baggage?

There are no limits to the number of Needles you can bring in your carry on baggage, also there are no restrictions.


But, it is still a good idea to transport needles or any sharp items in checked baggage (except for medication use ), because traveling with large amounts may cause the TSA officer to inspect your luggage and that means more delay for you and probably some inconvenience.

If not make sure also to pack your needles in your carry on bag in their original needle case., or inside a solid small container.

How To Pack Needles In Checked Luggage?

You can pack needles in checked luggage without restriction. However, most airlines prefer to place sharp items to be packed properly, as long as they are protected and packed correctly they won’t hurt or harm luggage inspectors or handlers.

Most Airlines and the airport security do not prefer sharp objects that might be used as weapons in the airplane’s cabin. These could be everyday objects such as corkscrew knives and scissors of a certain size, which are advised to be packed in your hold luggage.

Here is how to pack your needles and sharp objects in general inside your bag.

  • Most needles have solid containers which is a good way to transporting them.
  • When traveling with few items, you can place the box inside your shoes or a separated compartment, that way you can reduce the chance of an incident.

Here is a simple way to make a small travel sewing kit using these matchbooks to keep your sewing needles organized.

Take Needles on International flights

@Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines allow Needles in both carry on and checked baggage.


@British Airways

According to British Airways needles are allowed in both carry on and checked baggage


@Lufthansa knitting needles

According to Lufthansa Knitting Needles or any kind of needles are not allowed in carry-on baggage, Needles must be placed inside your checked baggage.


@Brussels Airlines

Just like Lufthansa Brussels Airlines do not allow needles in hand luggage, All kinds of needles must be transported in your checked baggage.


@Qatar Airways


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Final Thoughts: Can You Bring Sewing Needles On A Plane?

However, needles have sharp points but TSA do not consider them as dangerous items as they are small objects.

That means you can bring needles and sewing kits ( like for embroidery ) on a plane in either a carry-on or a checked bag without any restricytions.

Some international airlines may allow sewing needles only in checked baggage, but generally you can bring them with you.

If you are planing to take other types of needles check this post about traveling with syringes.

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