Can You Bring a Razor On a Plane? 2024

The TSA has regulations on taking all types of razors in carry-on bags because they are sharp and dangerous objects, and if you show up to the security checkpoint with the wrong type of razors they may end up confiscated.

Disposable and electric razors are permitted in both carry-on and checked bags without any issues, but straight and safety razors are allowed without blades in carry-on baggage, otherwise you can pack them in checked baggage.

Keep reading to know more about what types of razors are allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage.

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Flying With Shaving Razors

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Can You Bring Razor In Carry on?

The TSA ( Transportation Security Administration) regulates what you can and can’t take through the security checkpoint within and from the United States.

According to the TSA :

  • Safety razors are allowed only in carry-on without blades ( blades must be placed in checked baggage ), the same regulations are applied for straight razors.
  • Disposable razors come in two types, the one that is fully disposable (replaceable) and the other that comes with cartridges (you only replace the cartridges), both types are allowed to carry on baggage without any issue.
  • Electric razors: TSA allows Electric Razors in both checked and carry-on bags.
Types of razors
Courtesy of TSA
Razors Carry-on baggageChecked baggage
Disposable RazorsAllowed Allowed 
Cartridge Razors Allowed Allowed 
Razor blades Not allowed Allowed 
Double-edge safety razorsIf blades are removed Allowed 
Straight Razors  If blades are removedAllowed 
Electric Razors Allowed Allowed 

Can You Bring Straight And Safety Razors On An Airplane?

A passenger joking about not allowing some types of razors on a plane

According to the TSA safety razors and straight razors are allowed in carry-on baggage without blades.

Meaning if you carry straight or safety razors in carry-on, the blades must be removed and stored in your checked bag, because any sharp object can be used to harm someone on board the airplane.

Can I Take Electric Razors On a plane?

Electric razors are good to go in carry-on and checked bags; however you should place them first in your kit bag so it is not going to operate ( if it is with a battery ) or get damaged during the transport.

Most airlines and air travel authorities permit taking electric razors on board the airplane; because they have blades inside, the batteries are small and not large enough to concern the TSA or the safety of the airplane.

Even a cordless electric shaver that will have a battery inside is permitted in both hand and checked baggage .

Can You Bring a Gillette Razor On a Plane?

TSA on taking razors

Gillette and Venus razors are some of the most common brands people travel with, and the good news is disposable razors like Gillette and Venus razors are permitted in both carry-on and checked baggage.

How Do You Cover a Razor When Traveling?

Razors if not covered and packed properly can cut things out.

The best way to protect your razors is to place them properly in a toiletry bag and use binder clips, however if you are traveling with removable ones , just remove the blades and place them on their own small box.

Airlines Rules

All the US airlines follow the TSA rules, if you are traveling with an airline outside the US you should contact the exact airline to have clarification about their rules.

Delta Airlines

Gisone asked Delta customer service if a shaving razor is allowed to carry on.

They replied that disposable and electric razors are permitted in carry-on baggage, however; razor type blades and safety razors are prohibited in carry-on.

Can You Bring a Razor in Carry-On-04

Frontier Airlines

The same question Maries has for Frontier Airlines, and they replied that she can carry disposable razors only.

Frontier Airline on taking razors
Taking razor with Frontier Airlines / twitter

Final Thoughts On Bringing Razors On a Plane.

Safety and straight razors are allowed in carry-on bags without blades.

Only disposable and electric razors are allowed without removing blades in either carry-on and checked baggage.

It is preferable if you pack your razors in checked baggage.

Please note that razors are considered sharp items in the eyes of the TSA and any other Airline, (make sure to carefully read the TSA rules and avoid any inconvenience at the airport).

FAQs About Taking razors On a Plane

Can you take an electric razor in checked baggage?

Yes, you can bring both rechargeable and cable  electric razors and a cave in checked baggage without any issues

Can you take an electric razor in carry on?

Yes, electric razors are allowed in both carry-on without any restrictions.

Can you bring an electric trimmer and rechargeable shaver on a plane?

Yes, you can bring an electric trimmer on a plane, you can read more about traveling with electric trimmers here.

Where do you pack your razor when flying?

If you are taking only razor blades, ensure that you place them in checked baggage, disposable razors are good to go in carry-on baggage.

Are women’s razors allowed on planes?

There is no difference between women and men razors when it comes to safety.
The color or the design is not important, and whether it is a leg razor, tagged as women or men razor, the same TSA rules applies.

Can you bring razors on international flights?

If you are traveling from the US the same rules mentioned above are applied, but if you are flying from another country or have multiple layovers, it is better to check the rules of each airline.

Can you bring shaving cream on a plane?

Shaving creams are permitted in both carry-on and checked baggage, but when transported in carry-on it needs to follow The TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule, learn more about traveling with shaving cream.

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