Can You Bring Syringes On a Plane ? 2024

So can you bring syringes on a plane?

There are so many cases when you want to take syringes on planes, whether medical syringes, or for crafting purposes, you will need to know what the rules are.

Some passengers can not travel without their medication, and they will need to always be accompanied with them

So here is the short answer:

You can take syringes with you on a plane. if used for medication purposes they must be presented with their injected medicines. you don’t need to worry about the liquid medicine because they are small and the medications are exempted for the liquid rules.

You can bring more than 3.4 oz/ 100 ml of mdeciations for each container.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with syringes and how to protect them while you are on your journey.

Let’s dive right in.

ASKTSA answer on traveling with prescription syringes on a plane

Can You Bring Syringes On a Plane Carry-on?

According to the TSA you are allowed to bring unused syringes through the security checkpoint, but you must present them with the medication.

You will be required to remove your syringes and medications from your carry on or personal item for a separated inspection.

The TSA prefers (not mandatory)to label your medication for easy inspection.

The TSA rules on taking unused syringes on planes

Used syringes are allowed also through the security checkpoint but the TS recommend to transport them in sharps disposal containers.

Used Syringes can do some serious injury so they must be packed and protected properly.

The TSA rules on taking used syringes on planes

Here is an answer for the askTSA on Twitter:

ASKTSA answer on twitter about traveling with syringes

Can I Pack Syringes In Checked Luggage?

Yes you can check syringes on a plane on most airlines, in fact if you want to travel with a large number or with decorated syringes it is better to take them inside your checked bag.

If your syringes are necessary it is better to take with you in carry on luggage.

Also make sure to protect your syringes or any sharp items in general, to avoid any possible damage for luggage handlers or security officers.

you can’t always rely on the bag, it is better to place them inside a container or a hard box.

Taking Needleless Syringes On a Plane

There are no worries when traveling with syringes with no needles.

You can pack them in either your carry on or check luggage without any problem.

This passenger asked the TSA on twitter about traveling with needleless syringes in carry-on luggage.

The TSA customer service gave him the green light that these kinds of syringes are good to go in carry-on bags.

ASKTSA answer on traveling with needleless syringes

Taking Syringes On International Flights

On international routes, the rules may vary from airline to other, but make sure to check with your airline first they may have other requirements, and they will ask you to check in them

But mostly you can travel with syringes on international flights and you will need to present your medical prescriptions, and make sure your medications are labeled too. That will help ease the process when going through the customs.

If you are taking extra syringes or medication it is better to transport them in your checked suitcase.

screenshot for American airlines answer on traveling with syrings

How To Pack Syringes When Traveling?

Here are some additional tips to protect your syringes in your checked bag.

  • Use a good medicine travel bag – Make sure your travel bag is solid and with enough compartments and space for your medicines. , the good thing is that your medicine bag will not be counted toward your carry on if you choose to take it onboard.
  • Put some Label on items– we have already mentioned that but when you send your medicines in both carry on or checked luggage it is always better to label them, most of the time the airport security will open your bag and you want them to inspect the content of your bag easily.
  • Travel with a good suitcase – To ensure the safety of your syringes and medicines, it is better to get a good suitcase, however you will need to always add some extra padding for your travel bag.

List of Best Medicine Bags

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Final Thoughts

Domestically traveling with syringes is easy and allowed on most airlines for medical purposes.

There are no limits to the amount of syringes you can bring in both carry on and check luggage for medical purposes.

ensure that you organize or separate your medical supplements from other items the airport security may ask you to take them out for added an inspection.

you will have to declare them to the security officer and it is better also to carry a note from your doctor.

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