Is TravelPro a Good Brand ? TravelPro Luggage Review

So is TravelPro a good brand? and are TravelPro Bags worth it?

TravelPro is known for its ultra lightweight suitcases.

Some TravelPro luggage are not that affordable, certain pieces can hit up to $500.

But what about the quality? Eventually, a good luggage brand has to be enduring, with a beautiful design and take all your needs.

In this post, we’ll find out if TravelPro is a good brand and how durable it is, what makes the brand popular,and find more about the brand’s history.

Let’s dive right in

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Is TravelPro a Good Brand?

And if you are going to pick a suitcase make sure that it ticks all the boxes, considering your needs.

As we are going to list all of the components below, you can get an idea about what the brand has to offer, how to make your decision and if the brand is the right one for you.

Why Is TravelPro So Popular?

  • The Brand
  • Material
  • History
  • Design
  • Warranty
  • Customer Service

1.The Brand

TravelPro has a massive reputation and a trusted name with more than 30 years in the market.

The brand is fighting hard to keep the name on top of the industry by innovating and building convenient luggage pieces.

Even when comparing with other brands , customers are always setting it side by side with high end luggage brands like Briggs & Riley and Samsonite.


TravelPro uses in its soft-sided suitcases the high quality polyester fabric with the stain resistant and water repellent. And the ultra-strong 100% Polycarbonate that resists cracking, splitting, scratches and scuffs is used for the hard shell suitcases.

Most passengers prefer the TravelPro soft-side as it is super lightweight and easy to handle.

The handles and wheels are other important components that will last even when overused in frequent trips.

Ultimately, this is what most people want, ultra-durable, lightweight luggage.

Pro Tip: Zippers are more prone to break easily on any luggage, the best way to maintain and keep them operating smoothly in any luggage you have, is to keep lubricating them from time to time, you can use olive oil, wax or lip balm.


As we mentioned above the brand has over 30 years of history and experience in crafting luggage.

The brand is well known as the luggage of professional travelers and pilots.

Over thirty years ago, a professional pilot created the first upright rolling luggage for himself and his fellow crew members. This was the original Rollaboard – the premier product of Travelpro Luggage.With his invention, the travel industry was transformed forever.

Source Travelpro website

TravelPro gains a tremendous amount of credibility because of its history.

“I will also like and trust the luggage that pilots use.” a customer claimed


A solid and durable suitcase must be majestic.

Without sacrificing the design, TravelPro puts more effort into presenting some chic and unique suitcases.

The brand is innovating continuously following the latest tendencies.

like this in its Platinum Elite Compact Carry-On, which is sleek with high-tech, modern look and it is built to take on any rough route or handling.


Travelpro stated that they made some rigorous luggage pieces in the world which is tested to ensure you will never have to compromise or need any warranty, however things happen.

The company offers a variety of warranties.

  • Built For A Lifetime Limited Warranty with Trusted Companion Promise
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 3 Year Commercial Use Warranty for Aviation Professionals

6.Customer Service

The TravelPro team is doing the job well. The customer service is responsive.

You can see that TravelPro are engaging with people answering their questions and queries openly.

You will notice also that there are no complaints in the comments, unlike some other brands that are flooded with buyers usually complaining about the customer services or or replacements.

What Other Products Does TravelPro Make?

TravelPro provides a range and a variety of luggage accessories for a successful trip, you can find them in either Amazon or in the company website.

  • Suitcases
  • Backpacks
  • Duffel Bags
  • Garment Bags
  • Laptop Bags
  • Women’s Bags
  • Travel Totes
  • Weekender Bags
  • Overnight Bags

So Is TravelPro Worth The Hype?

Are TravelPro suitcases worth the money? Yes, most travelers, investing in a Travelpro suitcase claims that it is worth the money.

TravelPro is a brand that is known more with flight crews and frequent travelers.

The reason why the brand is worth the hype is it is very similar to the high end Briggs & Riley with almost the same durability, and design.

The TravelPro Maxlite is the most popular suitcase as a soft side and TravelPro Platinum Elite in hard-side; they all work fine for major airlines in size.

What Is Better Than TravelPro Luggage?

If you are looking for something identical to Travelpro then Briggs & Riley is the right choice, otherwise you can check Samsonite.

Briggs& Riley makes some of the best and durable luggage also, and it is known also as the luggage choice for pilots and airline crews in general.

Final Thoughts

I’m always looking for a brand that provides value and takes care of my belongings.

So many passengers have the passion for the brand.

TravelPro is widely known as one of the good luggage brands in the market; however ; to choose the right suitcase you should consider which features you want and the size of the compartment you need.

The Maxlite collection is more popular, and it is one of the lightweight suitcases out there. 

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