Coolife Luggage Review 2024: Is Coolife Luggage Good?

So is Coolife luggage good? and who makes Coolife luggage?

Coolife is another popular and inexpensive luggage brand, similar to Travelpro and Showkoo.

The brand is not the most durable and sturdy luggage manufacturer in the market but still has put some effort into its Beautiful designs and features.

Their prices range between $50 to $100, and they really have a wide and satisfied customer base.

Keep reading to know more about Coolife luggage features, durability, warranty, price and more.

Now let’s get started.

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A Brief Summary Of Coolife and Where Coolife Luggage Made

Almost all Coolife Suitcases are made and manufactured in China.

According to the Coolife website, the brand was started with a couple of luggage enthusiasts in 1986 (Ivan and Vivian), aiming to provide high-quality and functional luggage at affordable prices.

Their luggage collections consist of a wide range of colorful suitcases and sets, both soft-sided and hard-sided material.

Is Coolife Luggage a Good Brand?

Coolife is known more for its affordable luggage pieces; however their quality is almost similar to some of the affordable luggage brands in the market.

Below you will find out why so many people like Coolife luggage, we will unpack all the main criteria of the brand, like quality, reviews and warranty.

Here are things to keep in mind when looking for a Coolife bag.


However many people may think that because Coolife luggage is made in china, it will not be that durable and sturdy, but surprisingly we discover that they use some really good materials.

They use in their hand luggage the polycarbonate and the ABS+PC which are known to be more durable and lightweight.

In the soft-sided suitcases Coolife uses the Jacquard oxford cloth, which makes the color of the suitcases richer and looks more three-dimensional. The material is also much better and durable than polyester material.


Coolife luggage designs are stunning.

I can say that the designs are much closer to the Samsonite.

Coolife luggage is well designed to provide travelers comfort and meet their needs, with the telescoping handles and spinner wheels that allow the suitcase to move seamlessly.

They mostly focus on functionality, reliability, and peace of mind, the 20 inch suitcase is suitable for carrying onto airplanes. Perfect for business and leisure travelers, fashionable travelers and for those who love traveling.



Luggage take hits but Coolife does not offer a good warranty.

The two years warranty will cover only the manufacturing and mechanical defects.

In addition there are some basic defects that luggage owners in general complain about such as broken zippers, handles, and wheels, split seams, and even materials that wear out.

Coolife stated that their luggage is rigorously tested to ensure that it is well built and will persist in any rough situation it encounters.

You can contact Coolife customer service using this number +1-725-333-1966 or by Emailing them in your Amazon account to know more about their warranty.


Coolife have good and affordable prices.

Here is an overview of their prices.

Soft-sided luggage- one piece$50- $90
Hard-sided carry on one piece $60- $100
Hard-sided luggage sets$150- $300
Soft-sided luggage sets$150-$250

The good thing also is that the prices on their website are the same as Amazon where you can get fast and free shipping.

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Most Coolife ratings ranged between 4. 6 and 4. 7 starts, which is good for an affordable luggage brand.

Though, some people still complain about some defect that comes with luggage, but mostly the customer service did solve the situation.

Here is what people like.

  • Luggage stayed hard sided and easy to maneuver
  • Holds a lot
  • TSA locks are convenient if just to hold the zipper handles in place and out of the way
  • Love the Four wheels

Here is what people do not like.

  • The handles would snap in a year or less.
  • Less space in some suitcases
  • The product description is not clear

Coolife Luggage Dimensions And Weight

Coolife bags are roomy and lightweight , here is the weight of Coolife luggage pieces.

Hard-side weight

20inch Carry-on bag8.3lbs / 3.7 kg(21 x 8.5 x 15) inch
24in Medium Checked bag10.2lbs / 4.6 kg(17 x 10 x 24.5)inch
28inch Large Checked bag12.8lbs / 5.8 jg(20.5 x 11x 29)inch

Hard-side weight

20inch Carry-on bag7.6lbs / 3.4 kg(23 x 10 x 14) inch
24in Medium Checked bag8.71lbs / 3.9kg(27 x11 x 16.5) inch
28inch Large Checked bag10lbs / 4.5 kg(31 x 12.5 x 18) inch

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Coolife is considered the best affordable luggage brand in the market, if you compare them with other high end luggage brands, Coolife still gains more credibility because of its design and the material they use.

So if you are looking for inexpensive, durable ,and good looking suitcase Coolife is your best bet.

Not only because of the price, but also because Coolife has some features that are only available in other well priced luggage brands.

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