Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review 2024

So is Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage good? And where is Ricardo luggage manufactured?

The Ricardo Beverly Hills brand has been making luggage for decades. Despite its high price tags, their suitcases have become popular; But is everything we’ve heard about the brand’s quality warranted? Or is the brand’s reputation more hype than his durability?

If you are looking for to know more about Ricardo luggage, you’ve come to the right place! In this ricardo beverly hills luggage review, we’ll take a look at Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage main aspects , Quality, design, price, warranty and reviews.

That will help you decide if it’s worth investing. also will look at the different types of luggage available and will select for you the best and the most popular ones.

Let’s dive in…

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Who Owns Ricardo Beverly Hills?

Founded by Richard “Ricardo” Gibbs in 1978 in Beverly Hills, California, the Ricardo Beverly Hills brand was the catalyst for everything the company has become 40 years later.

Ricardo Beverly Hills is a high-end luggage brand that is known for its stylish designs and high quality materials. The brand has gained a lot of recognition over the years.

We will be discussing whether or not the brand’s luggage is worth the money in this review. Also we will be comparing the brand’s various bags and will also provide some of our own thoughts and recommendations on which bags might be worth the money.

Are Ricardo Bags Good?

Ricardo is a good and colorful brand. Some of their bags are good budget options, like this the Malibu Bay 2.0 Carry-On, if you are looking for quality luggage without breaking the bank, their suitcases are really a great choice, they are well made and built for every occasion.

We have researched the main criteria of the brand, all these categories will help know more about Ricardo luggage and decide if it is the right brand for you.

  1. Quality
  2. Design
  3. Warranty
  4. Price
  5. Reviews


Some of Ricard hard-sided suitcases are made from ABS which is somewhat good, but the majority are made from polycarbonate which is a good and strong material.

While soft-sided suitcases are made from the nylon which is a durable and slightly solid than Dreamfel fabric that is used in some of their suitcases.

Dreamfel is made from polypropylene and it has also some strengths because it is water resistant and lighter than other fabrics.

Handles and wheels

Luggage handles from Ricardo Beverly Hills let you show off with the ergonomic telescoping mechanic and the smooth maneuverability to your suitcase.

Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage are designed with smooth-rolling any-direction dual wheels and to offer the ultimate in comfort, no matter where you are. They are designed to make the rolling better.


The brand has some chic, colorful and stylish luggage pieces.

Their luggage is inspired from the California style, nature an beaches where the brand is founded.

Some of the pieces have colorful designs like this hard-side Luggage Splash of Nature, which is stylish and stunning, and you’ll have no problem spotting it in the luggage carousel.

However if you are not a fan of colorful suitcases, they do also offer some other good pieces like this Mojave Hardside.


The brand offers a limited warranty of 10 years on most of their luggage but it covers only the manufacturing and workmen defects, airlines or the airport’s damages are not included in the warranty.

The brand guarantee that Ricardo products are 100% free of defects in material and workmanship. All of their products are put through rigorous testing & stand behind them – because the satisfaction of the customers is their main goal. “It’s unlikely, but if something does go wrong with the Ricardo luggage“, email or call them and they will do everything they can to make it right.

Ricardo website


There’s no doubt that plenty of Ricardo bags are good quality, and this will lead us to the prices; which vary but reasonable compared with what the brand offers.

The prices range between $129.99 to $560 for hard-sided suitcases and $59.99 to $219.99 for soft-sided suitcases.

So you can get a quality bag for less than $100 which is a competitive price.

Ricardo Beverly hills : Our Top Picks

ProductDetailsView the price on Amazon
Ricardo Beverly Hills Indio Medium Check-inView
Ricardo Beverly Hills Seahaven 2.0 Softside Medium Check-inView
Ricardo Beverly Hills hardside Luggage, Splash of Nature, 28 inch Check inView
Ricardo Beverly Hills Mojave Hardside Carry-On (Twilight Blue, Carry-On)View
Ricardo Beverly Hills Sea Cliff 21″ Carry-On Suitcase, Watercolor Blue, 21 inchView
Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Serramonte 21″ Carry-On SuitcaseView


We have searched the internet to know what are some of the people’s reactions about the quality of Ricardo luggage, and here is what people like and don’t like about their suitcases.

5 starts

  • Arrived way before date, nice carry-on as i have the suitcase to match it.
  • Light and easy to maneuver
  • This item is perfectly acceptable to check into any airline
  • Great quality & design. I love it! The purple color is nice, too.

4 Stars

  • Zipper is broke
  • went on a trip, but the bag handle would not extend.

Overall there are more satisfied people than the unsatisfied ones that owns a Ricardo suitcase.

How Much Does Ricardo Luggage Weigh?

Luggage WeightDimensions
Carry-On- hard-sided 7 lbs / 3.1 kg21.5 in H x 14.75 in W x 10 in D
Carry-on – hard-sided 7.9 lbs / 3.5 kg 21.5 in H x 16 in W x 9.5 in D
Medium Check-In – hard-sided 10 lbs / 4.5 kg 26 in H x 18 in W x 12 in D
Large Check-In- hard-sided 12 lbs / 5.4 kg 30.5 in H x 20.5 in W x 13 in D
Medium Check-In – Soft-sided 10 lbs / 3.9 kg 27.25 in H x 18 in W x 10.25 in D
Carry-on – Soft-sided 6.8 lbs / 3.1 kg 23 in H x 15 in W x 9.5 in D
Large Check In- Soft-sided11 lbs / 4.4 kg31.5 in H x 20 in W x 12.5 in D

What Other Products Does Ricardo Beverly Hills Have?

In addition to the luggage, Ricardo Beverly Hills have also some other products that you may be interested in or you want to discover.

  • Packing Organizers
  • Toiletry Bags, Makeup Organizers
  • Totes and Bags


When it comes to luggage, most people think of the big brand names. Samsonite, Delsey or Rimowa,these are the names that come to mind when you’re shopping for a new bag.

But there’s another brand which has quietly been gaining a lot of attention in the luggage industry like Ricardo Beverly Hills which makes good products for many years.

One of the good things about Ricardo Beverly Hills is its luggage features that will help ease your traveling.

Some of their features are really designed creatively. you can’t even find them in some pricey suitcases.

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