Why Is Briggs And Riley Luggage So Expensive?

So why is Briggs and Riley luggage so expensive?

Briggs and Riley is the luggage choice of pilots and airlines crews, and that won’t be an accident.

Most passengers know that Briggs and Riley suitcases are solid and durable but expensive.

Obviously, each brand has its own pros and cons, but if you compare Briggs & Riley with other similar alternatives you will find that it has more advantages, in the quality and the lifetime warranty.

This post will explain why Briggs and Riley luggage is expensive? and if Briggs & Riley luggage is worth it.

Briggs & Riley ZDX Expandable, Black, 29 Inch
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Is Briggs and Riley Luggage Good?

Briggs and Riley has a wide collection to satisfy the needs of modern travelers with lightweight, durable and colorful products.

The Briggs & Riley Soft-side suitcases are good and more popular and they withstand almost any given situation.

But, in general not only Briggs and Riley hard-sided suitcases are more expensive, but prone to be broken and damaged when handled roughly.

Here, you can see a general breakdown of the mean reasons why the brand is expensive. We’ll go deep on each section so you can decide whether Briggs and Riley is the right choice for you.

Factors That Makes Briggs And Riley Expensive

  • Durability
  • Warranty
  • Design
  • Price


The brand is known for its solid and its excellent scratch resistant materials.

The company uses ballistic nylon outer fabric that resists wear, moisture, dirt and abrasion in most soft-sided bags, otherwise a 3-Layer, 100% virgin makrolon Polycarbonate material in its hard-side suitcases.

If you are a frequent traveler then you want something flexible, and meantime durable.

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The best warranty ever is with Briggs & Riley , but that may affect their luggage prices.

Obviously the company will increase its prices because the warranty and repairs cost more money.

They are the only luggage brand that offers unconditional lifetime warranty, and free repairs even if you don’t present a proof of purchase.

You can even order pieces for free to repair your suitcase yourself.

When you get your suitcase from the company website or from Amazon, you will get a warranty registration card. Also you will have a unique barcode that is registered to you.

What I like most about the warranty is, if any airline damages your suitcase you can either file a claim at the airport, or you can use your warranty and send your suitcase to the B&R and they will happily repair it for you.


The outside design for soft-sided bags is not that chic. It can be improved, However; for the features are good and there are innovations on it.

The bags are built with high-quality zippers and innovations in the handles.

Some of the suitcases feature external USB ports, you can add your battery in the front pocket and charge your phone or laptop on the go.


Briggs and Riley prices are not that reasonable, their suitcases range between $200 and $800 unfortunately, some fellow travelers may find them expensive.

But honestly it is worth it, because of the warranty, you can aim for 10 years if you take care of the suitcase.

Is Briggs and Riley Luggage Heavy?

B&R luggage is not that heavy,most passengers claim that it is Lightweight but sturdy, even when crammed with clothes or heavy items, you can still maneuver it perfectly.

Torq Hardside Luggage, Hunter, Checked-Large 30-Inch10.5 lbs / 4.7 kg
Baseline Softside Large Checked Luggage with wheels. 10.78 lbs / 4.8 kg
Baseline-Softside Rolling Cabin Upright Bag.6.16 lbs/ 2.7 kg
Rhapsody-Softside Spinner Luggage.6.3 lbs/ 2.8 kg

But when paired with other brands, you may notice that it’s a little heavy, heavier weight comes from the material they use especially in hard-shell suitcases.

Where Is Briggs and Riley Luggage Made?

B&R is one the U.S recognized luggage brands, and the majority of their luggage manufactured in china, i don’t know if they have plans to produce local pieces, but that obviously will add extra costs to them and to the buyers.

Does Briggs Riley Go On Sale?

If you find Briggs & Riley so expensive you can definitely find deals out there, but you will have to always check either the company website or Amazon.

You can also score good deals in black Friday with just reasonable prices, the discount can be up to 50% off.

Briggs and Riley Carry-on Pieces

Suitcases DetailsRatings out of 5 View on Amazon
Briggs & Riley Baseline 22 inch Softside Carry On Luggage4.7View
Briggs & Riley ZDX Expandable, Black, 22 Inch 4.5View
Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside Rolling Cabin Upright Bag, Black, Underseater 16-Inch4.5View
Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside International Spinner Luggage, Matte Black, 21-Inch Carry-On4.4View
Briggs & Riley Rhapsody-Softside Spinner Luggage, Navy, Tall Carry-On 22-Inch 4.4View
Briggs & Riley ZDX Expandable, Hunter, 22 Inch4.5View

Briggs and Riley Check-in Pieces

SuitcasesDetailsRatings out of 5 View on Amazon
Briggs & Riley Baseline 28 inch Softside Checked Luggage with Spinner Wheels. Expandable Large Suitcase with Compression Packing System, Black
Briggs & Riley Baseline Softside Large Checked Luggage with wheels. Expandable 2-wheeled luggage with Compression Packing System, Black, 28 inch 4.7View
Briggs & Riley Torq Hardside Luggage, Stealth, Checked-Medium 27-Inch 4.1View
Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside CX Expandable Medium Checked Spinner Trunk, Black, 25-Inch 4.2View
Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside Medium Spinner Luggage, Plum, 27-Inch Checked4.4View
Briggs & Riley Rhapsody-Softside Spinner Luggage, Black, Checked-Medium 25-Inch 4.4View

Final Thoughts

Briggs & Riley is a well known luggage brand among airline crews and a wide range of passengers.

But their prices are not affordable – in the $200 and $800 range – However the pieces are really worth it when it comes to the warranty, the durability and other features.

If you are a fan of the style but you don’t want to break the bank you can opt for Travelpro luggage.

But still if you invest wisely in a well selected durable and good looking B&R suitcase you will never regret it.

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