Why Is Delsey Luggage So Expensive?

So why is Delsey luggage so expensive?

Delsey is a French luggage brand with a wide range of indestructible and fashionable bags and travel accessories.

In fact, they’re classified among the best. The third most popular luggage brand globally, just behind some giant luggage companies like Samsonite and Louis Vuitton.

While some Delsey bags hit almost $1,000, there’s no question that some travelers find Delsey bags overpriced.

If you’re eager to acquire a Delsey bag, then you may wonder what makes  them unique and so high-priced in the first place.

Delsey Bags are expensive because of the high demand on their products.The fashionable, beautiful suitcases that are made for different types of travelers. Also, Delsey bags are easy to use and to carry for every occasion.

Here are the top reasons why Delsey bags are so expensive.

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DELSEY Paris Titanium Hardside Expandable Luggage / Amazon Courtesy

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Is Delsey a luxury brand?

Delsey is not luxurious as Gucci or Louis Vuitton , but it is still a high-end brand and premium French luggage brand, manufacturing some of the beautiful European style and stunning luggage pieces.

Where are Delsey bags made?

Is Delsey luggage made in china?

Delsey’s main home is located in Paris, France , but they confirmed that most of the suitcases are manufactured in China and Indonesia.

However , even the Delsey suitcases are not made in Paris -the main home- the brand still maintains to provide the best quality possible for its customers.

Why Are Delsey Bags Expensive? Here is the Top 5 Reasons

Though most Delsey bags are expensive, the brand provides some really good affordable luggage pieces for less than $200 (Amazon link).

Below we’ll list the top reasons why some Delsey bags are soaring and cost more and what is unique about them.

Good Quality

If you wonder if Delsey bags are good quality, just to know Delsey has some of the best and durable wheeled suitcases on the market today.

The hard-sided suitcases are hundred percent made from Polycarbonate (Wikipedia link), which is a material that is famously known for its resistance to cracking or breaking.

Delsey suitcases, which work for all types of trips, whether you are traveling frequently for business or you are traveling just for fun a Delsey bag can stay intact for almost five to eight years.

So this is the first reason why Delsey bags are so expensive ” the type of material they utilize, high quality materials (of course not all suitcases are made from the same high quality material)”.

Delsey Brand Awareness

Delsey gains a tremendous amount of credibility because of its memorable history, from leather camera cases and protective boxes for typewriters and phonographs to stunning and fashionable suitcases.

In addition to repositioning their brand to attract a wider audience, the company also uses some of the best marketing tactics to strengthen its position in the market, like leveraging social media and creating a large social presence that creates more demand.

Beautiful And Innovative Designs

I love the flawlessness of the Delsey designs.

Delsey has put in work, effort and focus into making some unique, modern and elegant products, if you have a Delsey suitcase you already know that you can find your bag easily at the airport.

Their suitcases are unique enough that you can easily spot them on the luggage carousel, in addition they always follow the current trend and design.

Customer loyalty

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Delsey has reached a large loyal customer base that is ready to purchase any of their new products.

Satisfied customers endorse brand products easily if they adore them, and it is not easy to have a loyal customer the product has to exceed the customer expectations.

Most people will not recommend a product for A friend or family if it is not good or solves a problem.


Most Delsey Suitcases come with 2.,5, 10 year limited warranty or a lifetime Warranty.

Depending on the product, DELSEY offers a Worldwide Limited 2, 5 or 10 Year Warranty, or a Lifetime Warranty (Warranty Period) against defects in material and workmanship, computed from the date of purchase. To find the length of the Warranty Period, please see the product labeling, the hangtag, and the documentation provided with the product.

So Is Delsey a good brand?

Yes, if you are looking for hard-sided bags, or backpacks, your best bet will be Delsey .The brand has some serious sturdy suitcases for all travelers and every style, we really recommend Delsey if you are considering buying a new stylish fashionable bag.

Most Delsey suitcases are practical and suitable for every trip, in addition to the bags the brand also has a range of duffels and backpacks that are lightweight, and easy to carry.

If you are a carry on only travel i highly recommend this DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage 21 inches( Check the latest price on amazon), the size is perfect with major airlines domestically or internationally.

So Are Delsey Bags Worth The Money?

Yes, Delsey bags are worth the money because of the durability, style and value, however You can often pick them up for a great price on sale.

As stated above some bags like the Chatelet and the Hyperglide are really rigorous and can stand for any adventure, in addition they are worth the money because they are the most strong & durable Luggage.

If you are a frequent traveler do not hesitate to pick the magnifique Chatelet .

Where To Buy Delsey Bags?

Delsey bags are popular and available in Europe stores but you can buy them also in the US or anywhere in the world, and If you want to upgrade your Delsey bag or get a new one, the best place to acquire a new piece is on the brand website or Amazon, both of them provide fast shipping and customer support.

Check out Delsey website or Amazon website, the most popular stores to get your new Delsey suitcase.

Summary: Why Is Delsey Luggage So Expensive?

Here is the rule of thumb ” High demand increases prices especially if there is low supply”, in other words Low supply makes the prices high, because Everyone wants the products.

But that is not the case most of the time. and that’s just one factor, there are also plenty of reasons why a suitcase can be expensive, like the popularity of the brand , the cost of manufacturing, labor and taxes in addition to the profit that the brand wants to make.

We hope this helps you get your answer about the reasons why Delsey bags are expensive.

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