Kenneth Cole Luggage Review: Is Kenneth Cole Luggage Good?

I’ve been wanting to write this review for a while now, but it took me some time to figure out everything about Kenneth Cole luggage.

Kenneth Cole Reaction is a premium luggage brand that is familiar with its affordable prices and sleek designs.

The brand have a wide range of products, including clothing, shoes, luggage and other accessories, even blankets and throws.

Everyone is talking about the Kenneth reaction, but is it really as good as everyone says it is? And does the brand can compete with some other top notch luggage pieces in the market?

Today we’ll give you a review of Kenneth Cole and see if it is a good brand. We’ll take a look at its key attributes like what material they use in the luggage, the design, warranty, value and what people are saying about the suitcases, are they happy or not, in addition to our top choices of Kenneth suitcases.

Let’s dive right in.

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds 20-Inch Carry-On

Is Kenneth Cole a High End Brand?

In what might be of little surprise to many that Kenneth Cole has some chic and high end accessories, but still not classified as a luxury brand.

Especially when talking about its luggage. Luxury brands are more associated with their exclusivity, and often with limited handmade products that are priced extravagantly, while Kenneth Cole has maintained a mid range budget price that most people and travelers can afford easily.

Who Makes Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage?

Most of the Kenneth Cole Reaction Suitcases are imported from China. Just like numerous other brands in the market, they benefit and save some bucks on the affordable labor and material prices that are available overseas.

But still as long as the Kenneth puts some effort in its product quality, many premium brands are also manufacturing their products in other countries especially China.

Is Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Any Good?

Some travelers out there prefer Kenneth Cole and they describe it as a life saver.

However, everyone has its definition for what makes a good suitcase, but there are always some key considerations if you are going to win a durable and long lasting suitcase.

Here is our review for the Kenneth luggage.


Kenneth is known for creating some good affordable suitcases, which are perfect for both leisure and frequent travelers.

We gave them a 7/10 because they use the materials that already so many luggage brands utilize.

Most of their hard-side suitcases are made from the ABS and PC materials which more known for their lightweight and tough components if combined.

The Kenneth Cole reaction Renegade is a popular choice between travelers, it is built from the ABS with reinforced corners making the bag more resilient and protecting it from rough handling.

The suitcase is expandable with expansion zippers on the main compartment allows for extra packing capacity for your necessary items or travel souvenirs.

Soft-sided luggage are made from the fashionable, polyester-twill almost the same that is used in some of the backpacks, another material that is tear resistant , elegant and durable fabric.

Wheels and handles

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Most of the Kenneth luggage has 8 wheels multi-directional that makes the maneuverability and the rolling super smooth and easy to control.

Even when over packed the suitcases will still move easily, however there are some complaints about the durability of the wheels, especially when rolling on hard surfaces.

There are no major complaints about handles on hard sided suitcases, However some people claims that they find the handle a little wobbly when expanded, but still secure enough to be taken anywhere.

The bags come with a retractable handle and a sided handle that will help you move the suitcase easily whenever you don’t need to roll it, or on a rough surface.

Otherwise retractable handles in soft-sided suitcases have some flaws especially for frequent travelers and for flight attendants who reported that the handles didn’t resist too long.

Whenever you receive a suitcase make sure to give it a really good test drive before your trip.


With the unlimited colors and collections to choose from, you will surely find what fits your personal needs and taste.

For example the grenade carry on comes in +15 sleek and stylish different colors and styles.

However, the exterior design is almost common in the market, the only added design is the molded corner guard reinforcements that provide a unique look and a maximum impact resistance.

The inner compartment is wide and simple with various compartments to help keep your belongings organized and safe.

Another feature most Kenneth suitcases lack is the built TSA locks, but still zippers have slider loops that can fit a TSA lock.


Kenneth Cole offers only a 10 years warranty for almost all the suitcases.

They may be pretty confident about their quality, which is not bad, but still not a chic warranty because it covered only the manufacturing defects.

Meaning any damage caused by the airline or any other transportation will not be covered by the warranty.

Customers will be also responsible for the cost of shipping the bag to repair or to be replaced.

Honestly there are some good comments about the Kenneth Cole warranty and customer service, a buyer stated that after he filed the warranty claim for his dented suitcases, Kenneth send him a replacement without paying any extra.


The Kenneth Cole has maintained a medium price range, and honestly they surprised me because they create some affordable and good pieces, the prices range between $69 and $340.

If you are looking for a good carry-on, and you are not planning to over pack you can still get a single suitcase for a fantastic price, and it will really hold for a long time especially if you are not a frequent traveler.


Kenneth has really some good customer reviews that is why we give it a 4.0 rating , and we would like to mention some of the buyer’s thoughts, what they lie and what they don’t like about the Kenneth products.

Here is what people say about Kenneth Cole Reaction bags.

What people like:

  • Charm and sturdy suitcase
  • Perfect for a 5 days excursion
  • Fits a lot of clothes for a small bag
  • multiple pockets and looks roomy enough for the 25 or so outfits
  • The suitcase stood up quite well to the rough handling of the baggage handlers.

What people don’t like:

  • Warranty actually covers nothing
  • Beware of manufacture defects and give these bags a good test drive before your trip
  • Quality isn’t what it used to be

The Best Underseater: Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Chelsea Luggage Chevron

Kenneth cole underseat
  • The only underseat you need
  • The bag fits almost all major US airlines underseat
  • Stylish and iconic look
  • Multi directional 4 wheels for a smooth maneuverability
  • You can store almost all your essential items in the main compartment, shoe, tablet, charger, makeup.
  • The bag dimensions: 17” H x 13” L x 9” D including wheels

Final Thoughts

Kenneth Cole is a popular brand between travelers, they’re well-made and designed, and they offer some really competitive prices.

But out of all, Kenneth is still a good brand if you are flying often and still need a good-looking bag, otherwise if you are a frequent flier, you will need something more sturdy and durable.

If you are looking for something similar, more durable and fancy I would recommend Samsonite or Tommy Hilfiger.

We hope this helps.

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