Calpak Luggage Review 2024: Is Calpak Really a Good Brand?

Calpak is a unique luggage brand in the market, less popular, but still it is really a good luggage brand with reliable, lightweight and vibrant products.

You can find many similar and good luggage brands in the market like It Luggage, but what really distinguishes Calpak is their unique designs, and the features they include, rarely other brands will have them for a reasonable price.

Yes their designs are pretty chic.

Obviously, you can’t expect their quality to perform well like other popular and well established brands. Samsonite or Briggs & Riley for example, but still it is a good choice if you are not a frequent traveler and don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a single suitcase.

In this Calpak luggage review, you will find all the answers you need, we’ll look at their quality, ratings, warranty, features, prices and compare them to similar luggage brands.

Let’s dive right in.

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Where Is Calpak From?

Before we go for a detailed Calpak luggage review, let’s first find out more about the brand where it started and how they innovated over time.

The brand was founded in 1989 in Los Angeles by the couple Edward and Judy Kwon, the company was named California Pak and they started with a collection of handbags and wallets; but in 1997 they mainly focused on travel products like duffels and soft sided luggage.

The brand continued growing until 2013 when Jennifer and her brother Roy joined the family company; recreated the logo and the products to match the current trends and modern styles.

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Does Calpak Have Good Luggage?

Many travelers out there prefer Calpak luggage, however they are not that affordable.

Some of them claim that their luggage has good quality, lightweight, easy to roll and spacious; which is what we are going to look at today.

Here is our review for the Calpak Luggage.


Most of the Calpak hard-side suitcases (like the Calpak Ryon ) are made from a mixture of the popular materials Polycarbonate & ABS that many other brands utilize.

The materials are well known for their ability to withstand any shocks or rough handling, however that’s not mean that the suitcases will not break under rough pressure.

The good thing about the polycarbonate is that it is lightweight with an aesthetic appeal.

While the brand didn’t invest too much time on their soft-sided bags, most of them are made from polyester, lightweight also and can last if handled well.

However many luggage brands claim that they use scratch-resistant textures , make sure to always have a luggage cover in hand, to avoid any surprises. Your checked luggage most of the time will get punched at the airport.



Most of the Calpak luggage is loaded with useful and practical features that you will not find in other brands with such prices.

For example the TSA approved lock, the extending handles and the 4 spinner wheels.

The majority of the suitcases come with a TSA lock which helps to secure the bag, and if the TSA officers want to check the bag at the airport they won’t need to cut the lock to open the suitcase.

Spinner wheels are so easy to maneuver ( But not in rough surfaces ), almost all Calpak suitcases have a 360 degree wheels that can glide in all directions and to make the handling experience comfort and as easy as possible, even the distribution of weight will be easy when packing heavy and bulky items.

Another feature I’m pretty confident many travelers want in their suitcases is the expandable interior.

Most of the Calpak suitcases are expandable, you can use the zipper to extend the size of the suitcase for up to inches in case you need to take more stuff.

Last but not least the compartments; the suitcases have plenty of interior pockets, zipped dividers and cross-straps to secure your belongings.


Calpak put some effort into the design of their products.

Their suitcases are iconic and with unique colors, that will help to spot easily your Calpak suitcase at the airport conveyor belt.

Especially the unique marble design, which was released first in 2016, and had a huge acceptance from their customers.

However, I think that they can do better in their color collections, some suitcases are only available in one or two colors.

For example this Ambeur Carry-On Luggage is only available in four colors, Rose gold, Silver, Gold and Black.


While, when it comes to the warranty most brands, not just Calpak are not pretty chic.

They may claim that they tested their luggage in rigorous conditions, but still it is not a reason for such a very limited warranty.

Calpak offers a 1-year or 2-year limited warranty that only covers manufacturing defects, meaning they do not cover airlines damages, or any other transportation accidents.

Most luggage brands have a 30 days return policy, make sure to give your suitcase a good test before you circumnavigate with it, that will give you a chance to discover any defects or possible damage will occur for your bag.



Calpak luggage prices range between $117 and $385 which is reasonable prices, and you will definitely find what fits your taste.

You can get their luggage sets for under $500.

The good and the bad thing about the prices is they can be increased or reduced instantly.

Most of the luggage brands increase their prices as soon as they have a large loyal customer base, or there is an increase in the metric they utilize.

You can find Calpak suitcases only on their official website, I don’t know why the brand didn’t expand to many other stores especially like Amazon that offers fast shipping.


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We gave Calpak 4.1 stars because most of the people that have a Calpak suitcase are pretty satisfied about their choices, however there will still be some people that are not happy with the product they received or with service.

Here is what people like and do not like about Calpak luggage.


  • Carry-on fits most airlines size and perfect for someone who avoids checking bags as much as possible
  • What people love more is the spinner wheels that allow them to roll the suitcase whatever direction they want
  • Love the colors they made the suitcase stand out in a sea of boring black bags.
  • Super cute, light and everything you need in a carry on


  • The suitcase rolls good but with the bag on top of it, the rolling was harder to do
  • Used the suitcase once for a trip and it already has a few scratches on the outside
  • Love the white Calpak luggage but find it hard to clean, the texture of the luggage makes it difficult to get rid of scuffs and dirt marks
  • Limited warranty

Calpak Luggage Dimensions And Weight

LuggageExterior DimensionWeight
Ambeur Carry-On Luggage21″ x 14″ x 9″6 lbs
Hue Carry-On19” x 13.5” x 9”8.4 lbs
Taco Bell FIRE! Carry-On Luggage21″ x 14.5″ x 8″7.9 lbs
Hue Trunk Luggage31.8” x 16” x 13”12 lbs
Astyll Medium Luggage25.5” x 17” x 10”8.5 lbs

Final Thoughts

Maybe Calpak didn’t put too much effort on marketing their products, but still many people know them as one of the most stylish luggage brands.

So if you are looking for a unique , beautiful piece of luggage without sacrificing the quality Calpak is definitely the way to go.

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