Is Rockland Luggage Good? Rockland luggage reviews

So is Rockland luggage good quality? 

Choosing an enduring suitcase is not something that you can do overnight, it often takes time and effort to pick the right brand and even the right bag.

Maybe you just saw a Rockland suitcase and fell in love with it or want to upgrade your existing luggage set, and you decided to explore more about the brand.

In this Rocklands luggage review we will go through every detail about Rockland luggage, and if it is a good brand to choose for your next flight. also will take a deeper look at what other travelers think about the brand luggage.

But first, the quick answer:  Rockland is an affordable luggage brand owned by fox luggage; it is widely popular with its funny and trending designs that cover the most recent design trends. Its innovations and inexpensive prices help the brand gain a huge popularity in the market.

You will also learn about Rockland brand luggage, by comparing it with other popular brands, so you can get a clear idea what the differences are, like Delsey , Samsonite, Travel pro. Finally, you will discover whether or not getting a Rockland is worth it.

Without further ado let’s dive right in…

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The Popular Rockland Melbourne Hardside Spinner / Amazon Courtesy

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Is Rockland a Good Brand- Why Should You Know?

Obviously, the good use of a suitcase is to take and gather all your belongings and keep them safe during your journey.

But a good suitcase can do more than that.

But hunting a suitcase can be little of a hustle, and choosing the right brand is not facile, so you need to know if Rockland is the right choice for you.

You want a luggage brand that will provide more value, be durable and keep your items safe wherever you go, additionally you want cool and stunning designs.

Why Should You Consider Buying Rockland luggage ?


If it comes to the brand position, Rockland has really won the debate.

Rockland puts more weight in the market for years along with some of the bets out there like Samsonite and American Tourister .

This position builds confidence for the brand to distribute more, and also helps customers to trust the brand.

Rockland differentiated itself as a strong long lasting and durable luggage brand.


Rockland has a really rich history in the luggage industry, with its heritage and the colorful designs the brand presented itself in many movies over the years, some Rockland products are used by producers to add beautiful visual elements on screens.

Brand voice

Brands like Rockland had successfully established a memorable experience in customers journeys. In fact, when you’re thinking about strong and durable luggage, you immediately think of Rockland.

Rockland has a wide range of products. and only the voice they established that allows them to price them differently and even sometimes lower than the market.


Rockland has some competitive prices, with only a couple bucks you will get a sturdy and durable suitcase or duffle bag.

On the other hand, Rockland has various channels to distribute luggage for affordable prices like Target, Sears, Kohl’s, Amazon, Walmart and Marshalls are just a few of the major retailers that carry Rockland products.


Even though Rocklan is not the most sturdy luggage in the market.

Rockland has been in the market for over 100 years and obviously they maintain the way they produce their luggage, and they know how to make durable and long lasting pieces.

The company uses durable polycarbonate and abs materials that are known with their good balance of impact, dimensional stability, hardness, rigidity. ABS material remains hard, rigid and tough even at low temperatures.


Rockland has some really beautiful designs that are easily identifiable at baggage claim, Like this Rockland Vision Hardside Spinner Wheel Luggage Over the years, and with their cool design and eye-catching colors Rockland products have been featured in some films and television.


Unfortunately, Rockland does not have a lifetime warranty, Rockland luggage warranty is only for a period of 5 five years, during the 5 years if you find an issue with your luggage, concerning a manufacturing defect or other issue, the company will cover the expenses or even replace your suitcase.

However there are several complaints about the Rockland customer service and warranty; Rockland luggage owners claim that The fox warranty is worthless because they are required to pay a $40 handling fee.

That’s right, it is very unlikely you will take the hustle and send your suitcase for an additional $40.

Rockland Reviews

Rockland has good ratings, even though their luggage is not made to last.

Their ratings range between 4.2 and 4.4 .

Here are some notes from the Rockland owners.


  • I purchased a large and small suitcase as well as a checked bag and I’m able to fit everything . No wear and tear after long trips out the country, easy to roll, no complaints.
  • I don’t use the expanded suitcase, because it is very spacious.
  • Sturdy sleek luggage 
  • Their suitcases fit most airlines luggage size 


  • Great suitcases, only wish they have more pockets 
  • The checked bag is 28 just too big but still a great item
  • The zip broke easily at the airport !!
  • Not the most sturdy but does the job well
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Rockland Hardside 2-Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage / Courtesy Of Amazon

Rockland vs Samsonite

It is really hard to compare Samsonite with Rockland. Most Samsonite products are made from Taiwan and built its reputation between the business community and frequent travelers, also known with its lightweight popular carry-on which is durable and sturdy luggage and other items for long trips and journeys.

On the other hand Rockland is an affordable brand that follows stunning and beautiful trending designs, which are mostly acquired by youth travelers and teenagers, and if you are looking for affordable luggage, give a shot for Rockland.

In terms of warranty Rockland offers a period of five years warranty from the date of purchase, Samsonite warranty provided ten years starting from the date of the purchase, and just like Rockland the warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not cover any damage caused by handling and transportation.

Rockland Vs Travel-Pro

Travel-pro is the innovative brand that manufactured the spinner suitcases, just like Samsonite it is more for business travel and airline crew members.

Rockland Vs Delsey Paris

Delsey offers some of the lightweight luggage in the market, a 25″ Delsey Suitcase can weigh almost 10.2 pounds, with great designs, and they can be used for business travel as well.


Choosing a great piece of luggage is not an easy decision and it can affect your trips for several years, and if you are planning to invest in Rockland it is better to read more about the brand “customer reviews” is a great sources also for information, and until you are okay with the value and the cost and what the luggage will provide for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Rockland luggage?

Rockland is owned by Fox Luggage which is located in California, United States. Fox Luggage primarily focused on hard luggage, travel resistant and quality luggage following current trends and designs with affordable prices.

What products do they make?

Rockland has a wide range of products, and they almost cover all the travel industry needs. You can find their wide range of products on their official website, but mostly here is what they make
Luggage sets (4 piece, 3 piece or 2 piece)
-Hard cases
-Soft cases
-Rolling backpacks
-Travel duffels
-Rolling duffels
-Cosmetic bags
-Kids’ backpacks

Are Rockland luggage locks TSA approved?

Yes locks that come with Rockland luggage are TSA approved and they can be opened only by the TSA agents using a special key, most Rockland suitcases come with combination locks.
However some other suitcases come with non TSA approved locks, AND it is preferable to get a new lock for your suitcase rather than the one the suitcase comes with.

Where is Rockland luggage manufactured?

Fox outsources most of its products from China and different countries, but your luggage will be shipped from the U.S most of the time.
Most of the time you can find where the suitcase is manufactured in the product information section.

Where to buy Rockland luggage?

You can find Rockland in various places, Target, Sears, Kohl’s, Amazon, Walmart and Marshalls .

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