Why Are Kipling Bags So Expensive?

Why are Kipling bags so expensive? And are Kipling bags worth it?

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Kipling Soy Tote Bag/ courtesy of Amazon

Impressive! Kipling is known for its unique prints and colors! It is one of the most valuable luggage brands in the world today.

Offering some really amazing Backpacks, suitcases and travel accessories – all adorned with the cute KIPLING MONKEY —it is also one of the most recognizable luggage brands in the world.

Kipling luggage prices can reach up to $350, and that is why the brand is considered among the most expensive luggage brands in the market.

So Here is why Kipling bags are expensive, and if they are worth your money.

Why Is Kipling Bags So Expensive? ( Top 05 Reasons )

The Brand

Kipling is part of the famous “big three” in the luggage industry, with the other two brands being Samsonite and Travelpro.

To have a Kipling product such as a handbag, suitcase , or a backpack is about far more than simply owning a product.

It’s about investing in a personal comfortable piece of luggage .

It’s about the experience, the status, and the respect that comes with it.

Any brand that is as recognizable as Kipling gets to set its prices without apology.

Because they are famous and stylish , brands like Kipling are instantly able to charge more simply because of their brand voice, who they are and the people investing in them.


Kipling Utilizes Crinkled Nylon on almost all its products,the material is durable and lightweight.

The brand produces a variety of styles with its iconic crinkle nylon,from luggage, wallets, and handbags.

Demand and Quality

High demand can make almost any product expensive nor just Kipling luggage.

Brands with high demand have a very strong customer base and are constantly growing over time.

Kipling has buyers in over 80 countries and In any market high demand and limited supply mean higher pricing, and Kipling customers are willing to pay it.


Kipling is always innovating in backpacks, handbags, and other luggage accessories.

Buyers are looking at high-end products, and they are also looking for something truly unique, but not just in the sense that each piece is handmade and unable to be copied.

Customers also want to own something that is unusual and creative.

Kipling knows that Most buyers don’t want to have bags or accessories that could easily be purchased as a mass-produced item.

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Courtesy of Kipling Twitter


Marketing is also one of the main reasons Kipling bags are expensive.

Kipling does not do traditional marketing, their marketing strategy is simple.

They continue to create great and unique products that are known for being exceptional.

The brand also has a social presence that creates more demand.

Kipling also has almost 2 million followers on Facebook which is great for marketing and its brand awareness.

The luggage brand is also on YouTube which is a good platform to bring awareness, videos are informative and engaging all at once. And they certainly assist in nudging consumers toward making a purchase and more demand

What Is So Special About Kipling Bags?

As Kipling described it: A place for everything, & everything in its place is as true for your shelves as it is for your bags.

Kipling bags are unique and can hold almost anything you can use for travel or just for your everyday use and work, they are practical in addition to their style and great looking which is funny and amazing.

Why Do Kipling Bags Have Monkeys?

Oh Yes!! That little cute monkey.

It is for brand awareness and make people remember them.

Of course the brand name “Kipling” and Rudy Kipling’s famous work “The Jungle Book” give Kipling the perfect connection. Monkeys are symbols of fun and adventure, so the monkey naturally became the brand’s mascot.


Final Thoughts: Why Are Kipling Bags So Expensive?

Generally strong demand will extremely fuel the prices for almost any product.

There are also so many factors that cause the expensive prices of Kipling products such as the cost of the material they use, labor and taxes.

We hope this helps you get your answer about the reason why Kipling is expensive.

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