Can You Take Hangers On a Plane ? 2024

So can you take hangers on a plane?

Clothes hangers are more than just helpful. They are a dominant part when organizing our coats, suits and making dresses more elegant.

In addition they support your clothes better.

But what about traveling with hangers on planes.

Here is the short answer: Most airlines and airport securities including the TSA do not have any restrictions on traveling with any type of clothes hangers in carry-on as well as in checked luggage.

This post looks at the rules around taking all types of clothes hangers on planes. in addition to some of the best travel hangers available in the market.

Let’s dive right in.

Tip: No matter how often you travel,you will need a GREAT suitcase or a backpack that suits your needs and take all your essential items, they have to be spacious and durable while fits within any airline luggage size and weight limits (Amazon links).

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Take Coat Hangers TSA rules

According to the TSA website you are allowed to bring cloth hangers through the security checkpoint without any problem.

The website mentioned only coat hangers, but even if you want to take metal, wood or plastic coat hangers you are good to go, because they are not considered prohibited or dangerous items.

Here is what the TSA has to say about traveling with Coat hangers on its website.

coat hangers TSA rules

@Dankpatch Tweeted the TSA if hangers are allowed through the security checkpoint and TSA confirmed “Hangers are permitted through the security checkpoint”

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Can Hangers Go In Carry-On?

Yes, hangers are good to go in hand luggage / carry-on luggage unless they have some weird shape that can be used as a weapon. but i don’t see any reason to ban hangers or won’t let them go in carry on luggage.

In fact the best place to take hangers is in carry-on luggage, especially plastic ones as they are fragile and delicate.

So I took a look on Twitter to see some responses from the TSA and here is what I’ve found.

@Derek got the green light from the TSA customer service that metal coat hangers are permitted in carry-on without any problem.

Take Hangers On a Plane-05

@Ahana gets the same answer from the TSA customer service “Coat hangers are fine to go in carry on bags”

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Hangers In Checked Luggage

Are Metal Hangers Allowed On Planes?

Yes, you can pack almost any type of hangers in your checked luggage including metal hangers.

If you are traveling with several hangers, especially metal and plastic hangers that are widely used nowadays, it is preferable to send them in your checked luggage.

Plastic hangers are more prone to be damaged or broken , but if you pack them neatly there is more chance that they will survive.

Internationally, it is also better to send your hangers inside your checked suitcase.

Some countries can be more strict about taking certain items, but there is nothing specious about coat hangers if you don’t take a large quantity for commerce purposes.

Do Airplanes Have Coat Hangers?/ Coat Hooks

Yes some airlines have coat hangers attached with seats, most travelers call them“ secret hooks”, small pointed coat hangers installed right in front of the passengers on most airplanes’ seat-backs .

Sure they are not like the ordinary closet coat hangers but they can still do the job, and If your airplane doesn’t have one, tray table latches can serve as a coat hanger.

Airplane tray table latches
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How To Fly With Hangers?

If you are flying with your coat or suit and you want them to arrive wrinkle free you already know that the best way is to use a hanger along with your garment bag.

Otherwise; if you want to bring many hangers to use during your trip, a foldable hanger set is your best bet so you can pack them easily inside your carry-on or check in bag.

Since space is limited on most suitcases, you will need to save some space to take other essential items.

Everyday use coat hangers can take more space, but you can just attach them together, by using a rubber band around all the hooks. and if you finish you can either wrap the m as one piece in a piece of paper or a piece of cloth or a towel.

Best Coat Hangers For Traveling

There are unlimited clothes hangers in the market, but most of them are designed to take more space inside your suitcase, and the best that are designed for travel are the foldable hangers.

Here are the best travel hangers that will save you time and space while you are on your journey.

Best Foldable Cloth hangers:

  • 24 Pcs Travel Hangers on Amazon: As in the first image, you can notice that they are foldable and perfect!! They will pack well and will take very little space in your suitcase and great for little closet space at home or hotel rooms.
  • 10 Pcs Jasa College Dorm Folding Hangers on Amazon: This collapsible hangers are life changing when you are raveling and even at home, if you don’t consume too much room, practical and lightweight, suitable for baby’s clothes when it is half unfolded, and for adults when it is fully unfolded.

Best Everyday Cloth hangers:

  • Utopia Home Premium Velvet Hangers on Amazon: Lightweight sturdy and can hold up to 10 pounds; so they can hold your coats and pants, suits and any type of clothes.
  • Sharpty Plastic Clothing Hangers on Amazon: when traveling with family this is the best bet, a pack of 60 pieces that comes in two colors, they work only for shirts, dresses, pants,  they can not handle heavy jackets or coats.


Now as you know that you can still keep your coats or dress tidy while you travel, so you can take all types of clothes hangers in both carry on and checked luggage, as long as they are not bulky or have a shape that can be used as a weapon like removable towel racks.

If you are traveling with just a few hangers, it is preferred to place them inside your carry-on bag rather than checked luggage, especially plastic hangers, as they are more prone to be damaged or even broken.

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